Tintin – Cigars of the Pharoah p. 1-5 Answer the following questions. 1. Where are Tintin and Snowy? 2.

What is Sophocles Sarcophagus chasing? 3. Who does Sophocles run into? 4. Why are Tintin and Snowy arrested? 5. How do Tintin and Snowy escape? True or False? 1. Tintin is bored and wants some action. 2. The sailor thinks Tintin is a robber. 3. Sophocles is a Egyptologist looking for the lost tomb of the Pharaoh Kih-Oskh. 4. The person writing the letters wants to help Tintin. 5. Somebody planted drugs in Tintin’s room. Find the definition. 1. “Someone tipped us the wink, and how right they were!” Tip (the police) a. push over a cow b. give advice c. give helpful information to authorities d. fall over 2. “Someone wanted me out of the way” “Smells fishy!” Smell fishy a. has bad body odor b. seems very strange c. smells good d. has the aroma of a cooked fish 3. “Why doesn’t someone fall overboard?” “It blew overboard.” Overboard a. to go over the side of a boat or ship b. to be put above a board or table c. a board that goes above the bed d. to be on the deck of a ship 4. “The millionaire film tycoon king of Cosmos Pictures” Film tycoon a. someone who loves movies b. a director of movies c. a rich person d. someone who owns a large portion of the film industry 5. “I want him disposed of before he gets ashore.” Dispose of a. throw out the trash b. get rid of a person c. arrest someone d. kill someone

they’d have __________ me otherwise. Good thing we got rid of the evidence. Poor Sophocles Sarcophagus. 1. made c. a. Who are the mummies that Tintin see inside the tomb? 3. When they did not return ____________ nightfall I called loudly. wait 5. The bearded master told me to ___________. caught Chose the correct preposition from the word box. cigar d. leave d. a. Scores of Egyptologist have __________ to find the tomb. planet c. eat b. 1. got b. what on ________ happened to him? a. How are Tintin and Snowy kidnapped? 4. a. earth b. Egypt d. What do the bad guys do with the cargo when they see the coast guard? 5. wanted 3. overboard on about with at in 1. fast! 4. crickey 4. A _______________ of this importance must be kept absolutely secret. hide b. What does Snowy find at the site of the tomb of Kih-Oskh? 2. a. arrested d. tried d. go away c. 6-10 Answer the following questions. What __________ earth happened to him? 3.p. papyrus 2. What was stored inside the coffins? Chose the best answer. discovery c. tomb b. nabbed c. We’re trapped __________ the tomb! 2. Sling the boxes _____________. .

Who did the smugglers rescue? 3. We ______________ by a gigantic wave. I ____________ hear a word! It’s the wind! a. walking c. What was considered a whopper? 4. walk 5. Snowy and Sophocles? 2. am able d. don’t be shy…don’t miss this marvellous opportunity. hit d. Why is the customer angry at Senhor Oliveira da Figueira? Chose the best verb tense. ______________ up. can’t c. It’s hopeless to go on ____________. walked b. a. a. Where does Tintin and Snowy wake up after the storm? 5. was hit c. were hitting 4. 6. were hit b. 1. is searching 2. p. They’re absolutely identical ______________ the one I picked up outside. searching d. searched c. would have b. will have c. The boss is worried _____________ the coastguards. can b. will d. gigantic bargain rendezvous meet up spot beaten sale . is going to Find the correct synonym. Where are Tintin. is walking d.5. 1. couldn’t 3. 11-14 Answer the following questions. My master Sheik Patrash Pasha _____________ you flogged. a. search b. a.

with b. good 3. Why are Tintin and Snowy captured? 2. second d. What does Tintin actually ruin? 5. without c. so-so c. Why is Patrash Pasha happy to see Tintin? 3. like d. ____________________ what a little publicity will do for you! a. terrible b. A whole __________________ to reshoot.patter flogged massive salesman’s pitch p. Where does Tintin want to return to? Insults Verbs of destruction Adjectives nitwit barged messed up fascinating brute humble idiot empty wrecked imbecile Chose the best answer. thanks to you! a. first c. a. 15-17 Answer the following questions. We can do ______________ the worthless clutter of your so-called civilization! a. Who does Tintin try to save? 4. film b. 1. 1. it 2. most 4. amazing d. Don’t be afraid…you’ve seen the ______________ of those ruffians. sequence . last b.

a place where criminals are sent b. We’ve ______________ a whole city not far from here. dreaming c. created b. and I’ll blow her sky high before I’ll surrender!” a. eat carrots d. happy b. destroy something 4. “All these crates are packed with ammunition! It’s like an arsenal down here!” a. a. drawn d. a military base 3. dreamt c. Why do the police escape from the boat? 5. “Lucky for us they ship grenades without explosive…otherwise we’d be sitting on a cloud by now. kick something d. under an old tarpaulin!” a.c. Wow! d. scene d. Why doesn’t the granade go off (explode)? Find the definition. fluffy d. “One minute they arrest me. built p. Uh-huh! 2. Snowy. How does Tintin unsuccessfully escape from the police? 4. run away c. make a big explosion b. get scared 5. Why do the gun-runners escape from the boat? 3. 18-22 Answer the following questions. dead . 1. a place that is really cool d.” a. a place to store weapons and ammunition c.” a. shot 5. “Great snakes! Machine-guns. 1. What does Tintin and Snowy find in the boat? 2. the next they bolt like a coulpe of rabbits. “My boat is mined. Aahhhh! c. make the wind blow upwards c. Oh no! b. hop b.

The oasis is a mirage. Here. won’t be wearing d. Stop. Who do they find under the trees? 3.Choose the correct preposition from the word box. 1. If I hadn’t listened to you we ________________ these nightshirts… a. 4. Why is Tintin arrested? 6. missed me b. haven’t been . Tintin gave the name Ali-Bhai. a. haven’t d. What do Tintin and Snowy need? 2. out without up beneath out of 1. 3. Lucky for us they ship grenades _______________explosive. quick! Get me ______________of this! p. 4. And rifles hidden __________________a layer of umbrellas. The police catch Tintin. Where does Tintin find more cigars? 5. has c. Tintin is shot in the desert. Snowy. will wear 3. What’s happening in the town? 4. What’s happening ________________ on deck? 3. 23-27 Answer the following questions. 2. have b. When he enlisted. 6. may miss me d. 1. What is his sentence? True or false. Choose the best verb tense. has missed me c. 2. wouldn’t be wearing b. He ______________________ but he hit my water-bottle. 1. wouldn’t wear c. Why _________________ you reported to the recruiting office? a. may have missed 2. 5. in the name ______________the law! 5. We must stop him slipping _________________. The commander thinks Tintin is a robber.

help is at hand. That’s my luck! Just when I _____________ to the bottom of the mystery. I recognized him in spite of his _______________. accent d. a. seen b. saw d. shut 3. There…look…They’ve escaped across the ______________! a. 1. a. Why do they save Tintin? 5. watched c. What does Snowy do when Tintin is executed? 2. costume b. Don’t have b. awry . How does Tintin get rid of the plane’s guard? Choose the best answer. We’d have __________________ you shot over our dead bodies! a. ladder b. Help! Save me! The dog… It’s gone __________…stop it! a. town d. full d. sealed c. Who is behind the rescue of Tintin? 4. was getting b. 28-31 Answer the following questions.4. ____________ courage. disguise c. a. Keep your mouth _______________ if you value your life. open b. Haven’t d. am getting c. roof c. Have c. Not have p. How does Tintin stay alive? 3. clothes 2. window 5. a. witnessed 4. aren’t getting d. 1. can be getting 5.

at c. old man! Put me ________________…. rabies Find the correct antonym. on 2. down b. behind c. without b. then disappear ___________ the clouds. Hey! Take it easy. How does Tintin make the pilots think he is shot? 3. in d. a. mad d. What’s the first thing Tintin asks the elephants in their language? Choose the best preposition. into b. Get fighters _______________ him and shoot him down! a. 1. You must stay ___________ us. Go into a spin. Bolt Mad Betray Reward Dead Master Follow Arrest p. down 4. How does Tintin help the elephant? 5. onto c. What do the other pilots do to stop Tintin? 2. a. on c. Snowy. 1. under d.at once! a. 32-35 Answer the following questions. Where does the plane crash? 4. with Punishment Servant Stay Sane Alive Lead Set free Be loyal . crazy c. after d. out of 3. That’s a very old trick.b. up b. You are our elephant doctor.

3. Misson accomplished. sir. 4. We ____________ him down. learning trickster possibility explorer shooting trumpet 1. It’s time I did a bit of ____________________. down c. . That’s a very old _______________. up b. up 5. 2. but _____________________ to tell exactly. Somewhere in India. 5. back Choose the correct version of the words in the box for the sentences.d. I’ve learnt to talk Elephant! a. I’m sure. He’s coming ____________! Hooray. Hooray! I’ve ______________ to talk Elephant! 6. in front of d. Snowy. When the elephants talk to one another they make a sort of ______________ sound.

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