While analyzing cases, kindly follow the below mentioned method for submitting a write up.

Case Solving Method
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Introduction / Background of the case Problem Issues Alternatives Analysis Proposed Solution Tools & Techniques to be used

The entire case solution should not exceed the length of 5 typed pages Case 3: Borono-198 -- New Product Marketing Strategy Incorporate answers to following questions in your write up
Q1. When everything with Borono 198 was being done right. What went wrong? Q2. Did they need to disclose additional product specifications and information about the product and its usefulness to create more awareness? Q3. Did Agro have right kind of product or should it modify the product for the biocide market? Did Agro understand the requirements of its customers? Q4. Should prices for Agro's product be risen in order to increase end-user perception of the value? What short term and long term sales and market share targets were appropriate for Borono - 198? Justify.. Q5 Should Agro continue to target the entire fungicide market or should they have a more focused approach towards selling? Q6 What other alternatives existed to current channel strategy for distribution of Borono - 198? Should Agro concentrate on developing a regional strategy for product entry? Should Borono = 198 be marketed?

The students are required to identify any further issues and their solutions.

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