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Refer to the exhibit. While trying to diagnose a routing problem in the network, the network administrator runs the debug ip rip command. What can be determined from the output of this command? The router is broadcasting RIP updates. The router will be unable to ping The router is directly connected to network /24. The router has two interfaces that participate in the RIP process. The router will forward the updates for on interface Serial0/0/1.


Refer to the exhibit. Which two routes are level 1 ultimate routes? (Choose two.)

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4/13/2011 8:04 PM

1. They have different OSPF router IDs. 00:00: Serial0/0/0 R 192.http://assessment. Serial0/0/0 R 192.1.shtml 33 Refer to the exhibit.) R 172.net/virtuoso/delivery/pub-doc/exam.168.0/24 [120/1] via 172.16. Serial0/0/1 R 192.2.3. Two routers are unable to establish an adjacency.1. 00:00:24. 00:00:24. Serial0/0/0 34 Which router component is used to store the routing table? Flash NVRAM ROM SDRAM 35 Refer to the exhibit.168. 36 2 of 5 4/13/2011 8:04 PM . What are two of the routes added to the routing table of R1? (Choose two.16. The hello and dead intervals are different on the two routers. Serial0/0/0 R 192.16.netacad.2.1. What is the possible cause for this? The two routers are connected on a multiaccess network.0/24 [120/1] via 172.0.16. They have different process IDs.0/24 [120/1] via 172. 00:00:24.1.0/24 [120/1] via 192.0/24 [120/1] via 00:00:24.

3.0. What is the reason for this? The IOS image is corrupt.0. The POST process has detected hardware failure.255 area 0 command.0 0. Cisco IOS is missing from flash memory. A(config)# router rip A(config-router)# no network 0.25.0 0.net/virtuoso/delivery/pub-doc/exam. 37 A network administrator has enabled RIP on routers B and C in the network diagram.25. The JAX router needs the network 192. The configuration file is missing from NVRAM.0. Hosts on the BOS Fa0/0 LAN are able to ping the Fa0/1 interface on the JAX router and all interfaces on the BOS and ORL routers.shtml Refer to the exhibit.168. 3 of 5 4/13/2011 8:04 PM .0. Which of the following commands will prevent RIP updates from being sent to Router A? A(config)# router rip A(config-router)# passive-interface S0/0 B(config)# router rip B(config-router)# network 192.48 B(config-router)# network 192.http://assessment.0.32 B(config)# router rip B(config-router)# passive-interface S0/0 A(config)# no router rip 38 A router boots and enters setup mode. The JAX router needs the network network not be able to ping hosts on the Fa0/0 LAN of the JAX router? The JAX router has the wrong process ID.168. Why would hosts from the 10.255 area 0 command.0. The BOS router needs the network 192.netacad.255 area 0 command.168.

It reduces the update timer to 15 seconds if there are more than 10 routes.) DCE CSU/DSU LAN switch modem hub 42 Refer to the exhibit.2. What forwarding action will take place on a packet that is received by Router1 and is destined for host 192. All router interfaces are configured with an IP address and are operational.1. 41 Which of the following could describe the devices labeled "?" in the graphic? (Choose three.0/24 will be in the routing table. and 192. It uses triggered updates to announce network changes if they happen in between the periodic updates.168.0.0 network and be forwarded out Serial 0/0. The network administrator issues the command no ip classless on Router1. A default route is automatically installed in the routing table to allow connectivity between the networks. The packet will be forwarded to the gateway of last resort. 192.0.0. The packet will most closely match the 192.netacad.x. what information will be included in the show ip route command output for router A? All of the 192.0/24.168. The routing table will be empty because routes and dynamic routes have not been configured.0/24.0 networks will be in the routing table. If no routing protocols or static routes are configured.http://assessment.26? The packet will be dropped.168.168.shtml 39 What does RIP use to reduce convergence time in a larger network? It uses multicast instead of broadcast to send routing updates.168.168. 40 Refer to the exhibit. Routes to networks 192.3. 4 of 5 4/13/2011 8:04 PM .168. It uses random pings to detect if a pathway is down and therefore is preemptive on finding networks that are down.net/virtuoso/delivery/pub-doc/exam. The packet will match the 192.8 subnet and be forwarded out Serial 0/1.

Which statement is true about the routing path? Router A will send the data via the A-D-E path that is listed in the routing table.http://assessment.shtml 43 Refer to the exhibit. Router A will determine that all paths have equal metric cost. Router A will send the data through A-D-E and keep A-B-E and A-C-E as the backup paths.0/24 from two different neighbors.netacad.10. and the network is fully converged. What part of this addressing scheme must be changed to allow communication between host A and the server? the IP address of the server the default gateway of host A the IP address of host A the default gateway of the server Showing 3 of 4 <Prev Page: Next> Close Window All contents copyright 1992-2011 Cisco Systems. 44 A router that is using RIPv2 learns of the network 10. All the routers are properly configured to use the RIP routing protocol with default settings. Router A will load-balance the traffic between A-B-E and A-C-E. Privacy Statement and Trademarks. 5 of 5 4/13/2011 8:04 PM .net/virtuoso/delivery/pub-doc/exam. The network administrator is planning IP addressing of a new network. Inc.10. Router A is forwarding data to router E. Which value is used by RIPv2 to select the best path to the network? route metric subnet mask longest match administrative distance 45 Refer to the exhibit.

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