Presented by: Fang, Intan, Hanin, Aisyah and Wei

The goals of feminism are: To demonstrate the importance of women To reveal the historically women have been subordinate to men To bring about gender equality ² bring equal for both sexes. .

Radical feminism The time for her marriage to be arranged would soon come (page 186)  sexism is the ultimate tool used by men to keep women oppressed. .

Sc (page 192)  women s oppression is the deepest .Radical feminism had proved a disgraceful and shameless hussy by rejecting a match with a promising lawyer who was willing to accept a cheap dowry because of her B.

Radical feminism At the same time. they liked to pretend that Rukumani was too spiritual to know everything about sex (page 186)  women s oppression is the most widespread  sexism is the ultimate tool used by men to keep women oppressed .

(page 195)  women s oppression causes the most suffering .Radical feminism At times I think of committing suicide but I am not sure how to kill myself.

Liberal feminism he could go out to shows with his friends. (page 186) in case they were seen in town and that would be extremely dangerous since townspeople were certain to let their parents know if they were seen together (page 187)  all people are created equal and should not de denied equality of opportunity because of gender .

he hailed most heartily. (page 194) . (page 190) she realized that her parents. Two sorrowful eyes looked steadily at Rukumani for signs of shame. especially her mother. had been making arrangements for a long time and that this proposed match was no mere whim of hers.Socialist feminism She dreaded the end of her university career as it meant that the preparations for her wedding to whomever the family were at that moment (page 189) Hello Uncle. your daughter and myself were having a most interesting talk.

(page 201) as a husband-to-be would have a high income as soon as he graduated.Marxist feminism He accused his wife of not teaching her daughter morals. . (page 193)  division of labor is related to gender role expectations.

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