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  • "The future belongs to
  • "The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his
  • He hardly knows which is which
  • He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does,
  • To him he is always doing both."
  • Conjure noun:
  • "summon into action or
  • "It's kind of fun
  • "He who lives by the
  • "Loss is nothing else but
  • "It is better to create than
  • "The man who has no
  • What is rare is the courage
  • "The height of cultivation
  • "A #2 pencil and a dream
  • "There is no resisting the
  • When it blows,
  • I feel it and obey..."
  • "Master the instrument,
  • Never fear what will become
  • Only the moment you reject
  • "The future has already
  • "Men must live and create."
  • "You can't wait for inspiration
  • You have to go after it
  • "Sell everything you can make."
  • "Most people don't
  • "By three methods we may
  • "Who seeks shall find."
  • "True happiness
  • "Look within
  • Within is the fountain of good,
  • "Happiness resides
  • "Put your heart, mind and
  • "Be true to your work and
  • "The power of imagination
  • "Happiness is not
  • "Don't judge each day by
  • "Belief creates
  • "Repeat anything
  • "There is a wisdom
  • "Ignorant men
  • "To be satisfied with a little
  • "Go big or go home."
  • "If you want to be found
  • "Sit loosely
  • What you sell
  • "You never change things
  • "Learning sleeps and
  • "The greatest good we
  • "This is not for every
  • Unless you are self-
  • "Turn your wounds
  • "And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world
  • Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

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conjuring. But if you are able. be it $10 or $50. free of charge. please take two minutes and come to: www...yolasite. sponsored artists and scientists for their work. If you truly can't afford to pay anything. Yours free. and you have the means available. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet.This ebook is our gift to you. we at Synthium release our work under the same template: if what we're creating resonates with you.. is acknowledged and appreciated." . Greats from Leonardo da Vinci to Galileo enjoyed patronage which helped spread their messages to the public at large. These funds help us to spread this message in ever creative ways. but every gift.com The process is quick and easy.. We've had some amazingly generous sponsors. thanks to the generosity of sponsors who donate towards it. . "The future belongs to people who can spread ideas. accept all with our blessing and share it with like-minded spirits where you can. since pre-Roman times.Seth Godin Patrons of the Arts have. you're welcome to join our global community helping to spread the word.

He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does. leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. . his love and his religion. Michener. his labour and his leisure." . his information and his recreation. To him he is always doing both. his mind and his body."The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play.James A. He hardly knows which is which.


filled with strong people. fly me to the ends of the earth and pay me large amounts of money to do the amazing. the more I meet what can only be called a new breed of bright. Lots of them. in essence. a good place. mankind generally gets a bad rap. People. curious about the world around them. doing magic shows at corporate events and high-end private parties. and finding creative solutions to the problems we face. the more you see that the world is. Korea. everywhere I go.. Nigeria. filled with adventure. . doing great things. thanks to vehicles like the media. They're happy by default. Conjure noun: "summon into action or bring into existence. quite literally. Las Vegas. And this book? Well. Their most valuable asset is their imagination." My name is Jacques le Sueur.. and I've never had a "real" job. who are changing the world in the most amazing ways. but they are out there.. Let me introduce myself. It's a very cool career. brave superstars.. Dubai. But the more you travel. often as if by magic. I've spent my life traveling the world as a professional entertainer. and they have the wisdom and tools to make their dreams reality.Welcome. Mainstream media don't typically spotlight them.

We'll remove some of the filters society has created around your mind so you can aim for true freedom.The essence of their success are the ideas . Tighten your chin-straps. He gives audiences a taste of the impossible. The most powerful are those who can communicate their story with clarity and precision.they share with the world. Believe me when I tell you. I'm going to give you a brief. you'll discover what's truly possible. and let's dive down the rabbit hole. It's going to be exciting. the stronger the message you can share. If you can decode the secrets of the impossible. You're about to get a small taste of the ancient tricks and psychology conjurers use to create the language of illusion. backstage glimpse into this art of astonishment. even just for a moment. in essence. a master communicator. and gives me a very unique perspective on life.” . Magic has been around a lot longer than you may think.. the greater you'll become.. "It's kind of fun to do the impossible.Walt Disney .the message . a good magician is. With all humility. In these pages.


Sexual adjustment has not presented problems for you. rather than be critical of yourself. we'll unwrap a strong message you want to share with the world. You seldom have serious doubts as to whether you've made the right decision or done the right thing.. let's have some fun. And finally. I get the impression you are basically self-sufficient: you don't have a strong need for other people to like you or for them to admire you.. Then I'll teach you how to communicate this message – this experience – to the right people who will pay solid cash for it..Edgar R. and polish it into an experience people will resonate with. "He who lives by the crystal ball soon learns to eat ground glass.. Although you may appear worried and insecure on the outside.. Maybe I can tell you a little about yourself.." . Take a deep breath. Fiedler . you tend to be disciplined and controlled inside. You tend to accept yourself as you are.A brief overview of what's ahead. we'll take a look at these concepts in action in the everyday world. But first. In section one I'm going to introduce a handful of core constructs we'll build on in later chapters. Section two. You're quite frank in revealing yourself to others.

" . we'll get back to this in a bit. Wait.. And why does it work? Because the one thing everyone in the world wants is mystery.. popularized by gypsies and television “psychics” who prey on the gullible.Marcus Aurelius I've just given you a taste of an ancient technique. in that sense of the word.. we're getting ahead of ourselves. Possibility. The core message of coldreading is hope. "Loss is nothing else but change. The above snippet is based on an excerpt written by Robert Duetsch in 1982 it's a carefully engineered blueprint of generalizations which can make it seem like you're drilling information straight out of a person's mind.Okay.. See? It could really apply to anyone. . Potential. how close was I? Am I maybe very slightly psychic? Probably not. called cold-reading (Google it). and change is nature’s delight. But re-read the above. Here's fundamental element number one: The essence of life is change.

Freedom is fluidity. For want of a better description. A true force of nature. It's been said that knowledge is power. Unconstrained. . Being able to survive.Julius Caesar And those that are able to change their surroundings – those who can create – are the true leaders. Flowing through life. "It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life. do and have without anything holding you back. But at the root of it all creation is power. Washing around obstacles. It's the nature of the Universe.Everything around you grows and evolves. wherever you are. Being able to be." . Motion and change are health. Being like water. freedom boils down to speed and unrestricted movement. Fundamental element two: You are a creator. A nomadic mind.

with enough time and the right teacher. . the more convinced you are of it.. and it is so”.Muhammad Ali And with knowledge comes the ability to do practically anything. you probably can do it too.We've already touched on the idea that the most powerful people in the world are those with a strong message. there is more and more evidence that the ancient cave paintings by our ancestors were not records of their hunts. but the word “Abracadabra”. and you can join their ranks if you're committed to do what they did. It's meaning? “I say it. And despite what society tells you. those who can create.. but visualisations that psyched the tribe up before the chase.for knowledge. If somebody has been able to do something. Think about that for a second. Not many people know this. Interestingly. spoken by magicians throughout the ages probably has it's roots in the ancient Sanskrit language. the stronger the chances of creating it in real life. you can learn nearly anything. The imagination has been all powerful for over 40 000 years. The clearer you see something in your mind's eye. Reverse engineer what the leaders in any field are doing. Your mind has an as yet infinite capacity – and thirst . "The man who has no imagination has no wings." .

Make sense.. Like a baby animal. breakdancing for a living. the stronger the message.. Messages.” . elegantly. for now. as if they are alive. so far? Let me give you a real-life example: my buddies Duane and Jed Lawrence. it will sustain you – its carrier – so you can help it grow. Think of them. And as it grows. started as an idea in someone's mind. Everything. the better its chances of survival.Erica Jong To use a metaphor (and building on Richard Dawkin's concept of the “meme”) these ideas are actual things – organisms in their own right. the dream. the vision. What is rare is the courage to nurture it in solitude and to follow the talent to the dark places where it leads. and you'll sit with your mouth hanging open at what they can get their bodies to do. into fundamental three: Our base building-blocks are ideas. Everything you have in your life. Type their names into Youtube.. Feed a message properly. .Which leads us.. and it will grow strong. These brothers are world champion B-Boys. “Everyone has a talent...

and therefore more precious. “Nothing is more difficult.” . At the time of writing this.Two of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. One or the other. Fuels them. than to be able to decide. It keeps them fired up. strong.Napoleon Bonaparte And their message – the power of dance – is a perfect example of what we're talking about. At world champ level. Injured. Black or white. but strong as ever. Jed has just recovered from a broken leg and Duane has a hole in his chest ripped open by a nail sticking out of a stage they were dancing on. And they live their message every day. I sometimes think they can't breathe unless they are moving. they are real-life superheros. so it can spread itself. So how do we create these mystical messages? Element four: We create by making choices. Still with me? Good. teaching the message of peace through the language of dance. But they keep dancing. Everything results from the choices we make. The message carries them. Power comes when we make these choices consciously. Right or left. .

Essence. see it for what it is. To be happy. the Universe throws us clues as to the directions to choose. cut the fat from it. Choices. And finally. they understand that fear and anger are weakness. Good so far? Change. Messages. That's not to say they don't get scared. Creation. pretty quickly.Bruce Lee You see. streamline it. We just need to stay open. ." . It's a lifelong journey of sanding the rough edges in our mind. the stronger it becomes. The more we polish the message.. and covered decent ground. Simple. Let's steam ahead.. We've got pretty deep. "The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity. it's just that when fear and doubt creep in. really. they choose to stay objective. If we stay connected and follow these hints – these daily breadcrumbs – our path is clear. the Fifth Element: Messages amplify as we boil them down to their essence. On the flipside.The first major choice champions make is to be free. and recognize them when we see them. and move on.

Practically everything that moves through your life is either a tool to build and polish your message, or a fuel to sustain it. Money, health, happiness, technology, ideas... all one or the other. Again, the most valuable asset in your life is, as we said before, your imagination. Learn to harness it properly, and the possibilities are epic. It's a basic law of the Universe.
"A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere." - Joyce A. Myers

In the chapters to come, we'll master specific techniques to carve ideas out of your inquisitive mind and launch them into the world. But again be aware, for now, that the clearer you can see a detailed concept in your head, the more successful it will be in reality. Right. Get up from reading this right now, and fetch a pocket notepad and pen. Go and buy them if you have to. I'll wait here. Got them? Good. Do yourself a favor, and keep these with you, everywhere you go. When ideas speak to you, even if it's a whisper in your head, write them down. Capture details. After a week you'll be amazed how many bits and pieces you've captured. Don't be shy to stop everything, and write down a good idea when it arrives.

Michaelangelo used to say he saw the sculpture he was creating preformed in the rock, and then just chipped away at releasing it. Likewise, your message is strong and ready-made in your mind, and it will communicate with you so it can spread its wings.
"There is no resisting the wind of adventure. When it blows, I feel it and obey..." - Don Fernando

The next tool? Your sense of curiosity. If the root of the Universe is change, then your spirit of adventure is the vehicle you use to interact with this change. As a side note, I'm wired in such a way that I'll often drop myself into odd situations, just to see if I can get myself out again. The stranger, the better. And as I've traveled, I've experienced some of the rougher, poorer communities in the world. Villages in Nigeria. Soldier camps in the Congo. Ganglands in Asia. Amazing places. Tough, strong people. And I started seeing patterns developing. One striking thing is that the prettiest girls generally seem to pop up in the poorer areas. Rio is a case in point. Maybe it's a survival thing. Next, interestingly, is that the tougher the 'hood, the smaller the area people seem to function in. Live in the roughest zones, and your entire life generally operates within two or three blocks of your house. Strange, isn't it? And the

and my religion is to do good. "My country is the world. even – by it. an enthusiasm for what they're doing." . It's like the primal energy of the Universe is surging up from the ground and . no matter what field they're in. Athletes call it being in the zone.people who seem to pull themselves up by the bootstraps out of the slums all have one major thing in common: They've expanded their horizons. Growing. Champions. They become citizens of the world. have a unique quality about them. past and future seem to fall away and they get absorbed – possessed. Do you sometimes get caught up in the microcosm of your world? How far could you actually expand your horizons? Is the spirit of adventure sparkling in your eyes? Let's move on to a fuel: enthusiasm. a fire. They morph into true free spirits. no black and white. in the big beyond. and they sail out into the great unknown.Thomas Paine Questions creep in about what might be out there. Learning. When they're involved in their passion. able to survive anywhere. There are no borders. An excitement. Politics fade. just all the beautiful colors in between. Exploring.

" . Directly related. Good. Billions.overflowing into your body. Addiction of any kind is weakness. to hide behind. Life is seasonal. Get. give your future self a gift. And every time money flows into your life. or live in it. Flux. Nothing more. then forget all that shit and play. You're absolutely at one with everything. but let most of it flow freely through you. the stronger the fire. Another fuel I'm sure you're very aware of: money. and you'd be able to march to the ends of the earth on it. Listen: it's just a fuel for the projects you set yourself. Give. an armor. You can't eat it. Aim to . Really. The key is to treat it like water: don't let it stagnate. Billions. Build up reserves for winter. Find a strong enough message. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to become emotionally attached to money. The stronger the message. Realize it's also not bad to have it. Nothing less. have a conversation with it. And there is more than enough available in the world for any of the projects you may need it for.. or the lack of it. Don't get addicted to it.. Have you ever been in this state? "Master the instrument. master the music. Don't use it as a shell.Charlie Parker It's a direct result of the message we talked about earlier.

air..bring in more than you spend (we'll cover how to do that in a later chapter. and once you've crafted your message. Respect it. and then stash the excess away. and everything pops in 2012. water.one huge lever. They're the primary vehicles for your messages.” .Ed. Other tools? Your body and mind. depend on no one. store it. don't you worry). Tony Buzan advocates feeding your body food. sleep when you're tired. that expands your reach. Never fear what will become of you. Freeze it. Eat when you're hungry. so good. . lets you inject it directly into the minds of millions of people globally.. Befriend it. Play “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. but the basics above still apply.) (So far. and doesn't show any sign of slowing down (unless the Mayans were right. Motion affects emotion. One final tool. Keep foods and ideas flowing through your system. make a dam for it.. Just keep moving. The world is evolving at breakneck speed. Learn how to use it. Fitness really only means how well you fit into your environment. Your brain and your body are a unit. sunlight and love. Again. Profound in its simplicity. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.) The Internet is a global brain . before we dive into the active process of carving our dreams into reality: technology.Buddha .. Physical fitness is beyond the scope of this book. actively fight stagnation in all of its forms. keep both active and strong.

Check them out. Three quick things to Google: “digital nomad”. Have a look around the rooms of your mind for a second and see what other things in your life fit into the tool or fuel category. Right. It's time to start building.William Gibson .. You might find they're an avenue to pursue. waves you can ride at minimal cost. Let it show you its possibilities. "The future has already arrived. Enough talk.with it. See them for what they are. “Linux” and “Freeware”. All are exciting advances in the world of technologica.. initially. More than we realize." . It's just not evenly distributed yet.


In this section.. Your ultimate freedom.now the fun really begins. honestly. we're going to carefully lure your core message out into the open and cast it into an experience you can share with the world. ♣ The clearer you can communicate this message. ♦ Everything in your life is either a tool or a fuel to propel your message. you already know what it is. But first a quick recap of where we're at.Albert Camus ♥ Streamlining the message amplifies it.. "Men must live and create. It's a matter of removing the filters shading your mind. ♠ Champions are at the top because they have the strongest messages.. the further it will spread.. Let me ask you: . ♠ Your enthusiasm is the fire which brands the message deep into people's brains. So where do you find this message? Well. Let's start with some broader brush-strokes and then wade down into the details.Fantastic ." . It's this communication which is going to make you rich.

Now for the million dollar question: "You can't wait for inspiration. Love. You have to go after it with a club. my Magic has been everything I've lived for since I was a kid. and the cash rolls in. and trigger the imagination. To me. So that's my message. If I can create products and shows for people that communicate freedom and joy. Possibility. The message spreads like wildfire. I'm resonating. it represents freedom. .Jack London What does the list above mean to you? For me." . that you can provide? What good can you do in the world around you? What do you zone on? What leaves you grinning when you think about it? Makes you so excited your gums itch when you think about it? What's possible? Jot your answers on your notepad. It's given me everything good in my life.What have you always been good at? Drawn to? What do your friends ask you for advice about? What do people you gel with need or want. This book is a case in point. Simple.

that no-one else is providing.. it's not magic." . How is it that a master magician can engineer an experience that can convince an intelligent spectator they're witnessing the impossible? What is the process he goes through? There are two blueprints: we either come up with a totally new concept and then try to find ways to make it work. .. just a clever puzzle. unlimited riches. The secret to massive. or we take an existing trick and try to improve it and match it to our persona. They are all an experience. you're selling experiences.Understand. So how do we start creating these experiences? An example from the world of legerdemain: understand that if someone can figure out a trick. there is no distinction between a product you create.Sergio Zyman Find out what they want. or a service you provide for somebody. At its crux. and give it to them. boiled down in a nutshell: "Sell everything you can make. find out what they can't get anywhere else. A vehicle for your message. Let's start with the first.

and try to capture everything you see in your head. You write. You grab paper and pen. Electronic.Paul Vigil Maybe you want to fold a banknote into a ball. Next. Everything. The truer you are to your core. Really work at dilating your mind's eye. laymen.You get the idea for what you want in your mind's eye (Remember those prehistoric shamans?) You ask yourself what would make people sit up in their seats and go “Wow!” You also decide whether this trick will actually suit your personality and performance style. You sketch. it could be mechanical. blow on it. no matter how small. Cool idea. "Most people don't believe in Magic. and lift the butterfly. See things from the spectator's point of view. making it dance as if it's alive. and see what might fit. You check the textbooks of tricks (yes. Your breathing would vibrate the thread. Maybe. No detail escapes you. you go through all the methods you've already learned in magic. Maybe someone has come up with a way to freeze an insect so you can revive it during the show. the building-blocks created over the centuries. Maybe a very fine thread could run down from your teeth to your fingers. the more impact the trick will have. imagining what real magic might look like. they're out there). and it transforms into a butterfly which flutters off and out the window. because they've never seen Magic. Maybe it doesn't even need to be a real butterfly. hold it in your hand. Maybe." . .

The cards you use. Get a feel for where the creator was going with the idea. and then slotting them back into the routine."By three methods we may learn: first. Experiment. looking at it from different angles. You see what it will look like from the audience's point of view. Maybe you know a better method of doing part of it. which is easiest. and try to come up with solutions before these things happen. If there are any bits of sleight-of-hand you haven't quite perfected yet." . Who knows. Once you have the basics down. . thinking through every eventuality. which is the bitterest. you work on the surfaces: anything your audience comes into direct contact with. by reflection. you figure out all the things that might go wrong. And just as crucial. You can slot in someone else's idea in the middle. on their own. Your clothing. You create a system. it's time to rehearse. second. So you go through and try it out exactly as described. noting areas that don't quite gel with the overall picture. by imitation. the things that absolutely have to be in place for it to work properly every time. Doing it exactly as it was created is a recipe for disaster. and third by experience. As you progress. You play around with the trick. You stand in front of a mirror or video recorder and do the trick. you spend time practicing them. which is noblest. Working on the whole. you need to match the trick to your mannerisms and persona. But you play. you originate a script: the key checkpoints in the routine. with either method.Confucius A similar process happens when we learn a trick created by someone else.

in any area of your life. and when you try it live for an audience it bombs completely.Sophocles . recap: ♠ You ask yourself “what's possible?”and get the image that forms as lucid as you can. No reaction. or they see the thread between your lips and finger. letting the trick breathe. Polish. Sometimes you spend weeks perfecting an idea. Again. If you decide to continue with the idea. and the trick hits hard every time you perform it. Who are your audience? What makes them tick? "Who seeks shall find. polish. You work on your timing. polish. Magic. Then it's crunch time – audience testing. You keep tweaking things until they're smooth. using silence and pauses to create impact. It's a blueprint for creating those vehicles – those experiences – we talked about. I know you're smart enough to see how this can be applied to anything you want to design. you make detailed notes at every performance. You fight the urge to rush. Even the environment you're in. You also decide if it matches up to your core message.Your speech. The aim is to communicate with laser-sharp clarity." .

. Gardner . ♠ You create the individual parts. What have others in the field done already? What's already successful. Streamlining. but it's time to spread her wings. ♥ You aim for a point where the experience takes over.♣ You capture every detail as clearly as possible on paper. "True happiness involves the full use of one's power and talents.. ♥ You ask yourself: “How? How? How?”. and polish the surfaces." . drawing on what you know. Real life example? My mom is about to launch an online radio station. ♣ You launch a prototype into the world.John W. And that's it. and inoculate against any problems that might crop up. for inspiration. and you're in the zone every time you produce it. She's been a presenter of classical and jazz music on a local broadcaster for over a decade. or others have done. that you can do better? ♦ You map the checkpoints that have to be in place – templates you can use to duplicate success consistently. so you can get feedback and adjust as necessary.

She sees the journey people will take with her. She fills pages and pages of notes. All the surfaces. She figures out any potential problems. She actively looks for music that vibrates with her soul. A mental sketch of the perfect listener. Once she's comfortable. looks around at what other stations are out there. The . Step next: she goes over everything with a fine-tooth comb. tuning. Friends. The visual image. maybe just to a handful of listeners. Next. The sound. She builds a file of music to use. and their solutions. creating template emails to send to sponsors. one step at a time. cleaning up. Finally. she starts putting the structures in place. what music she can get copyright-free. details. She opens folders on her computer. details.Jim Carrey She does a ton of research. refining. figuring out the details of how it will all work. what software is available. protect it."If you've got a talent. Blueprinting. she launches a test-run. she works on the processes: the sequences she'll need to go through to get an episode finished and online. The sequence to get sponsors on board. What the best in the world are doing. She installs all the software necessary. the message she wants to share with the world." . Details. She doesn't leave anything to chance. She builds systems so that she knows she's delivering consistently every time she decides to upload a new program. and gets a working knowledge of how it all fits together. Possibilities. The lifespan of each part of the whole.

E.C.N. there are a limited number of hours in a day: you will only generate massive cash once you start charging for the value you provide rather than your time. and then send it out into the world with a blessing. and it will ever bubble up. operating at full capacity. Step away from? You see. focused energy into it initially.S..feedback leads her. if thou wilt ever dig. If you haven't done so already. Look for vehicles that you can launch and then step away from. get it fighting fit. freeing you to set the next one in motion. "Look within. Creating something she'll be proud of way down the line. And start imagining experiences you can create to share this message." .Marcus Aurelius R.E. a gift she's sharing with the world. and she adjusts until all systems are finely honed.O. Pump solid. make it a mission to connect with your core message. Good. And it's now that she can play. in essence. Next big question: who do you sell your experiences to? Is there a demand for it? Where do you find these people? How do you persuade them to part with their hard-earned moolah? .A. gifted.N. Within is the fountain of good.. She is. every episode is a joy to produce because it's a celebration.

as I'm suggesting.. "Happiness resides not in possessions.There are. Look for yourself. not for just everybody. All great advice. One of the most valuable sentences you can learn to say is: “. So our mission is not to get as many people as possible into our address-books.Democritus . this is probably not the best fit for what you're looking for. Your instincts. the perfect fits.. If they're going to vibrate at a core level with your message. I'll point you in the direction of someone who can better suit your needs." . but as time unfolds you'll be working with people you really connect with. How do you recognize them? Easy.. chances are. at a primal level. We're going to approach things from an oblique angle. they are very similar to you. Now scoop up all those books. but rather to find the right people for the message.. Listen to your gut. we should pay it the respect it's due and only give it to people who will truly appreciate it.” Initially. If it is a gift..you know. thousands of books on what business people call “lead generation”: finding people to buy our products and services. and not in gold. Share your message with people you'd be proud to have as friends. happiness dwells in the soul. literally. and see the world in the same way you do. and toss them out the window.. Your message is unique – clearly. it'll may feel awkward.

Look through other people's sales messages and marketing. Have an urge to spread the word about what you're doing. As marketers say. ten thousand ears listening. the “spokes” or connections branching out in every direction.Archimedes ." . and I shall move the world. They know a mixed bag from all walks of life. they will be attracted to the same things you are! Create experiences and ads you'd be excited to share with your friends. Brochures.. Keep an eye out for the nodes who influence your target audience. the news will go viral. Make no mistake. there are some citizenry who have a talent for uniting groups. Fall in love with it.. Ads. What in these ads makes you want to buy? What colors and images do you connect with? What wording? You see where I'm going with this? If your audience is just like you. Websites. No convoluted "Give me a lever long enough. In any community.They will appreciate your message. face-to-face. scripted as the writer would speak to you. and actively get your message into their hands. Which segues cleanly into the concept of “hubs”. Leverage. Think of them as the hub in a bicycle wheel. the most effective ads on the planet are written in a natural tone.. Getting their attention is not difficult either. like you have. They bring people together. and a fulcrum on which to place it. a thousand. One word from them.. and you'll have a hundred.

Let's jump back a couple pages and discuss money again for a second. No headlines. and all your competition falls away. Creation trumps competition a million times to one. puffed up guarantees. they can only get it from you. I'm going to say it again. until it sinks in: "Put your heart. send it further down the road. and listen to what I'm about to tell you: pay your message the respect it deserves. Fuel to share the experience with someone else. and they're giving fuel in exchange. Essence. as always.Swami Sivananda . That's power. Sometimes a smile is enough.word-strings or tangled language patterns. This is the secret of success. Again. Do this. You end up being so unique that if they truly want what you share." . Nothing more. You literally compete by dreaming up something more remarkable than the other contenders. You're giving your experience as a gift to someone special. Look around at what the leaders in the field are charging for what you're doing. But money is just a fuel. or bullet-points. You don't just get paid in money. mind and soul into even your smallest acts. and match or better them. It's not uncommon for people to feel so connected with their message that they feel awkward charging money for it. Pull your chair closer. Just a down-to-earth exchange from one heart to the other. just a fuel.

Respect your message. Zone out on it. "Be true to your work and your work will be true to you. . Focus on the entire experience. Play.. You are. Tweak. the one that will have the most impact. Let's get back to our workbenches and start building. You're creating value. reach the maximum numbers of eyes and ears? Done? Take the time to build an experience for your present and future friends which is worthy of the message. A journey you take each of the players on. keeping the word “masterpiece” tucked right behind your lips.Charles Pratt Happiness. spend as much time as it takes. You're proud of what you're doing.. from start to finish.” It is." . Now flesh out the experiences you can create to share this message. A job you do for them. This is something special. Whatever it is. That's valuable.Don't be shy to charge what you're worth. Think leverage: what is the biggest vehicle you can create. A good price will make your audience sit up and say to themselves: “Wow. You've asked yourself the questions we proposed earlier to sift out your core message. Wreak havoc on the mundane. It could be a product. Believe.

. through the experience. And the entire city goes. Teach them how you communicate. Create templates of emails. Wow. Leave nothing to chance. but gently. hold them by the hand and lead them confidently.. I'm performing at a festival in Austria later this year. Make us proud. what happens next. everything that happens from the initial contact.And it probably begins earlier than you suspect – from the original “hello”. I've just realized something. scripts for meetings and telephone calls." . The very first contact they have with you... "The power of imagination makes us infinite.the show doesn't start when you walk on stage.. I can actually give you a real-life.John Muir .” Wisdom. Ready for the trip? Andiamo. It'll also be easier to teach you the persuasive subtleties I'll be playing with. what to expect. I'll let you inside my head while I set these up. in-the-trenches example of what I'm talking about. High-end dinner parties in those clockwork villages are a strangely beautiful thing. One of my mentors used to say: “. write down the processes I'm going through.. it starts the moment you step out of the car. Great gig. It'd be nice to hook up some extra shows while I'm there. good fun every time I've been. for want of a better phrase “entertainment ballistic”. as I do them. Design right through to the very last step.


Let's start at the beginning. what would I like to see? What would have me sitting up all night. The host of the evening invites guests for a night of mystery and fine dining. Again. raving to my friends at work the next day? What's possible? After pages of scribbling. it looks like a dinner show will be a good idea. Informal magic. They bring in a top-flight chef. the better. playing off the energy of the room. the more freedom the artist has to veer off from the structure and explore the moment. "Happiness is not something you postpone for the future. Blow their minds as substantially as the law will allow. it is something you design for the present. as the White Rabbit would say... . If I was invited to a party to see an amazing magic show. as my son Alexander says. it's a game of quantity over quality.." . if it's not fun. table-side. a tight show script needs to be in place: paradoxically. And I've got to keep everything as enjoyable as possible. My message and vehicle on this one are clear: give people an amazing evening of magic they'll remember for a while. is always extraordinary – the performer gets to react and interact on a direct level with the guests. Even so. she leads them on a journey of culinary delights and then after the meal I step up to the side of the dinner table to do my performance. you're doing it wrong. The more ideas.. the tighter the script.Jim Rohn Let's flesh out some ideas.

their feet hurt... It should knock the guests' socks off so hard. by the end. Whatever I wrap up with. The audience should. like the white space on a page. everyone should sit up and think: “okay. the routine should have space to breathe." . I also know a couple of the Germanic magicians around that neck of the woods.. And if I land an ovation. I just need to make sure everyone leaves remembering my name. a consistent. refine. this is going to be interesting”. A pause – a silent moment – will spotlight the sections that should stand out. refine. to the climax.And a good script has a high-impact opening. and knows how to get in touch with me while I'm in town.. get to know the entertainer on a personal. human level. who are star acts. so I get down to the scripting. as it were. So I'm aware the audiences are connoisseurs of conjuring. a standing ovation is a done deal. paced flow from start to finish. the finale. Ka-ching-a-ling. connect with him. "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. without rushing through the magic. I have the fact I'm come from distant lands to my advantage. but it's still a case of refine. steadily. guests will go home and seriously consider throwing their own magic dinner parties before I fly home to South Africa. it better be as tight as a submarine airlock. And then.Robert Louis Stevenson . that grabs everyone's attention and then builds. I believe I have some solid material to put into the show. When the magician walks out. If I crack that. Saying that. There shouldn't be any dead spots.

We haven't considered the actual logistics of getting to and doing the show. ♣ I send them a confirmation. reconfirming everything.. right into a dynamite climax. touching base. wait. and ends with “nternet”. Austria's on the diametrically opposite side of the planet from where I am right now.." . Wait. Time for a flowchart. then a tight build.(Striking opening. getting ahead of ourselves. the sequence of events as these parties might typically unfold: ♠ The client raises their hand. ♥ I email them a week before I leave for Austria. how in the name of all things Harry Potter do I go about booking the shows? One word. saying they're interested in the show. detailing exactly how everything will work. A polished glimpse into the soul – the spirit – of the man on stage. This is a centuries-old formula that can be applied to any experience you create. Locked and loaded. "Belief creates the actual fact. It starts with an “I”. we are. I take a stroll down an imaginary time-line. Can you adapt it to yours?) Okey-dokey. once again. ♦ I phone them once I land. on a clean sheet of paper.William James .

and I head off to their house. and then through. Trust builds repeat work. When they give the thumbs up. Magician Eric Paul used to suggest it's easier. ♣ I get there early. Leave nothing to chance. the experience.Tom Hopkins ♠ I jump on a train to Vienna to celebrate. meet up with everybody and setting things up. to start from the end point and work backwards. as you understand them. You're framing .♠ Show day rolls around. Clarity builds a cushion of trust. "Repeat anything often enough and it will start to become you. Exactly what you're committing to providing. when you map out these sequences. You give the details. how much and how you'll be paid.. The confirmation. Okay. Good advice.. Times. Explain everything as it unfolds." . you need to take clients by the hand and lead them right up to. Precisely what they need to secure on their side. ♥ I deliver as rip-roaring a show as I can! ♦ The next day I send a heartfelt thank you to the host. let's dissect another layer down: The client gives the go ahead. but it is crucial to stay on top of the details. This is where amateurs might drop the ball – but it's here that the real work begins. Not overly complicated. places.

Make it clear. . that you're excited to work with them. Do a great job. on their letterhead... I pickpocket audience members. So few people take the time to do this. Now it's time to step out and shine. and you'll get some great testimonials as the years unfold. built the aura of mystery and excitement. and return everything at the end of the show. You've set the groundwork.Charles Dickens “. building trust. Ssshhhoowwwtttiimmmeee. as well.. and mean it. Snail mail.. you'll be surprised the impact it has. the President would like to express sincere gratitude to you for returning his watch.. All in good fun): "There is a wisdom of the head.." . and a wisdom of the heart. This is the easy part. Building trust. building trust..Secretary to State President Nelson Mandela. I also ask them to write down what it was like to work with me.yourself in their mind as a competent international professional. Post-show gratitude. Send a handwritten thank you.” . it's going to be fun! Last minute emails and calls.. like this one I got after entertaining the then-President of South Africa (Oh.

You need to tell the world about your offer.”) "Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a 1000 years ago. and some idiot in the back of the group shouting out: “That's easy.. and asked for it. The history of Magic is full of adventure. how do we persuade people to share our experiences in the first place? Clearly. this time into the colorful history of conjuring. But." .. packed with flamboyant characters who'd give Jack Sparrow a run for his money. it was up your sleeve. And the only reason I got it was I tucked my insecurities in my socks. contacted the Presidential office. One more mind-sweep of the sequence checking for holes: any problems which might crop up? Anything we can prepare in advance for? Maybe our taxi runs late? The audience can't speak English? Our luggage gets lost on the way to Europe? What can we prepare for and inoculate against? Right. We'll get back to our Austrian adventure in a second. There are hieroglyphics in the Pyramids of Egypt of magicians doing their thing: legerdemain probably dates back to the dawn of time... Things are taking shape.. (My buddy Andrew Eland always says he imagines the first magician producing fire for his tribe. without seeming like we're trying to unload a fleet of pre-owned cars? Let's go on another mental tangent for a second..That right there has been worth its weight in gold to me. Is there a template we can use to sell them with. I hear you ask.Johan Wolfgang von Goethe . being amazing at what you do doesn't necessarily mean you'll get rich.

If it intrigues you. These would sell out every time. but despite this performed for more royalty. was his eye for opportunity. David Devant. He used to travel to every corner of the planet. presidents and world leaders than any other magician in history. even by today's standards. bordering on rude. His slogan was “You'll Wonder When I'm Coming – You'll Wonder More When I'm Gone. Max Malini. We'll be focusing on one man in particular. amazing lives. Google Dedi. The essence of his success. even in the early 1900's? Let's take a brief look at how he used to promote himself. What made him so successful. Maskelyne. They lived full. Max had a decidedly rough personality. Honolulu to Hong Kong. earning him a small fortune. riding the wave of amazement he was creating in guests. and trouble findeth it not. he'd spend the evenings performing what seemed to be impromptu magic in the bars and would then. and he that increaseth his riches. and the outrageous lengths to "To be satisfied with a little is the greatest wisdom. And a lot bigger. and their biographies are are truly breathtaking. thanks to the buzz he'd created in the taverns.Akhenaton .” And his modus operandi was not the vaudeville or theater stage that his contemporaries were chasing. the genius-hook which got audiences sitting up in their seats. increaseth his cares.." . Robert Houdin. Always dressed impeccably. His vision was braver. talk the hotel into giving him their ballroom for a fulllength evening show.. but a contented mind is a hidden treasure. and get in with the management at the top hotels in town.

) "Go big or go home. and chased us away. pluck all its feathers (this was before animal rights were even considered) and then give it to him to hypnotize. Garnished in a platter with potatoes and gravy. We were still kids. The farmer was truly obnoxious. Covered in straw. Later. particularly the “impromptu” ones. so hopped over a fence and slept in a field... systematically tranced every bird and laid them out strategically around the farmhouse's front door.. One of his classics used a little-known fact that you can “hypnotize” a bird by drawing a chalk line on a pavement.) Max had a show at an exclusive dinner party where he was able to pay off the kitchen staff to find a live turkey. There was diabolical chaos at sunrise when the kids came out to the school-bus and the fowl woke up. But the next morning we broke into his chicken-coop. but hey. run its beak down the line. but absolutely still (I'd say try it. they were practically invisible. he steered the conversation to reincarnation. it must have looked thoroughly roasted. and then declared at the top of his voice: “I'll show you magic! I can bring the dead back to life!” A sharp fork in the pope's nose and the bird launched itself off the table! (As a side-note.Eliza Dushku .which he'd go to prepare for a once-off performance.. and we arrived at a farmhouse in Glastonbury looking for a place to crash for the night." . and the fowl will sit cross-eyed. I was touring in England with a crazy Moroccan magician.

location. Talking about Senators. leaned down and bit the button off the man's waistcoat." . ♦ He'd let things simmer. he'd spat the button back and it was once again sewn in place. .Sidney Lanier More examples: Max would see a politician's suit hanging at a tailor and talk the owner into sewing a playing card into the lining of the jacket. let the stories spread. Just in case he got to meet that Senator one day and the guy was wearing that jacket. are the most persuasive tool available to us. location. leaving them wanting more. They slip our message deep into someone's mind like a psychic hypodermic syringe. The shows streamed in as a result. Location. ♣ He would introduce himself to the management. marching straight up to him. Let's break his system down: ♠ Max would arrive in town and target the best hotels."If you want to be found stand where the seeker seeks. but not ask for anything in particular. ♥ He would head out onto the streets. The key to all sales is storytelling. He'd hook them. Stories. Before anyone could react. He'd bide his time. spoken or visual. he saw a statesman in Washington one day and. creating buzz with amazing spur-ofthe-moment magic.

"Sit loosely in the saddle of life. ♠ A couple of days later. He'd established his credentials. ♦ Clearly. Magic. If they're around. flashy magic. Tight scripting. Ask at the consulate. So I email. A horse-racing stable. A-List all the way. Pure showmanship. I email them a short video clip of me doing some pretty cool. ♣ He unfolded a spectacular full evening show. and building a crescendo of amazement. Short. Malini would be proud. no dead spots. pop in. And it keeps selling. But logistics can be difficult. which is where a well-written letter is valuable. Sports car dealerships. saying I'll be at the festival." . every time someone reads it. selling in person to people with influence is the key. and optimized for the web. shown he was an investment.Robert Louis Stevenson . Hook them by getting their juices pumping. Adrenalin and fun are the glue that stick memories in a brain. And adapted for Austria? ♥ I build a list of people I resonate with. If you don't ask. check the omnicient Google. And I aim high: Five-star hotels.♠ Now was when he approached the hotel and asked for the ballroom. delivering on everything promised. I ask them to forward it to their friends. you don't get. worth his salt. It never gets tired or forgets key points.

a mischievous glint in your spirit will go a long way. letting the stories breed. whether it's an email. ♦ I confirm and do the gig.. Be exciting. is enthusiasm. This sequence was not originated by the legend that was Max Malini. I send off with a blessing and move on. tell them I would like to perform at dinner parties while I'm in town. it's a numbers game: I don't stop until I've hit my target and filled the dates I have free.. Whichever route you choose. And it rolls through into all of life's arenas: don't start any communication. And I tell them in specific detail how it will unfold and what to do to book the show. The spark in your eyes is what will light the fire in people's imaginations. the key to selling anything. the hundred plus testimonials I've collected over the years. (See pages previous). Be interesting. Be mysterious. It bears repeating. ”First you must learn to love what you will do. I lay out my credentials. Those that say no.Wayne Dyer . ♥ Now I email them.♣ I wait a week. but he certainly perfected it. or a meeting.” . No-one can sell your message better than you can. From here on in. and spread the word. Remember: cool things attract people. until you have everyone's complete attention. What you sell is that love. Nothing else. all the countries and celebrities I've performed for. phone-call.

dressed in finely tailored suits. Buckminster Fuller Your offer is YOU. build a new model that makes the old one obsolete. Keep things crisp and exciting." . the fonts. walking into your client's office and speaking clearly and eloquently about the exquisite gift you're about to present them. Burn this into your brain: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. Don't forget to polish your “surfaces” too: the pictures you use. Show them you understand things from their perspective.R. Here's an idea: visualize your communications as slick emissaries from a king's court. Streamline. every surface an alphabet your content speaks through.All the sales tools in the world only back up that core emotion – that passion – you have for what you're selling. Create . you'll get better at creating and delivering them. Show your credentials. the colours. Explain why it's better to use you than your competition. Ooze empathy. Polish. or worse. Get them emotionally involved. You get paid for being yourself. not use you at all. the sounds. All design is a language. Share your message. amplified. committed. tell your story. prove your skills. Get them imagining the bright future you're about to create together. As time progresses. No fuzziness. Create bulletproof templates and systems. Cut the fat away. To change something.

and. . What would make me spread this experience for all I know to share? Wow....Josh Billings What would make me buy this experience if I was on the receiving end? . on tiptoe. Again. Feed their minds. Emissaries. your mantras: "Learning sleeps and snores in libraries.. we've come a long way together in these few short pages.. Listen to your gut feelings. how much money it'll make you over time. Don't underestimate its impact. but wisdom is everywhere." . create communications that'd you'd enjoy receiving..a message you'll be proud of down the line. it will work for you for years. All that's left is to wrap things up. wide awake.


treat everyone as an equal. My Magic has blessed me in that I've met people from all walks of life. princesses to Presidents.take your life into your own hands. your light with the world.Time to go out and spread your wings. Believe.Zig Ziglar The possibilities are huge. Confidence is not arrogance. The more people you connect with. Use emails and social media like Facebook to keep in touch. and repeat. share your power. ever be in awe of anyone. stay in orbit so that . Rinse. your prestige." . Leave them so happy with you that they can't help spreading the word. Promise me this: don't ever. Monumentally epic. do. You'll know them when you find them. they're just good souls trying to make a difference in the world. Find your message. but to reveal theirs. right now. Don't hope. Some people spend their entire lives preparing. Flip the switch . "The greatest good we can do for others is not just to share our riches with them. and deliver. It's the new you. and move on to the next vehicle. the higher up the ladder you go. launch it. the closer you'll be to finding the perfect match for your gift. Trying to leave their messages in the pages of history. the more human they actually are – despite the press. no matter who they are. Demolish whatever shyness you may have: find the “hubs” who can create the leverage your message deserves! Communicate. Limitless. make the sale.

if you don't have any “haters”. Roll with the punches. a better person for having met you. humorous." . wholesome. hopeful. Give them all the tools and rituals they need to easily spread the word for you. please abstain. Unless you are selfconfident. happy. high-velocity should seek these experiences. interesting or funny. self-directed. and the word will spread. Be generous. Websites. Flow. there will always be people who don't connect with you. Create Online villages. self-selected. virtual campfires where they can share their successes.Timothy Leary when other opportunities crop up you're the first name on their lips. Games. valuable messages. so become that trusted friend! Fall in love easily and continuously. Call every once in a while to find out how they're doing. Bits of interesting that position you as an authority with your enthusiasm. with everyone and everything around you. Send relevant. As comedian Chris Rock says. As a side note. Build a web that will support you as you grow. Provide mementos – talismans – to jog their memories. handsome. you're not doing it properly! Your success isn't other peoples' first priority. This elitism is totally self-determined."This is not for every brain. Make women feel beautiful where you can. stuff you find practical.. only the healthy. Make people smile. Try and make everyone who comes into your orbit. client or not. . You've already chosen people you vibrate with. make them happy. and men feel like heroes. and genuinely interested in others. Connect them with other like-minded champs where you see a good fit..

don't hesitate to say hi: theconjurebook@gmail. Live it.. Time to shine! Peace. Trust the message. You have a message. Gather momentum. if you're able to make one. let their comments and problems wash right over you. Magic. which will support and protect you.Oprah Winfrey Grow a skin as thick as a Kenyan elephant. but do what's necessary to get the job done. you don't have to win every round to win the fight. share with everyone. to your core. Looking forward to hearing your adventures! . P." . Love. Ask any martial artist. Please. And thank you for your donation. smile. and continue to be awesome."Turn your wounds into wisdom.. Learn from everyone.com.S. the shining star that you are.


lived with Bedouins in the deserts around Dubai. everywhere from nightclubs in Hollywood to Theme Parks in Korea. swum with dolphins in Mozambique. learnt pickpocketing techniques from Algerian pickpockets. South Africa with his wife and two children .. shot at. monkey and snake in Asia. stabbed. eaten dog.. had lunch with a NASA astronaut.Jacques le Sueur has never had a "real" job. and has performed live for well over two and a half million people worldwide. been set on fire by drug addicts in San Francisco. He lives in Cape Town.the biggest.. adventure of his life. . eaten fire in Edinburgh. been chased down a riverbank by an angry crocodile in Central Africa. He's a fulltime magician. lived with a Mexican high-diving team in Korea. learnt to shoot an AK47 with Warlords and child soldiers in the Congolese jungle.. stolen Nelson Mandela. A leader in his chosen field. the King of Dubai and Margaret Thatcher's watches from their arms without their knowing. crowd-surfed over 500 000 people at Glastonbury Festival and been knocked unconscious by a 90 year old woman in Scotland. He's even done magic inside the Pyramids of Cairo. He's been robbed. drunk vodka with Siberian soldiers. most magical. but he has performed in ludicrously extreme places. most of his current shows are for global corporations and high-end celebrity parties. arm-wrestled a Russian Mafia boss.

"And above all.Roald Dahl . Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.” . watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.

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