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Public Spaces Public Life

Public Spaces Public Life

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Published by: Daisy on Apr 15, 2011
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The number of evening activities and their location are
important factors for the vitality of the city and the percep-
tion of safety. If there are few activities or if the evening activi-
ties are very concentrated the visitor gets the impression of a
deserted city and avoids going there in the evening.
The map on the opposite page highlights what is open
during the evening hours (at 10 pm) on a normal summer
weekday in the study area. The recording shows three major
concentrations of activities: one in Hindley Street, one in
Rundle Street and one in Gouger Street. The main activity in
these areas is bars and restaurants.
It is striking that Rundle Mall and the adjoining streets are
devoid of evening activities to such an extent that practically
nothing has been recorded in these streets. It is important to
strengthen Rundle Mall as a place for night time activities as
the Mall connects two areas of nightlife.
To achieve a more citywide location of the evening activities
and to also improve perception of safety it is recommended
to develop and implement a policy that will extend or spread
out night time activities to larger parts of the city centre.
The recording also included a study of which streets were
perceived safe and unsafe to walk through at night. The
streets marked in grey on the map on the opposite page are
those perceived as being unsafe at night. These were mostly
minor sidestreets but included parts of North Terrace.

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