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AKATeen Organization Application

AKATeen Organization Application

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Published by: Princess Harmon on Apr 14, 2011
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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Pi Tau Omega Chapter Southfield, Michigan AKATeen Application


Please complete the following application in its entirety. Partial applications will not be accepted. Please type or print neatly.

2012 APPLICANT INFORMATION Name: Date of birth: Current address: City: Mother / Guardian Name: Father / Guardian: Student Email: Parent Email: ACADEMIC INFORMATION Current Jr. 2011 High School September. 2011 Classification (Check One) High School Curriculum: List Courses Currently Enrolled: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior 8TH Grade Freshman Sophomore GPA: Junior Senior State: ZIP Code: Parent Phone: Parent Phone: Parent Email: Home Phone: Cell Phone: Special Skills / Interests: School Club Membership: (Past & Present – indicate year and offices held) Social and Community Memberships: (Past & Present – indicate year and offices held) Please list school / sports activities you participate in: 1 . High / High School Name: Current Classification: (Check One) September.AKA TEEN ORGANIZATION APPLICATION 2011 .

2012 What are your hobbies and interests? What are your plans after graduation from high school? What are your career objectives? What are your most significant accomplishments? What are your personal strengths and weaknesses? How did you hear about our organization? Why do you want to join the Pi Tau Omega AKA Teen organization? Signature of applicant: Signature of parent / guardian: 2 Date: Date: .AKA TEEN ORGANIZATION APPLICATION 2011 .

g. are not acceptable and information submitted with application will not be returned Mail completed applications to: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Pi Tau Omega Chapter Attn: AKATeen Committee P. 3 Typed Letters of Recommendation: 2 .283. If you have questions. minister.7223 3 . Inc. 1 .0535 or Ms. 2011 Postmark Incomplete or late applications will not be considered for membership.AKA TEEN ORGANIZATION APPLICATION 2011 . Copy of your most recent report card C.433. teacher.2012 THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION MUST BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR APPLICATION: A. feel free to contact AKA Teen Co Chairs: Ms. Tawana Hughes 313. counselor. Box 0794 Southfield. Applicants will be notified of status by June 30.representatives in the community e. Tia Finney 313.O. Recent photo of applicant (size 2X2) Please note: Letters from members of Alpha Kappa Sorority. 2011. MI 48037 Deadline Date for completed application: April 15.from your parent/guardian B. etc. Inc.

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