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Coffee Kiosk Business Plan
The Daily Perc
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Strategy and Implementation Summary
The Daily Perc will penetrate the commuter and captive consumer markets by deploying Drive- thru facilities and Mobile Cafes in the most logical and accessible locations. The Drive- thrus are designed to handle two- sided traffic and dispense customer-designed , specially ordered cups of specialty beverages in less time than required for a visit to the locally owned cafe or one of the national chains . The Daily Perc has identified its market as busy, mobile people whose time is already at a premium, but desire a refreshing, high quality beverage or baked item while commuting to or from work or school. In addition to providing a quality product and an extensive menu of delicious items , to ensure customer awareness and loyalty, as well as positive public and media support, The Daily Perc could be donating up to 7 .5 % of revenue from each cup sold in individual Drive- thrus to the charities of the customers ' choice.

Plan Outline
1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Company Summary 3.0 Products 4.0 Market Analysis Summary 5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary Strategy Pyramid Value Proposition Competitive Edge Marketing Strategy Promotion Strategy Distribution Strategy Marketing Programs Positioning Statement Pricing Strategy Sales Strategy Sales Forecast Sales Programs Strategic Alliances Milestones 6.0 Management Summary 7.0 Financial Plan Appendix

5.1 Strategy Pyramid
The Daily Perc's strategy is to show people that TDP has an excellent product , convenient accessibility, and with a community benefit . To execute on this strategy, TDP is placing the Drive- thrus and Mobile Cafes at easily accessible locations throughout the metropolitan area. TDP is pricing its product competitively and training the production staff to be among the best Baristas in the country. Then , through coupons and display ads at the locations, TDP will involve the customers in community support efforts by explaining that a portion of their purchase price will be donated to a charity of their choosing. In so doing , TDP has: 1. Provided a customer with a quality product at a competitive price. 2. Provided the customer with a more convenient method for obtaining their desired product. 3. Demonstrated how TDP appreciates their loyalty and patronage by donating money to their personal cause.

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5.2 Value Proposition
The Drive -thru facilities provide a substantial value proposition in that the customer does not have to find a parking place, exit the vehicle, stand in line to order , wait for the beverages ahead of him to be produced, pay a premium price for average product , find a place to sit , clean up the previous patron's mess , then enjoy their coffee ... assuming they have sufficient time to linger over the cup . The Daily Perc concept is that the customer drives up, places the order , receives a high quality product at a competitive price, and drives away, having wasted little time in the process. The Daily Perc is also providing a significant community value to patronizing TDP . For every purchase a customer makes from us , TDP will donate up to 7 .5 % of the sale to the local charity selected by the customer.

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5.3 Competitive Edge

10/4/2010 9:45:00 AM

3 Marketing Programs Distinctive Logo: "Papo " is a very happy and conspicuous sun.Strategy and Implementation The Daily Perc's competitive edge is simple. TDP needs to let people know where to look for the facilities. Papo won in the New Artist Category of the 2001 Not Just Another Art Director's Club (NJAADC). 5. but not much more.4. businesses. TDP expects the facilities and signage to be a substantial portion of our advertising.cfm 10/4/2010 9:45:00 AM . It is anticipated that the school fundraising program will generate a fair amount of publicity on its own and will . TDP provides a high quality product at a competitive price in a Drive -thru environment that saves time. perhaps . hospitals. reviews. TDP has worked closely with the manufacturer to make the building distinctive.2 Distribution Strategy The Daily Perc will locate Drive -thru facilities in high traffic areas of the city where it knows working commuters will be passing. 5. corporations and other entities. The Daily Perc needs : Public relations services at $1 . or on a shopping expedition. or while they are out for lunch . In the case of schools and certain corporations .com/coffee_kiosk_business_plan/strategy_and_implementation_summary_fc. As with the school fundraising program.1 Promotion Strategy The long -range goal is to gain enough visibility to leverage the product line into other regions and generate inquiries from potential inventors . The Daily Perc will rely on building relationships with schools. Page 2 5. can be reached and those who didn' t have the time to stop off that morning at their favorite Daily Perc . the media will be more than willing to promote the charitable aspects of TDP and provide the opportunity for more exposure every time TDP writes a check to another organization.4. The Fund -raising and Catering Trailer: The Mobile Cafe will be a key marketing tool . so that new customers . 000 per month concentrating on drive time radio. charities and corporations to provide significant free publicity because of its community support program . The http://www. To do that. Papo is already an awarding winning logo . a portion of all sales made while on their campus could go to a program of their choice. The Drivethrus are very unique and eye-catching . The organization would promote its presence to their constituency and encourage them to frequent the Drive -thru establishments so that their charitable cause is nurtured . That is why the use of the sun lends itself to being the corporate identifier. Advertising at $ 1.4 Marketing Strategy First and foremost. TDP wants to touch every customer every day. The Daily Perc will be placing its Drive-thru facilities in locations of very high visibility and great ease of access. They will be located on high traffic commuter routes and close to shopping facilities in order to catch customers going to or from work. The sun is one of infinite mental pictures. and functional. etc. The similarities between the Mobile Cafes and the Drive-thru facilities will be unmistakable. Distinctive Buildings: TDP is using diner style buildings for its Drive -thru facilities. those who come in from areas where TDP may not have a Drive-thru facility.Coffee Kiosk Sample Business Plan .4. The sun touches every human being every day. The exposure these units will provide cannot be measured in dollars . 5. in the start -up phase . The Daily Perc will also make arrangements for the Mobile Cafes to be at as many schools. The Daily Perc will negotiate visits with the Mobile Units at schools. minimize--or even eliminate--the need for a publicist . Obviously. keeping careful track of results. and events as possible every year. which will be a branding feature of its own . In addition.000 per month for the next year intended to generate awareness of editors and product information insertions. However. The Daily Perc will experiment with different stations. The Daily Perc will be implementing a low cost advertising/promotion campaign which could involve drive-time radio. By giving charitable contributions to these institutions . This will give those patrons an opportunity to taste the products and become a regular customer of the Drive -thru facilities. they will get the word out to their students/faculty/employees/partners about TDP. so that it is easy to recognize. Word of mouth has always proven to be the greatest advertising program a company can instill.bplans.

000.Strategy and Implementation Mobile Cafes will also be appearing at community events such as fairs . TDP expects to see 264. The addition of these facilities will increase the revenue from Drive -thrus with a total of over 1. with the addition of such a significant number of outlets . The Daily Perc is also showing revenue from the commerce %0000en our website. The Daily Perc will add two more Drive-thrus and.4. in the third year.177. but with the valueadded feature of immediate . since TDP could be contributing over $70 . but it is an integral part of the marketing plan -. The second year will see unit sales increase to 1 .000 to local schools and charities. with an additional fourth mobile unit deployed. but desire a refreshing. including posting specials on high -profit items at the drive-up window. In the third year. 000 mobile unit tickets. 5. TDP will get substantial publicity from the donation of nearly $200.402. In the second year. mobile people whose time is already at a premium. Page 3 5. In addition to the Drive. after the opening of the first Drive -thru. at an average ticket price of $ 2. The first location will open in the third month of this plan and be fully operational beginning on the 1st day of September. The Daily Perc will deploy one mobile unit in the fourth quarter of the first fiscal year. In the second quarter of the second fiscal year. 5. TDP is building in a certain amount of ramp. since it will need to promote several locations. The third year.45 . As in the previous years. so most of the funds will be spent on a good publicist who will get the word out about the charitable contribution program and how it works in conjunction with the website. 000 per month in the third fiscal year. Total first year unit sales should reach 298. festivals . TDP expects this mobile unit to generate 10 .992. 000 tickets in the first year of operation . of where it will sell "The Daily Perc" t -shirts. TDP is not expecting this to be a significant profit center. The second Drive -thru will open six months later . In the second year. This would not be considered a serious advertising budget for any business. insulated coffee mugs . with the majority of the advertising budget being spent on drive time radio. TDP expects revenues from this portion. sweatshirts. we will see unit sales increase to 2 . The Daily Perc will double its advertising and promotion budget. The Daily Perc plans to spend moderately on advertising and but TDP feels the exposure will come from publicity and promotion. with particular emphasis on announcing these openings and all the other locations.mouth advertising and free beverage coupons will be better ways to drive people to the first and second locations. http://www.4. TDP also believes that word-of.400. The Daily Perc will deploy a second and third mobile unit. to reach as much as $ 3. The Baristas will also hand out free drink coupons to those who have purchased a certain number of cups or something similar.000 tickets in the third . TDP will also develop window sales techniques such as the Baristas asking if the customer would like a fresh-baked item with their coffee. and other charitable events . The Drive -thrus will generate 288. 000 to local schools and charities. drive-thru service and convenience.4 Positioning Statement For busy. pre packaged coffee beans a function of developing our brand and building product awareness. TDP will continue to use publicity as a key component of the marketing program . The Daily Perc anticipates having two Drive -thru locations in operation . 5. with the program beginning in September.000 tickets in the second year and 2 . high quality beverage or baked item while commuting to or from work or school.thru facilities.Coffee Kiosk Sample Business Plan .thrus. and other premium items.5 Pricing Strategy The Daily Perc pricing will be comparable to the competition.000 .bplans.cfm 10/4/2010 9:45:00 AM .up for each facility while commuters become familiar with its presence. TDP expects all three mobile units to generate 150. to begin in the second fiscal year. The Daily Perc is increasing the budget.000 tickets each. In the third fiscal year. Advertising and Promotion : In the first year.5 Sales Strategy There will be several sales strategies put into place.000 tickets in the second year.1 Sales Forecast In the first year. TDP will add an additional nine Drive.

cfm 10/4/2010 9:45:00 AM .Coffee Kiosk Sample Business Plan .Strategy and Implementation Page 4

Strategy and Implementation Page 5 http://www.bplans.Coffee Kiosk Sample Business Plan .com/coffee_kiosk_business_plan/strategy_and_implementation_summary_fc.cfm 10/4/2010 9:45:00 AM .

300 $168.00 $0.59 $0.000 66 .000 $0 $0 $0 $0 $150.000 $112.500 $877.61 $0.59 $0.45 $0.750 $191.59 $0.900 Year 2 $0.750 $38 .402 Year 1 $1.00 $0.000 0 0 0 0 298.750 $191.00 $0. & #10 Drive-thrus #11 .59 $0.177. #12. #12.450 $27 .500 $285.000 325.61 $0.992.61 $0.500 $0 $26 .59 $0. #12.61 $0.000 3.00 $0. & #13 Mobile Cafe #1 Mobile Cafe #2 Mobile Cafe #3 Mobile Cafe #4 Website Sales/Premium Items Total Unit Sales Unit Prices Drive-thru #1 Drive-thru #2 Drive-thru #3 Drive-thru #4 Drive-thru #5 Drive-thrus #6 & #7 Drive-thrus #8.500 $132.043 Year 1 $0. #9.000 45 .00 $0.59 $0.300 $168.00 $ $877.61 $0.977 Year 2 300.500 $0 $0 $0 $0 $36 .cfm 10/4/2010 9:45:00 AM .783.000 325.750 $177.61 $0.154 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $24. #12.500 $1.300 $36 .61 $0.000 $167.864 $54.400 $2.00 $2.000 150.00 $0.59 $0. #9.00 $570.00 $0.90 $1.000 $265. & #13 Mobile Cafe #1 Mobile Cafe #2 Mobile Cafe #3 Mobile Cafe #4 Website Sales/Premium Items Sales Drive-thru #1 Drive-thru #2 Drive-thru #3 Drive-thru #4 Drive-thru #5 Drive-thrus #6 & #7 Drive-thrus #8.00 $633.95 $2.00 $0. #12.500 $112.600 $27 .55 $12 .Strategy and Implementation Sales Forecast Year 1 Unit Sales Drive-thru #1 Drive-thru #2 Drive-thru #3 Drive-thru #4 Drive-thru #5 Drive-thrus #6 & #7 Drive-thrus #8.940 $38 .450 $0 $15 .300 $168.59 $0.000 Year 3 $1.000 $570.000 $6.55 $2.2 Sales Programs http://www.90 $1.5.000 2.500 $0 $0 $0 $0 $558.000 300.000 $183.50 $191.64 $0.350 Year 3 325.750 $585.750 $633.90 $1.713 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $6.90 $1.59 $0.000 0 2.600 $732.50 $183. & #10 Drive-thrus #11 .55 $2.95 $1.50 $2.00 $0.50 $11 .000 275.000 0 0 0 0 60 . & #10 Drive-thrus #11 .95 $1.389 $158.64 $0.50 $2.348.500 $438. #9.61 $0.95 $1. & #10 Drive-thrus #11 .400 Year 2 $1.55 $2.95 $1.010 Page 6 5.90 $2.00 $0.61 $0.000 66 .000 66 .000 45 .750 $633.85 $1.913 85.00 $0.400 1.489 0 0 0 0 0 0 10.750 $91 .940 $38 .50 $2.61 $6.59 $0.85 $0. & #13 Mobile Cafe #1 Mobile Cafe #2 Mobile Cafe #3 Mobile Cafe #4 Website Sales/Premium Items Total Sales Direct Unit Costs Drive-thru #1 Drive-thru #2 Drive-thru #3 Drive-thru #4 Drive-thru #5 Drive-thrus #6 & #7 Drive-thrus #8.Coffee Kiosk Sample Business Plan .95 $1.000 450.400 $0 $0 $0 $0 $190.000 325.000 300.950 Year 3 $0.bplans. #9.940 $19 .750 $191.00 $0.00 $0.61 $0.61 $0.750 $633.000 225.90 $1.00 $375.940 $38 .022.500 $265.90 $1. #9.00 $0.00 $129. & #13 Mobile Cafe #1 Mobile Cafe #2 Mobile Cafe #3 Mobile Cafe #4 Website Sales/Premium Items Direct Cost of Sales Drive-thru #1 Drive-thru #2 Drive-thru #3 Drive-thru #4 Drive-thru #5 Drive-thrus #6 & #7 Drive-thrus #8.750 $168.00 $0.000 $522.59 $0.59 $6.000 66 . & #13 Mobile Cafe #1 Mobile Cafe #2 Mobile Cafe #3 Mobile Cafe #4 Website Sales/Premium Items Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales 202.90 $1.95 $1.00 $0.000 450. & #10 Drive-thrus #11 .64 $0.95 $1.

Each quarter . TDP will be adjusting its menu to reflect the changes in the flavors served. we will be giving away drink coupons as door prizes or awards. since they are providing exposure to our products and we are providing them a financial benefit . http://www.Strategy and Implementation Corporate Tasting Events . our website launch and subsequent visitor interaction function.Coffee Kiosk Sample Business Plan . or more timely delivery from other potential alliances. launching the first Drive-thru and subsequent Drive -thrus. Drink Coupons .At fundraising events for schools and corporate events. a special event. The exposure and education that these organizations provide is outstanding. and Specialty Beverage Associations. 5. and even corporations who host one of our Mobile Cafes as a strategic Food Service Associations.thru facility manufacturers and consumable products providers .7 Milestones The Milestone table reflects critical dates for occupying headquarters. The Daily Perc also defines our break-even month. more favorable pricing.TDP plans to host tasting events for customers on a quarterly basis.Because of the need to sell the Mobile Cafe services. We also consider the schools. as well as deployment of the mobile units. Chamber of Commerce and Professional Memberships . Page 7 5. but equally important are the contacts and opportunities made available for deploying a Mobile Cafe--or even two-. as well as our alliances with the Mobile Cafe and Drive. and other key markers that will help us measure our success in time and accomplishment. The Drive Thru units will also be distributing coupons for special menu items or new product introductions. This encourages the person to come in for their free beverage and bring a friend or buy a baked item or a package of our premium coffee.6 Strategic Alliances The Daily Perc has and will continue to depend heavily on our alliance with PJ' s Coffees. TDP will be an active participant in the Regional Chamber .bplans. at the introduction of each season.cfm 10/4/2010 9:45:00 AM . we will always be looking for better quality products. non-profit organizations . local Chambers of Commerce.

000 $2.200 $176.122.600 $105. COO COO CFO CFO Finance Admin. Admin. Read our privacy policy. COO/Dir. 9 and 10 Open Drive-thrus 11 . http://www.450 $210.943 $45 .900 $105. MIS Admin. 12 . Admin. Admin. Admin. Mktg. All rights reserved.400 $0 $105.000 $105.Coffee Kiosk Sample Business Plan . COO/Dir. and 13 Expand to Kansas City Open First Franchise Initiate Exit Strategy Totals Start Date 6/1/2001 7/15 /2001 12 /1/2001 12 /15 /2001 3/1/2002 5/1/2002 4/15 /2002 7/15 /2002 12 /15 /2002 12 /1/2002 4/1/2003 4/15 /2003 4/15 /2003 7/15 /2003 10 /15 /2003 1/15 /2004 1/15 /2004 10 /31 /2003 10 /1/2004 End Date 8/15 /2001 8/31 /2001 12 /31 /2001 2/1/2002 3/30 /2002 6/1/2002 6/1/2002 9/1/2002 2/1/2003 2/1/2003 5/15 /2003 6/1/2003 6/1/2003 9/15 /2003 12 /15 /2003 3/1/2004 6/1/2004 9/1/2004 1/1/2005 Budget $5.000 $100.bplans.thru First Break -even Month Open Second Drive.200 $316.400 $21 .800 $316. Admin.400 $86 .thru Receive Fourth Mobile Unit Open Drive-thrus 6 and 7 Open Drive-thrus 8. COO COO COO COO COO COO COO CIO COO COO Equip.000 $45 . COO Admin. Admin.400 $172. Mgnt.043 Manager Department COO Mktg. Finance Mgnt. Admin. Mgnt. Mgnt.500 $105.thru Receive First Mobile Unit Launch Website Voting Open Third Drive-thru Receive Second and Third Mobile Units Open Fourth Drive-thru Install Point -of-Sale System Occupy Headquarters Open Fifth Drive.450 $12 .400 $86 .Strategy and Implementation Milestones Milestone Light Website Open First Drive.cfm 10/4/2010 9:45:00 AM . Page 8 Share this page: Follow us : Blog | Newsletter | Bplans on Twitter | Tim Berry on Twitter | Facebook | YouTube Sample Business Plans | Writing a Business Plan | Articles | Videos | Webinars | Calculators | Tim Berry' s Blog Newsletter | Business Glossary | Business Plan Software | About Us | Contact Us | Bplans UK Copyright © 1996-2010 Palo Alto

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