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Champlain & St.

Lawrence Railroad Part 1
Planning the actual route of Canada¶s first railroad required that a surveyed route between St. Jean sur Richelieu and Laprairie, a distance of 26 kilometers, be located to provide a fairly level grade for the train to travel along. St. Jean sur Richelieu is about 40 metres above sea level and Laprairie is only about 20 metres above sea level. Accordingly, the train climbs from Laprairie to St. Jean sur Richelieu and descends from St. Jean sur Richelieu to Laprairie. However, as you may well know creeks, streams, small rivers, and gulleys are found along the way. The L¶Acadie River is the only major obstacle along the surveyed route. Using the larger traced topographical map of the area between Laprairie and St. Jean sur Richelieu plot a route on the smaller map to represent a probable location of the original Champlain and St. Lawrence Railroad. Your route does not have to be precise but should show the obstacles named above that would require bridging or some other work to provide a fairly level rail-bed. Identify the location of this special work along the route that you mark.