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59 Absolute Best Joomla Extensions

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It is perfect for beginners looking to start a newsletter for their sites.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=17&Itemid=34 Affiliate Link Cloaker . and customer support is fantastic. so it is very beginner-friendly. It is largely customizable with CSS Styling and Language Files. It also uses javascript to prevent the target URL from appearing in the status bar. Download Here: http://www.Brewsterware.com/content/blogcategory/13/71/ Acajoom Plus . Installation is a breeze. AEC also supports trials for your members. It automates communication with users of your sites and includes all the features of Acajoom News.org/index. AEC currently works with Docman and Joomlaboard.com Acajoom Plus is the first sequential autoresponder system for the Joomla! CMS.com/pages/affiliatelinkcloaker. It can handle an unlimited number of newsletters with an unlimited number of subscribers effortlessly. You can now schedule your newsletters to be sent out at a later date.acajoom.com Acajoom News is one of the most popular newsletter components for Joomla!. Custom Text and Custom Pages. Download Here: http://www.Acajoom. so it is a very comprehensive subscription extension. The method only takes about 5 minutes to implement is a nifty way for affiliate marketers using Joomla! as their website platforms.globalnerd.com The Affiliate Link Cloaker solves the problem of affiliate commission theft by by turning your target URL into unreadable gibberish.Globalnerd. Download Here: http://www.brewsterware.Acajoom News .Acajoom. and comes with a very user-friendly interface to boot.com/content/view/5257/1/ AEC . Download Here: http://www.html . whenever you want.acajoom. The installation is very easy.org The AEC is a component that handles subscriptions to your Joomla! Website.

and updates can be made online easily.joomlaworks. Newsletter.joomlapolis.36/ . after which you can stream the audios/videos via simple tags.Artio JoomSEF – Artio. integration with other components.com_docman/Itemid. It also offers API for adding SEF functionality for other 3rd party Joomla! modules easily. enhanced registration workflows. like PMS.com Commnity Builder has been lauded as one of the best extensions for Joomla!.Joomlaworks. Download Here: http://www. If you want to save on your bandwidth.com/component/option. Download Here: http://www. the AllVideosPlugin is very useful for all your videos/audios streaming needs. it is a great addition to the Joomla! user management system. Download Here: http://www. No HTML is required at all and all you have to do is to place tags within our content where you want the videos or audios to appear.com and then embed the video onto your own webpage with the plugin.gr The AllVideos Plugin gives you the ability to easily embed online streaming videos/audios within your webpage as well as have your own videos/audios uploaded on your server. simply upload your videos to a Youtube. admin defined tabs and user profiles. An alternative will be upload the video itself to your website. front-end workflow management. Key features include extra fields in profile.gr/ Community Builder . image upload.artio. A multi-language interface support is included. Overall.cz This extension will rewrite your Joomla! URLs into a more human friendly form.This is a great plugin for Joomla! users who wish to make their sites more prominent in the search engines. There are two ways you can use the AllVideosPlugin.cz/en/downloads/joomla-extensions/ AllVideosPlugin . One common complaint is that only 10 videos are allowed per page for this plugin. user lists.Joomlapolis. Forum and Galleries. As long as that is not a problem. which at the same time enhances its SEO value. connection paths between users.

AWeber offers what is probably the best autoresponder service on the internet. This is user for Joomla! users who wish to make their sites stand out from the crowd. all items from a section.de This extension allows you to publish your content to areas other than mainBody().Coderseye.org/gf/project/autopopulate/frs/ DOCMan – Joomlacode. position and contentitem id to the copy. or a number of content items/categories/sections specified by a comma separated list of ids. Download Here: http://www.diebesteallerzeiten. You are also able to merge multiple content items into one document for easy management. and publish it.org The Autopopulate extension is a very welcome alternative to the ReMOSitory.html Autopopulate – Joomlacode. You have the choice of displaying a single item. all items from a category. so it is very uer-friendly. This is a must-have component for AWeber users. With this extension. Download Here: http://coderseye. Download Here: http://joomlacode. You can copy the module and assign a different name. assign a position to the module. this extension is a must. Download Here: http://joomlacode. A “read more” link option is included as well. Simply enter the content item ID in the module's parameters field. A table of contents for the merged items can also be created.AWeber Joomla! Module .html Content Item Module - Diebesteallerzeiten.org/gf/project/docman/frs/ . with a delivery rate of 95-99%. It allows you to add thousands of files to DOCMan with a mere few clicks. If you need to handle multiple documents on a consistent basis.de/module.com/2006/aweber-joomla-module.org DOCMan is the most widely used document management and download system for Joomla!. your users will be able to manage and transfer files across multiple categories. This is a must-have extension for Joomla!-powered sites. There is only one manual step required to make the module work.com This module integrates Joomla! with AWeber.

but at the same time extremely difficult to use.co. This is much cheaper than hiring a programmer to do it for you. open-source shopping carts for Joomla!. the developers are very diligent and will help you with any problems that you might occur.eu EXP Templates is an extension that allows you to create your own templates for your sites.siteof.De. Download Here: http://www. and you can alter the templates to your liking for an unlimited number of times.DOCMan patch for Open SEF – Open-sef.Feellove.co. This powerful and flexible extension is very customizable.Joomla-host. one of the best.j-prosolution. Download Here: http://www.joomla-host. It is useful for advanced users who wish to further improve the usability of their sites.com/announcements/745-docman-advanced-sef-file-opensefreleased-version-2-now-available.html ECJoomCommerce .za/downloads/ecjc-component/3.feellove. and does not seem to be compatible with IE7. and are steadily producing updates to improve on older versions. A great extension for beginning users who need to design their own templates but have limited programming skills.eu/exptemp/ Extended Menu .html EXP Templates . Download Here: http://joomlacode. as the finer aspects are very difficult to grasp.org/gf/project/extended_menu/frs/ . Installation has been said to be advanced. but is not necessary for beginning webmasters. Download Here: http://forum. Definitely an extension for the advanced Joomla! user. if not the best. so beginners might want to seek some help or have a backup of the site before attempting.de The Extended Menu extension allows you to customize your menu in any way at all.org This extension allows for advanced SEF URLs.za This extension facilitates OSCommerce for your Joomla! powered sites. Despite the clumsy installation. All in all.

despite its amazing array of features.Joomlager.za. and not much else. It takes some time to learn all the features of this extension but once mastered. Its beauty lies in its simplicity.net/component/option.FacileForms .cat_view/gid.Facileforms.com_docman/task. Many tutorials and articles are available in the Wikias well.Projectfork. The image uploader plugin is extremely useful and even allows resizing and editing. It is also extremely easy to set up. It is an amazing administration module which is extremely useful for admins to keep track of what needs to be done.za.cellardoor. Especially useful for sites where a large team of administration personnel is involved. Download Here: http://joomlacode. One of the most popular content editors available.net Joomla Content Editor is a WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE. even beginners should be able to use this with ease.biz/component/option.Cellardoor.net/ . but with the large amount of help available. Download Here: http://www. you can also get help from other users and a dedicated team of moderators. it can take the place of multiple extensions.59/ Joomla Content Editor . the abundance of features might cause confusion for beginners.net Project Fork is a Project Management Solution for Joomla!.de The HP ToDo list is a very simple extension that does exactly what it’s meant to do. It allows you to share your ideas online with other users. Download Here: http://www.com_docman/task. On the flip side.org/gf/project/hp_tools/frs/?action=FrsReleaseBrowse&frs_package_id=14 Project Fork .37/Itemid.biz Facilforms is an extensions that can be used to generate simple forms easily without programming knowledge.96/ HP ToDo list . including DOCMan.89/Itemid.facileforms.cat_view/gid. formerly known as Hydra. and is very easy to use. Knowledge of mySQL and PHP is required to get the best use out of the extension.projectfork. Download Here: http://www. A flash tutorial is available on the Homepage. In the forums.

It has been designed primarily for taking bookings for hotels. Jomres can be used for taking reservations for anything that is booked by the day. and works like a charm. but users have reported that the site maps often generate errors when submitted to Google.net Jombackup is an extension used for performing daily mysql backups and emailing them to an address of your choice.html Joom!Fish . Download Here: http://www. cottages and villas. at the moment. It is easy to install as well. However. offering more power and functionality than any other system in it's class.Joomfish.koder. A nifty extension for websites serving businesses that require booking systems.Jomres. The learning curve is pretty steep however.net/content/blogsection/4/25 . it is one of the best site map generators available. bed and breakfasts.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_details&gid=72&Itemid=7 9 Jomres Booking Management System . Still. and takes some tweaking to get right. It is very easy to install.jomres.Jomres.org Joomap is a sitemap component for Joomla that shows the normal Menu Structure. Content Categories. You can use the cron jobs function to enable daily backups Joomla! mySQL data.de/joomap. The new version also supports the generation of a Google Sitemaps conformant XML list. guest houses.Joomlacode. Download Here: http://www.net/index. Download Here: http://www.joomfish. Sections and Virtuemart Categories in a hierarchical list.Jombackup . This is a must-have extension to saveguard all your precious data in your databases.net/index.net The Joom!Fish project is the official add-on for managing multilingual content within the content management system Joomla!.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=124&Itemid=198 Joomap .jomres. Download Here: http://www.net Jomres is the unrivaled leader of the Joomla booking applications. the end results are fantastic and the Joom!fish extension is easily the best translation tool for Joomla!.

com JoomlaDesktop Installer is a free tool which will help you install Joomla in a more secure way.org/gf/project/fireboard/frs/ JoomlaDesktop Installer Utility .Joomla SEO Extended Patch .joomlaplug. Download Here: http://joomlacode.html Fireboard Forum .com JoomlaStart is the ideal extension for technophobics that want to try their hands on Joomla!.com/products/components/sef_patch_extended.com/tools/joomlastart/joomlastart.Joomlatwork.joomlatwork.html . and if your primary means of getting traffic to your site is through search engines.html JoomlaStart . with the help of Ioncube Package Foundry! What you need to do is to save and open the executable files provided in the download section.com/ The Fireboard is a stylish and powerful extension for Joomla! that is fast becoming the forum board of choice for Joomla! webmasters. And then all you have to do next is to run that file.com/Tools/JoomlaStart/JoomlaStart_Desktop_Installer. enter the ftp details to your server and that's it. there are still a few unresolved bugs.joomlaplug. Download Here: http://www. saving you time from corrupted installs! We have compiled the Joomla files into an executable Windows application. However.Joomlaplug.com The sef patch extended version is a full Joomla! component that extends the standard free SEF Patch. because its release is pretty recent. Functionalities are limited obviously.Joomlaplug.Bestofjoomla. the software will copy the downloaded Joomla version on your server and will let you know when it's finished! How much easier can it get? Download Here: http://www. JoomlaStart helps you install/upgrade Joomla software much faster by just uploading a single file on your server. but the developers are working hard at coming up with new versions. you should give this extension a try. Installation is a breeze. Virus Free. With the SEF patch extended version you will have full control over the META tags and other settings in regards of search engine optimalisation with Joomla!. Download Here: http://www. It's easy to install and easy to get full control over your META tags and other tags within the html head section in relation to Joomla content and menu items. but is a nifty tool that should give newbies confidence by helping them start on the right foot.

com This is yet another vital extension if you plan to optimize your site for the search engines.XML. and installation is a piece of cake.com/content/view/74/54/ . archive and unpack files/directories directly on your server.com/downloads/linx/com_linx. Download Here: http://thejfactory.JoomlaXplorer . It is free as well. This is another must-have extension for Joomla! and should have been incorporated into the main installation in the first place.org joomlaXplorer allows you to edit files.com Mod_HTML allows you to Add Any HTML or JavaScript code to your Mambo or Joomla Website CMS via a module. This extension is perfect if you wish to add Google Adsense or any other form of Javascript items on your site.zip Mod HTML .56/ LinX . Categorization of links is allowed.Fijiwebdesign. Download Here: http://fijiwebdesign.costatropicalinternet.com_docman/Itemid.Thejfactory.CSV and . so it’s worth a try if you need a newsletter on your site.com/component/option. but only after adding a link to your site. rename. It is most suitable for simple sites that don’t require much sophistication as its functionalities are limited. allowing for ease of use even for beginners. It import . much like an ftp program. Download Here: http://www.Costatropicalinternet. Download Here: http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/joomlaxplorer/frs/ Letterman Newsletter Component .com This extension is a subscriber management system and has HTML/image embedding capabilities. copy. Highly recommended. It is so uncomplicated that it is easy to overlook how useful this nifty little tool actually is. and has a clean and simple interface. It allows you to easily and conveniently manage your own reciprocal links directory. Visitors to your site can submit their links. delete.Joomlacode. according to several users! It does exactly what it’s supposed to do without a hitch.

but response from the the developer has been prompt and helpful. It is available in multiple languages and comes with a 54 page user manual. capture data to your database.com iJoomla Magazine allows you to create as many home pages as you wish by creating separate magazines and issues. Useful if your site depends heavily on search engine traffic.com/projects/os-projects/download-opensef. Download Here: http://projects.com OpenSEF is a Joomla 1.org. perForms also has CAPTCHA integration. iJoomla Magazine comes with a left-side navigation that makes everything much easier Download Here: http://www.x component that extendes Joomla's SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL mechanism allowing you to define arbitary.J-prosolution.org This extension can be used to create forms in seconds. autos. Using multiple Joomla! components involves opening sub-menus on the main component menu.Joomlacode.com/magazine/edition/Joomla-Components-Modules-iJoomla-Magazine-V2-0/ Mosets Hot Property . there is still a lot of room for improvement. Each issue will have its own home page as well as its own layout and style. or DVD rentals.0. Use the modules for navigation and as teasers for different sections of your magazine. you can display your modules on every available position of your template.ijoomla. One thing to note is that this extension isn’t exactly userfriendly and needs a moderately high level of experience to customize it to its full potential. whether you are dealing with real estate. view captured data in administrator. In the functionality department. Download Here: http://www. perForms includes a plugin (mambot) so you can embed your forms directly into Joomla! content.mosets.j-prosolution.com/download/ OpenSEF . iJoomla Magazine has seven unique modules that make it easy for you to organize your magazine and make it an even better read for your users. vacation rentals.iJoomla Magazine . Download Here: http://performs.html perForms . and HTML2FPDF and "printer friendly" optional buttons for printing component-based display. Like other Joomla modules. and a Module showing response data in summary or report form.Mosets.com This extension allows you to list your and manage your properties easily.Ijoomla. friendly URLs for any of Joomla's content and component items. email data on submit. so even the technically inclined should be able to handle it with ease. with com_securityimages.au/latest .

sakic. and various others that ensure that your site is viewed as a very healthy one by the search engines. Installation is a breeze and is a must for sites that involve a large number of team members that are only able to communicate online.0 / Mambo 4. or saved in a database.Phil-A-Form .phil-taylor. and is extremely beginnerfriendly as well.com/one1 . without sophisticated programming knowledge. generating sitemaps. located in multiple places. Instead of ordinary Joomla! / Mambo SEF URLs like: http://www. Download Here: http://joomlaequipment. controlling external links.com/Joomla/Components/Phil-A-Form/ SEF Advance .site. Download Here: http://www.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=4&Itemid=10 Taskhopper Task Manager .com JPromoter is another of those extensions if your traffic is heavily dependent on search engines.Taskhopper.x which will extend its built-in search engine friendly URL fuctionality and raise it on a higher level.com/section/category/item/ Download Here: http://www. Results can be emailed to anyone. Phil-AForm was the worlds FIRST EVER mambo/Joomla! Form Generator. and is an extension to use to make your URLs more SEO friendly. It works pretty much like OpenSEF.net SEF Advance is a component for Joomla! 1. Solid and reliable.net/products/sef_advance/ JPromoter .com/index. a great extension if you need forms on your site.Joomlaequipment.com/content/view/1/2/ which don't tell much about your content you will get URLs in form: http://www.Sakic.com TH is a ticket system/project management tool that's simple and fast. It has many functions.site. It can be easily adapted to fit different industries. like creating SEF URLs.com Phil-A-Form allows you to generate dynamic forms in Joomla!. Download Here: http://taskhopper.Phil-taylor. It can manage multiple tasks for multiple people.

and their individual strengths lie in their principal focus. is a great addition. use and modify it without any restrictions. Easily one of the best. Download Here: http://joomlacode.VirtueMart .nl Gallery 2 Bridge is another popular gallery extension for Joomla!.J-prosolution.org/ Project OpenWP . if not the best choice of extension for creating flash galleries on your site.5 Million downloads so far).Joomlacode. all of which are not enabled by Joomla!. just like Joomla!. Download Here: http://joomlacode. Joomla! does content management very well and WordPress does blogging very well. xml. However. but a Plug-in and requires the PHP Content Management System Joomla!.Virtuemart.org/gf/project/gallery2_bridge/frs/ . and is suitable for beginners as well as veterans.org/gf/project/expose/frs/ Gallery 2 Bridge . for free.com/projects/os-projects/project-openwp. You can download. Download Here: http://projects. The comments. rss post and comment feeds as well as ping-back and trackback features of wordpress. It creates slideshows of your pictures on the web. and can be linked directly to an album. so beginners might require some help in getting things set up. there have been reports of users encountering difficulties installing it.org This extension has a clean and easy-to-use interface. Multiple translations can be readily found in the included language pack.virtuemart. VirtueMart is not a stand-alone script. This extension integrates WordPress into the Joomla! framework.html Expose Flash Gallery .com WordPress and Joomla! share certain capabilities.4theweb.j-prosolution. Download Here: http://www.org VirtueMart is the leading Online-Shop solution for Joomla! (more than 1.

this might just be the answer to your prayers. This helps prevent click fraud as you cannot accidentally click on your own ads. Download Here: http://www. is an open source Joomla form and database management component. Windows XP. Adsense ads are supposed to be easy to insert by themselves. Download Here: http://joomlacode. producers. Maintaining a calendar for event promotion on the Internet has never been easier! gigCalendar is an events calendar that is tailored for musicians.iobinary.com This extension is simple solution for implementing Google AdSense ads in Joomla!.Fabrikar. so if time shortage is an issue for you.Iobinary.joomlaspan. Fabrik gives people the power to create applications that run inside Joomla without requiring knowledge of mySQL and PHP.com/component/option.com Blogg-X is a cross platform (OS X. all from within the familiar Joomla administration interface.2/ Fabrik .org/gf/project/fabrik/frs/?action=FrsReleaseView&release_id=849 .35/func. Installation is a breeze as well. You can even use it to manage images and write posts for blogs.gigCalendar .Joomlaspan. formally known as mosForms. Blogg-X runs locally on your computer as a desktop application.select/id. Fabrik provides you with all the tools that you need to create applications that range in complexity from simple contact forms to complex applications such as a job application site or bug tracking systems.com Fabrik. This shaves a lot of time required while waiting for process to load. venues. Linux) content management tool for websites based on the Joomla! CMS.Gigcalendar.com_remository/Itemid. Download Here: http://www. Download Here: http://joomlacode.net gigCalendar is a free solution for maintaining a website's touring calendar. as determined by you.com/joomla-downloads/Download/-JoomlaspanModules/GoogleAdSenseRelatedModules/ Blogg-X .Special Edition) . but this extension provides other useful functionalities like blocking certain IP numbers from seeing Google ads. bands and artists but it also can easily be used as an events calendar for anything at all. It also has chameleon codes that can make the ad colors automatically change with each page load.org/gf/project/gigcalendar/frs/?action=FrsReleaseBrowse&frs_package_id= 214 AdSense Module (ClickSafe . As they are.

fot. entry and exit pages.and em-dash entities.br/index. Danish. Download Here: http://physicist. English. so you can link several copies of the module together or to external sites to create a virtual tour. You can edit the forms using HTML editors easily Download Here: http://www. . Dashes (“--” and “---”) into en. Italian.us/2007/06/11/jossmartypants-mambot/ JoomVR Panorama . Download Here: http://joomvr. Download Here: http://www. SmartyPants does not modify characters within .Stalytics ..19/Itemid.stalyticsdemo.phpnet.com Chronoforms is an extension that allows you to build your own forms with ease.us The mambot josSmartyPants is based on PHP SmartyPants Typographer---an extension to SmartyPants adding support for different quotation marks as well as for converting normal spaces to unbreakable spaces and thus preventing inappropriate line breaks.caioborghoff. French.cat_view/gid.. Turkish.com/ ChronoForms . SmartyPants can perform the following transformations: Straight quotes ( " and ' ) into “curly” quote HTML entities. It also provide the ability to specify 5 hotspots with configurable links.com This Joomla component offers the user more than 30 different analyses for a specific and efficient analysis of the visitor behavior. The resulting data is efficiently saved in the database. Dutch.br This extension allows to include 360 degrees panorama images inside a module. Backticks-style quotes (``like this'') into “curly” quote HTML entities. funnel analyses and export interfaces for XML and CSV reports. Spanish and Swedish are just a few of the comprehensive features in Stalytics.fot. Three consecutive dots (“.chronoengine.caioborghoff.Stalyticsdemo. in order for Stalytics to keep the database size small.com_docman/task.Chronoengine. speed of auto-panning and the display of control toolbar through the module params. You can also custmize the size of the applet. or tag blocks.”) into an ellipsis entity.Phpnet.Joomvr. even after long usage.3 4/ josSmartyPants. Animated Flash analyses.php?option=com_docman&task=doc_details&gid=8&It emid=2 . as well as language support for German.com/component/option. .

com This extension is another must-have for webmasters who want to work SEO into their sites.Siliana. No more submenus. Along with Community Builder. so for example.18/ Joomla SEF Patch . as well as for search engines).com website before mailing us with questions about the URL's and the patch. this should be part of any Joomla install.Eyezberg. It makes use of plugins to process the various components used in a site.Joomlatwork. and more are included. you edit a content item. Download Here: http://www.eyezberg. Plugins for VirtueMart. Download Here: http://www.com/component/option. button is always in easy reach from any screen.com This Community Builder Plugin will show a menu item of users karma requires joomlaboard and community builder Download Here: http://steve-o-meter. Please publish this module to "header" position. It doesn't alter the URL's (no other categories available) but improve's the joomla core code into good SEO code! Please read the instruction on the joomlatwork.Steve-o-meter.com Adds a new button next to "Messages" and "Online" icons to quickly access the sites frontend. hit Apply.net sh404SEF rewrites Joomla URL to a more user-friendly format for your site visitors.JoomlaBoard Karma MenuItem . It can also use sef_ext files for OpenSEf and SEF Advanced.fileinfo/id.com/downloads/ Quick Preview Button .0/func.org/gf/project/sh404sef/frs/ .com/dev/mod_preview. Community Builder. Download Here: http://joomlacode.joomlatwork. even when the menu is disabled.zip sh404SEF . and take a look at the live site to check. It is also compatible with Joomfish and SEO-savvy webmasters should definitely check this out. JoomBackup and a few others. Fireboard.com_remository/Itemid. iJoomla Magazine.

The companies/clubs enter themselves in the index.com This Bot integrates the successful opensource CMS Solution.net/index.Joomlicious. Backup programs are necessary for any site. Download Here: http://www. which can contain subcategories.net Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 is a directory component for the WCMS Joomla! to display entries of companies and clubs. Download Here: http://joomlicious.Theinevitabledossier. Registered users can modify or delete their entries.zip calDate . Download Here: http://www. You can even specify which sections. check this one out. This is extremely useful for content sites as it provides a handy source of reference for jargons.Joomlaplug.com This extension allows you to share custom backups with your users. Joomla. One entry can be entered in up to five categories.theinevitabledossier. Users will also have the option of transferring the custom clone to their host using a simple FTP program.php?option=com_docman&Itemid=156 WikiBot .Sigsiu. with the free Encyclopedia. When activated [[wikitagged]] words in Joomla contents will become hyperlinked to WikiPedia articles.com This extension can be used to dress up your site with cool little calendar page date items. WikiPedia.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=7&Itemid=33 JoomlaCloner . Perfect for a blog pages. Replace the standard Joomla dates for content items with these.com/index. The entries are divided into categories.php?option=com_trial&Itemid=66 .com/index.Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 (SOBI 2) .joomlaplug.com/wikibot/wiki_joomlabot1_4_2. A security code (security image) is available for spam protection. categories.sigsiu. SOBI2 is said to be the best directory manager for Joomla!. and if you are still looking for one. Download Here: http://www. or pages you would like them to appear on.

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