Unit II Study Guide

Essential Questions Notebook: essential questions page • Outline at least three (3) key points for each essential questions on page next to it (on the right) for ESSAY  Enlightenment Notebook: Enlightenment graphic organizer and John Locke’s BIG ideas, HW letter/rap/comic defending Locke’s ideas against Hobbes’ (loyalist) • John Locke o 4 BIG ideas – what they are, differences between them • Thomas Paine o “I came to bring the Pain(e)” o What he wrote, who he got his ideas from, and why it was important to the Patriot’s cause for independence • Thomas Jefferson o Declaration of Independence o 3 principles of Equality, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness – o Be able to identify what our government does or has done in the past to protect each principle (see Enlightenment graphic organizer) The French and Indian War Notebook: French and Indian war handout with flip cards with answers underneath • Who fought in it, and why it was fought • Taxes and events as a result of the war o Proclamation of 1763, Stamp Act of 1765, Townshend Acts, Quartering Act, Boston

and Loyalists o How each group felt about separation\support of the revolution o Why each group felt that way o The population of the group (graph of patriots. loyalists) Continental Congress Notebook: Continental Congress – Declaration of Independence top of handout st nd • 1 Continental Congress vs. Moderates. “Calm before the storm vs the storm) The American Revolution (Revolutionary War) Notebook: Family Guy vs. Repeal of the Townsend Acts. American Revolution chart. American Revolution chart • Remember.Massacre. inclass game • All information in the Family Guy vs. 2 Continental Congress o Why they met (events). “Don’t hate the game. Boston Tea Party • Overall effect of the war on the colonies • Why it is critical to the American Revolution Differing Colonial Viewpoints Notebook: Different colonial viewpoints graphic organizer. hate they players” American Revolution Simulation from in class . moderates. King George warm-up and population graph • Patriots. and what their response was o How they differed (remember the tag lines.

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