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JPKU TM Newsletter Images August 2010

JPKU TM Newsletter Images August 2010

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Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, New Delhi Vol.

4, Issue 2; August 2010

The Editor’s Note


Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82

Toastmasters is a platform where you can learn not only about the art of speaking well but also about leadership. This is a place where you can take initiatives, work in diverse teams and learn new skills, which you never thought you had. Working as the VP Public Relations for JPKU TMs Club has been one such experience for me. In this issue the President Malkiat Bindra talks about his vision for the club, DTM Deepak Menon shares reminiscences from the 79th Toastmasters International Convention along with eye catching photographs. Look for the new section “Meeting Themes of the Month”. One of our recent Toastmasters’ Sumit Dora features in an interview for “Know Thy Toastmaster”. Watch out for the “The Hyde Park” section, followed by the winners of the month and the announcement for Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. Hope you enjoy reading! Kanu Shree

Mission of Toastmasters
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence

and personal growth


Page 3 Contest Time
Humorous and Speech Evaluation Club Contest

August 2010

President speaks

Page 12
- Vikas Malik

President Malkiat Bindra shares his vision for the club. —Malkiat Bindra

Know Thy Toastmaster

Page 9

Let’s get close and personal with our very own Sumit

Message from our Present DG
Achieving Greatness Together

Page 4

- Nagaraja Rao

Club Contact Details The Hyde Park Page 10

Page 13

Reminiscences from the 79th International TMs Convention Page 5 & 6
Unforgotten moments - DTM Deepak Menon

A glimpse at how our toastmasters aspire to be an effective TT Speaker & Master —-Vikas Malik, Akhil Sood, Kanu Shree


Page 14

Best of the Month Meeting Themes of the Month Page 7 & 8
Toastmasters of the month and the Meeting Themes —Aneesh Jain, Vikas Kumar, Akhil Sood, Samir Khattar

Page 1 1

Find out our star performers week by week


Without much cogitation, two months have passed since the new EC took charge, and these two months have been the best months of my life as a Toastmaster. The EC has been working tirelessly and there have hardly been any hiccups during this term. I hope it continues this way The V.P. – Education has the Mentor – Protégé system in place which will ensure that every member develops the qualities they always wanted. Also, I am very happy to announce that the much awaited Humorous Speech contest and Evaluation contest will be held on the 11th of September. So, start gearing yourself; the time to prove your mettle is here. Show others why they should consider you as one of the best. With mentors like Deepak Menon, Vinay Jain and Dr. Ritu Arora, our club is destined to excel. With members of our Club constantly shinning in the past, this time it may be you! So embrace yourself for greatness, greater heights because this is your time to show your Love for your Club! In the end, I hope we have a Great Month Ahead.! Thank you. Malkiat Bindra President

August 2010

Dear Toastmasters,

Message from our Present District Governor
It was in 1984, that Lou Whittaker led the first all-American team of mountaineers to climb Mt. Everest. After months of grueling effort, five members of the team reached the final campsite at 27000 feet. With 2000 feet to go, Whittaker had a tough decision to make. He knew that each climber was extremely eager to stand on top of Mt. Everest. But two of them would have to go back to the previous camp, load up food, water and oxygen, and return to the camp where they now met. After completing this support assignment, these two climbers would not be in a condition to make the final attempt.

August 2010

be quoted from across the District as a proof of this noble value which forms the bedrock of this great movement called Toastmasters! This attitude of putting Service before Self has been demonstrated by so many toastmasters in the past and even today, who serve this movement but never make a claim to the lime light. Friends, we are two months into the New Year now. How many people have you put on the top? How many members have become better speakers because of you? How many officers have become better leaders because of you? More importantly, have you conquered the mountains of nervousness and self-doubt inside you? As each member of our district continues to grow and to serve, D82 continues to shine brighter. We have already chartered 17 new clubs, added 491 new members, have achieved 57 CCs 24 ACs 55 CLs 27 ALs 7 LDREXC, 3DTMS, trained 898 officers, and 29 club visits have been made by our area governors. We are firmly on our way towards becoming the Top District once again! Let us keep working towards achieving greatness together! Yours in the service of Toastmasters, Nagaraja Rao, DTM District Governor District 82, 2010-11 India & Sri Lanka

The first decision Whittaker made was to stay at the final campsite to coordinate the team’s activities. The second decision was to send the two strongest climbers down the mountain to get the supplies. The two weaker climbers would rest, renew their strength, and receive the glory of climbing the summit, which they did. When the press reporters asked him why he did not assign himself the summit run, his answer showed the strength of his leadership – “My job is to put other people on the top.” Friends, this is the secret behind District 82’s success. The focus of our leaders has always been to ‘put other people on the top’. I see this happening in every club, area and division:
• • • •

Mentors training their mentees to go higher than they have ever been; Club officers going out of their way to support new members; Area governors visiting those clubs which had missed attending the OTPs to impart officer training individually; Division governors knitting together the entire division through sheer enthusiasm and hard work;

This attitude of service has been present right from the level of member toastmasters and grows in magnitude as toastmasters climb the leadership ladder. Numerous examples can

5 Reminiscences from the 79th Toastmasters International Convention
79th Annual Convention of Toastmasters International was held at the Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa, Palm Desert, California, USA from August 11 to 14, 2010. I knew this would be a special convention (my fifth consecutive convention) when I landed at the Palm Springs International Airport late afternoon on 10th August 2010 after 26 hours of flying across from Delhi. The Palm Springs Airport is like no airport anywhere in the world and resembles what Palm Springs is best known for – a spa! A prereserved shuttle, driven by charming Tamara, brought me to the luxurious resort, Desert Springs JW Marriott Resort and Spa, which has boats plying in its lobby! I had barely stepped into the lobby when I was greeted like a celebrity by International Director Keith Ostergard and Past International Director Mohamed Murad. The District 82 Top 5 Leaders (DG Nagaraja Rao, LGETs Punita Singh and M.Z. Saleem and LGMs Vinay Jain and S. Harikumar) were already at the resort in the midst of their training, for the first time offered to all the Districts around the world under one roof. Hectic campaigning marked the evening as candidates for the various Board positions were meeting the electorate and pressing their candidature. However, I had one goal – to visit the World Headquarters of Toastmasters International situated at Rancho Santa Margarita about 100 miles from Palm Desert. The next morning, 11th August 7.30am, saw Rebecca Hong (Immediate Past District 85 Governor) and me wending our way with trusty Tamara to WHQ. In less than two hours we were at the holy grail of all Toastmasters and wandered through the large office with our guide for the day, Sherrel Zapp from the Education Department. The highlight was visiting a museum devoted to our founder, Dr. Ralph C. Smedley. It was an honor to sit on his chair and put my fingers on the keys of the typewriter that Dr. Smedley had worked on! Back at the convention venue it was now time for the opening ceremonies. Another special honor was reserved for me (and District 82) as I was asked to lead the flag march of 113 countries carrying aloft the flag of Toastmasters International. It was indeed a proud moment when I walked through the center aisle of the huge Ballroom to a standing ovation of 2000 Toastmasters from across the world and up the podium with TI flag! The Indian tricolor was carried by LGET DTM Punita Singh and the Sri Lankan flag was carried by LGET DTM M.Z. Saleem. In his opening address President Gary Schmidt remarked on the wonderful year that Toastmasters around the world had experienced and had special words of appreciation for District 82 for the record number of clubs chartered during 2009-10. This was followed by an inspirational keynote speech by Todd Newton, a veteran television host and international keynote presenter. Thursday, 12 August 2010, dawned with an early morning (7.30am) briefing by the Board of Directors who informed us of the progress Toastmasters had experienced in the preceding year. The Board also informed us of the strategic changes that were being envisaged and how the Distinguished Club Program would become the basis of recognition for Clubs, Areas, Divisions and Districts, thus bringing much needed alignment with the DCP. The Board Briefing was immediately followed by the Hall of Fame to honor the top performers of 200910. District 82 led the pack as the number one district in the world. I was the proud recipient of the President’s Distinguished Award, President’s Extension Award and Excellence in Leadership Award. DTM Nagaraj Rao received the Excellence in Education and Training Award and DTM M.Z. Saleem received the Excellence in Marketing Award. It was a wonderful moment as all of us from the District carrying the special banner, specially created for the occasion, walked up the podium to receive our awards from President Gary Schmidt.

August 2010


By Deepak Menon DTM

Later that afternoon were the semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. Eighty-one District Champions competed in nine semi-final contests vying for nine positions in the World Championship which was to be held two days later. Three semi-finals were held in parallel and I had the opportunity of witnessing twenty seven of the world’s best speakers in action in a span of five hours! Our District Champion, Aaron Watson, was placed third in his semi-final contest which was won by Lisa Panarello. Thursday night was the farewell night for all our DNAR friends who had become a family in the last few years. This was the last time we were meeting as a group and there was nostalgia in the air. International Director Poh Kim Siong was bid farewell by many speeches in his praise and by a fantastic roast by our LGET DTM Punita Singh! Friday, 13 August 7.30am, was the time for the candidate showcase. Many a candidate made lasting impressions during the showcase assuring them votes in their favor during the business meeting. This was also the day of education sessions in communication and leadership which were conducted by some of the finest talent of Toastmasters from all over the world. Our past world champions also chipped in with some scintillating sessions. The Golden Gavel Dinner that night had us at a vantage table as the number one district in the world, facing the stage where performed the Golden Gavel recipient Carolyn Kepcher, author and television celebrity. The last day of the convention, Saturday, 14 August, saw me at 7.00am at the Annual Business Meeting, a special event that would decide the fate of 16 members seeking election to the Board either as International Directors or Officers. For the first time six of the seven International Director positions were contested and there were four candidates for the post of the Second VicePresident. After a fierce battle, DTM George Yen from Taiwan emerged as the victor for the post of Second Vice-President. The other top officers on the Board who were elected uncontested are International President DTM Pat Johnson, International President-Elect DTM Michael Notaro and First Vice-President DTM John Lau. International Director DTM Keith Ostergard now serves as the Region 13 Director. That afternoon, at the Region 13 gathering, District 82 Governor DTM Nagaraja Rao announced the candidature of Past District 82 Governor DTM A. Balraj for the post of International Director from Region 13 to seek election in August 2011. Such is the high esteem that Balraj is held in that none of the other districts decided to field a contestant! The World Championship of Public Speaking was the high point of the day where nine of the world’s best speakers contested for the 2010 crown. There was very little to pick and choose between the speakers but the judges announced the winner to be David Henderson who, dressed as an aviator, spoke fifth with the speech title, ‘The Aviators’. The second place went to Robert Mackenzie (speech title ‘My Alter Ego) and the third place went to Linus Chang (speech title, ‘Being Jane’). The curtains came down that night at the President’s Dinner Dance. President Pat Johnson was installed as President as were the other elected Officers and Directors and President Gary Schmidt stepped down after an eventful term. All the delegates let their hair down on the dance floor to some foot-tapping, ear-blasting music! Pat Johnson could be seen on the dance-floor till the wee hours! Many a promise was made to meet once again at the 80th Annual Convention from August 17 – 20, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Keep watching this space for more information about this event!


August 2010 Images from 79th Toastmasters International Convention Moments caught on Camera from TMs 79th International Convention

At the Hall of Fame! LGET Dr. Punita Singh carrying the Indian tricolor. Deepak Menon Leading the Flag March at Opening Ceremony

At the Golden Gavel Dinner

The President’s Distinguished District Governors

Winners of the President’s Extension Award with Gary



August 2010

In the morning of Saturday, August 7, 2010, I received a call from the designated Toastmaster informing me that he will not be able to make it to the meeting and that I need to find a replacement. This gentleman had already decided the theme of the meeting and conveyed the same to me. I was in such a state of panic at that moment that I did not have the sense to ask him why he chose that theme. I still have not talked to him regarding this and hence the reasons shall remain a mystery to you and me. A Toastmaster over time develops both communication and leadership skills and both these skills have multiple advantages. The ability to easily mingle with and influence a group of people is just one of those. The theme of the meeting reflected these feelings, and aroused a few more as lunch approached. The theme which had been left behind, by the then absconding designated Toastmaster was 'Potatoes'. Potato is an interesting food item. I have yet to come across someone who can survive without them. You can mash them and have them with baked beans and toast. You can fry them as french fries and roast them over fire if you are calorie conscious. You can add them to any dish, in any quantity and the result will definitely be a notch better than the original. And if you are patient and hard working enough, you can also turn potatoes into vodka. Potatoes are tasty stand alone and tastier when mixed with other items and create definitely the most versatile, friendly and influential food items! The highlight of the meeting was the Area C2 Governor's visit and the completion of Sangeeta's 10th project from the Competent Communication manual. The Area Governor, Dr. Ritu Arora, DTM, also delivered an educational module on mentorship during the meeting.

The theme of meeting on August 14th was ‘Freedom’ and what could be better day to discuss this theme than on the eve of India’s 63rd Independence Day. Freedom is a much more generic term and is very relevant even in Independent India. The meeting started with excerpt from one of the most important speech of Independent India. “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance… We end today a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again.” - Pandit Jawaharlal. Nehru The meeting theme was very well supported by two speakers who spoke about freedom of choice from two very different perspectives – Samir Khattar speaking from his professional experience with TCS whereas Akhil Sood speaking from his entrepreneurship experience. Table Topic master, Mr. Aneesh Jain also supported the theme by including topics such as what we have achieved and what we are still lacking in Independent India. The meeting ended with few thoughts from the Toastmaster of the day about the meaning of freedom for a citizen of India. I will consider being free - when I can travel at the dead of night or at any point in time to any place I want to. - when I can have a good night's sleep and not worry endlessly. - when I will be respected for what I am and what I want to be. - when I can live my own ideas which are not affected by society/norms/rules. - when I can study what I want to rather than what I should to get a "good job" - when people stop changing/modifying or interfering with my definition of being "free" The day I do any of these without having to listen to anyone, I will call myself truly and eternally free.


Aneesh Jain

Vikas Kumar



August 2010

August 21st , the first Saturday after the Independence Day and it seemed like the rains have taken literally over the newly incorporated freedom and have reinvented themselves and unleashed their powers with such tremendous pressure that it made each member of the club think twice before hitting the road to the meeting. The meeting started about 25 minutes behind schedule and eventually the toastmasters braved the weather and the snarling traffic and joined the meeting. The theme for the meeting was ‘If’. The toastmaster of the day started with the famous poem by Rudyard Kipling titled ‘If’. He took bits and pieces of the poem and presented them to the audience relating the poem with different stages of the meeting. The meeting proved to be a magnum opus (word of the day by Deepak Diwani) for Sumit Dora and Animesh Prakash who started their journeys at the Toastmasters by successfully delivering their ice-breakers. Sumit won the best speaker award for sharing his distinguished lessons from life. The table topics session was conducted by Vikas Malik and included a variety of topics, selected very precociously, from some of his favourite poems. In addition to the table topic speakers’ view point, the members also got to know the context in which those lines were used by the authors. The whole experience was fresh and lifted the spirits of the members. Sangeeta shared an experience when she was a part of meeting at JPKU Toastmasters which was conducted even when only three members were present and hence pointing that number is never a constraint for the meeting to proceed at TMs. The entire meeting was enriching as we got to know two new members and a path breaking table topic session. I hope we can continue at the same levels. Cheers !

'Toastmaster of the Day' is a very crucial role in any of the club meetings since the toastmaster leads the club members through the proceedings ensuring a pleasurable time for the audience. Performing the role for the very first time, I had butterflies in my stomach but my mentor and fellow toastmasters gave me strength and courage to get over this fear. The theme chosen for the meeting was 'Appreciation'. The thought mustered from the last book I had read 'How to Win Friends & Influence People' by Dale Carnegie. The author in one of the chapters talks about appreciating people even for small insignificant achievements helping them realize their true potential. Even in toastmasters it’s a norm to appreciate the prepared speakers, table topics volunteers and in fact every role player not thinking about whether the expectations are being met. But once the toastmaster leaves the meeting motivated and excited, he or she eventually seeks perfection sooner or later. This time we had two Sanchits' who delivered their Ice-breaker speeches. Rajesh Maini completed his 2nd project from CC manual titled 'Hard Work & Luck crucial for success'. Rahul came with an interesting table topics session aligned with the theme of the meeting. Lastly, Biswajit, our guest from another club performed the role of general evaluator in an excellent manner. The meeting was made special by the presence of Mr. Deepak Menon, the Immediate Past - District Governor of District 82. He presented an enlightening education module on 'Effective Evaluation'. It is always a delight when he takes charge of the podium. The meeting ended with Mr. President (Malkiat) and Mr. Vice President (Aneesh) announcing the humorous speech contest scheduled next week. I am eagerly waiting for the contest and I am sure it will tickle your funny bone. Finally, it was fun to be the host and I just hope the butterflies will lessen as I take this powerful role more often.


Akhil Sood

Samir Khattar



August 2010

Sumit Dora is born and brought up in Delhi, did his schooling from Cambridge and was the school topper in the batch of 1997. He then moved to join Commerce stream at Sri Ram College of Commerce. His first job was at NDTV as business reporter. Along side his job, he completed two levels of CFA, USA and is currently working as a Knowledge Specialist with McKinsey & Company. His hobbies include yoga, swimming, reading non-fiction and movies. Let us know more about thy toastmaster from himself...
Q1) How will you like to sum up your experience at Toastmasters? To me Toastmasters is an excellent platform where a person can sharpen his skills as a writer, actor and director. As Shakespeare put it - All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. If one needs to play one’s part well, the least one can expect is to be misunderstood. Mastery of both verbal and non-verbal expression is the key to great communication. During the last four TMs’ meetings, I have been lucky enough to meet people with diverse backgrounds who shared some of their simple life experiences with so much passion and vividness in their speeches; I am confident that I have found the right community to develop this art and make a big impression on people’s minds. Q2) What is the secret behind the sense of humor you have,? What will you advise other members to develop it? As is said, Humor is a rubber sword - it allows you to make a point without drawing blood. In today’s world people have fragile egos, and if you need to make new friends, put your point across and get things done, a little bit of humor in your conversation can make sure you are far from the danger zone. One must be very careful using this weapon, it requires good command over language, timing and seamless fitment. The best way to use this sword is to find humor in daily life. I know it is better said than done, but try this simple technique. We all get frustrated with something or the other, instead of reacting to the situation, disassociate yourself from the situation and convert your frustration to fascination. It is like watching yourself in a dream. What do you when you wake up? You laugh it off, saying this can’t be true and feel amazed. Q3) Where can Toastmaster help you? What heights do you want to attain? One of the key requirements of my current role as knowledge leader is to demonstrate the ability to communicate on strategy implementation. Typically the audience comprises of clients’ middle level managers and my job is to get them to sign-up and start the implementation process. Hitherto, most of the communication was through telephone or video conferencing, but now I need to face the audience. My last few experiences with clients have been quite tough wherein the middle level management is against change and all my communication is focused on radical ideas and new ways of getting things done. I think TM can help me bring spontaneity and variety in my presentations to inspire my audience. I look forward to completing my CC and CL programs ASAP to move over to the advanced TM modules Q4) What has been the role of yoga in enhancing your confidence? I took up Yoga just as another exercise to get in shape, but soon I realized that with discipline, yoga can help clear your conscience and with that you can achieve what you perceive and possibly what you deserve. I believe the essentials of good public speaking can be developed through basic yogic exercises. Practicing simple postures and deep diaphragmic breathing not only help develop good posture, voice clarity, self confidence but also provide abundant energy to bring ideas in life. During my recent trip to New York, I was amazed to see the number of yoga centers that had popped up in the Manhattan area. Five years ago there were hardly any. What really surprise me is that the west is rapidly embracing our ancient knowledge and we choose to be ignorant. I myself have recently got into yoga by playing a small mental trick. I told myself that I will experiment on myself for a month, if I notice a positive change I will continue, else I quit. After a month, it felt good and I wanted to try it for another 2 months and have not given up since a year now. My suggestion to all is try it; it might just be the thing you are waiting for. Q5) Any suggestions for the fellow members or the concept in general? I really like the current TM format – prepared speeches, table topics, joke/word of the day. If I were to change this format, I would probably add a section on “Perspectives”; where-in members can talk about a recent book/movie/TV show and give their views for 3-4 minutes. This should not take much preparation and can be fairly open-ended. Typically, people have views which they share with friends and family, such a speech delivery can help improve expression and inspire people to think about situations and things in a new way.


• Most

August 2010

The Hyde Park in London is famous for its Speakers’ Corner, which allows anyone and everyone to speak on a  topic for as long as they can unless the police finds it offensive, and the Hyde Park police has had a history of  being offended very very rarely even on sensitive issues. As a salutation to the freedom of expression, we  bring Hyde Park from London to our newsletter, and invite everyone to publish their comments on a certain  topic, which for this month is: “Access how our toastmasters aspire to be effective TT Speakers and Masters” 

Diversify the reading Try to be close to the topic, the ideas will flow If you need to compare, do it with yourself, you will definitely see some progress!! - Hedge your opinions - rather than using "must" or "should" use "perhaps", "It would have been better"

of the talking we do on a daily basis is impromptu speaking, and so if we can learn how to assemble knowledge and thoughts on any topic at a moment’s notice we can do the same at the Table Topics as well; all we need is confidence and a few pointers such as • Being Mentally Prepared • Taking a few seconds to start • Starting with an Example • Being Animated And Finally, • Practice



"Learning from Perspective" Table topic master is the only person in the table - topics session who knows all the topics beforehand, who has the liberty to think on these topics beforehand and who can select these from different resources. Normally the topics are selected based on the theme of the day which is proposed by the Toastmaster of the meeting. Since Table Topics Master has this privilege, I think he/she should give his/her (topic's authors - if selected from some source) perspective on the topics selected after the table topic speakers have spoken on the assigned topics. This will give another viewpoint in terms of what those lines meant to topic master when he selected the same or to the author when he originally wrote them and hence help toastmasters present in the meeting to learn different views on the same topic. I tried the same in one of the meetings themed "IF" this month and selected topics from various poems that I have collected and read. The response was quite enthusiastic from speakers and I hope this will continue in future also and will become a part of our regular meeting.


Here come the results!!!

August 2010

14th Aug: Akhil Sood 21st Aug: Sumit Dora 28th Aug: Sanchit Aggarwal

7th Aug: Manoj Kumar 14th Aug: Anshuman Fotedar 21st Aug: Deepak Dewani & Abhishek 28th Aug: Akhil Sood

14th Aug: Biswajit Adhikari 21st Aug: Nitya Ranjan 28th Aug: Vikas Kumar


By Vikas Kumar

August 2010

“Keeping in view the upcoming Reverberations (26th to 28th November 2010) and linked Area and Division Contests, JPKU Toastmasters’ Club is organizing Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest on September 11, 2010 at JPKU Club Meeting”.

Humorous Speech Contest - Purpose

To provide an opportunity for speakers to improve their speaking abilities and to recognize the best as encouragement to all. To provide an opportunity to learn by observing the more proficient speakers who have been benefited from their Toastmasters training. To recognize the value of humor in speaking.

Why You Should Compete in Contests? You will have fun! The added pressure of a contest forces you to step outside your speaking comfort zone. By doing so, you will grow, as a speaker as well as an evaluator. You might win! Whether you win or not, you will learn new techniques from the other contestants. Generally, each level that you advance brings a larger audience. Stage time!

Evaluation Contest – Purpose

To encourage development of evaluation skills and to recognize the best as encouragement to all. To provide an opportunity to learn by observing the more proficient evaluators who have benefited from their Toastmasters training.

Be there to experience it!
For more information on contest rules please follow the link: http://www.toastmasters.org/rulebook


Venue of Meetings
Vivekananda Vihar, Opposite J.P., Kapur & Uberai, Chartered Accountants, LGF C-4/5 Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi—110016.
Malkiat Bindra: President malkiat07@gmail.com Aneesh Jain: Vice President, Education aneeshjain@gmail.com Jyoti Narula: Vice President, Membership jyoti@jpku.com Kanu Shree: Vice President, Public Relations kanushree84@gmail.com Sangeeta Malik: Secretary sangeeta.malik@gmail.com Vinay Jain: Treasurer toastmaster.vinay@gmail.com Vikas Kumar: Sergeant-at-arms vikask.malik@gmail.com

August 2010

Our Executive Committee

Time of Meetings
Every Saturday, 12:30 p.m.

Whom to Contact
For all queries, please contact: Malkiat Bindra: +91 9811064605; malkiat07@gmail.com Aneesh Jain: +91 9971119361 ; aneeshjain@gmail.com Kanu Shree:+91 9891006683; kanushree84@gmail.com Sangeeta Malik: +91 9818051336; sangeeta.malik@gmail.com Vikas Kumar: +91 9560690622; vikask.malik@gmail.com



August 2010

Always Ahead…!
I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the newsletter. Thanks to Malkiat, Aneesh and Vikas for their support. Finally, I would like to specially mention the names of Deepak, Sumit, Samir, and Akhil for their prompt contributions.

Images is published on the last day of the month. All contributors are requested to send in their entries to kanushree84@gmail.com by the 25th of the month.

Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82
Important Links: JPKU Toastmasters: http://jpkutoastmasters.bravehost.com Division C members: d82Cmembers@googlegroups.com District 82: http://www.t82.org/

No part of this newsletter maybe printed or reproduced without intimating the JPKU Toastmasters Club. All enquiries and requests should be directed to the club’s public relations committee at jpkunews@gmail.com.

Copyright JPKU Toastmasters Club, 2009

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