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  • Automatic Drawing
  • Oneirocriticism
  • From Paris Peasant
  • From The Fate of La Fontaine
  • Notes from a Diary
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  • The Absence of Myth
  • The Anti-Plato
  • A Complaint for M and M
  • The Sexual Eagle Exults
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  • Dear Hazel of Squirrelnut,
  • The House of Fear
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  • Serpent Sun
  • The Automatic Crystal
  • The Virgin Forest
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  • Every One Thinks Himself Phoenix . .
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  • the Great Masturbator
  • of the Great Masturbator
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  • Oh Pangs of Love!
  • Oh pangs of love!
  • I Have So Often Dreamed of You
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  • If you knew
  • No, Love Is Not Dead
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  • Identities
  • The Victory at Guernica
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  • The Hundred-Headless Woman
  • Kafka or ‘‘The Secret Society’’
  • Poem in Seven Spaces
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  • The Realm of the Marvelous
  • The Destruction of the World
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  • The Passageway of Judiciary Pleasures
  • The Vices of Men
  • The vices of men
  • They Have Weighed
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  • Your Figure or the War against Fat
  • Psychological Aspects of the Fourth Dimension
  • The Bed of Plato
  • Sensitive Mathematics—Architecture of Time
  • Colors of Childhood, Colors of Blood
  • Harlequin’s Carnival
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  • The Four Elements
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  • Give and Take Twist and Kill
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  • Speech and Image: An African Tradition of the Surreal
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  • Georgia
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  • Epitaph: Andre´ Breton
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  • Note on Art
  • Note on Poetry
  • Before Night
  • Part XIX
  • Theessentialroar
  • Intra-Uterine Life
  • Simulation of General Paralysis
  • Simulation of Delirium of Interpretation
  • Force of Habit
  • The Original Judgment
  • From ‘‘Barriers’’
  • Scenario for L’Age d’or
  • From 152 Proverbs Mis au Gouˆt du Jour
  • The Dog: Parallel Story
  • Some Dreams, 1947–1969

First the roar first brilliantly overdone then the plug in the pipe that takes them home with

a roar and a cigarette and a belly full of sweet sugar and the roar of the film or to sit at

the busy hour in the polished window of Union Club at the northeast corner of fifty-first

street across the street from St. Patrick’s (so to speak) neat gray catholic cathedral and feel

the roar pleasantly pricking the face but they’re all face as the Indian said to Ben Franklin

who also knew French women like the New York Journal which knows that unless it roars

it does not do the trick and that’s the trick that you have to have the money for like

Weissmuller when he slaps the water with his hands, quick, the way they talk and that’s

what makes them win, it just happens but when a baby drops a ball of twine and it rolllllllls

unwinding about their feet neatly semicolon placed in rows while the cigar train is sucked

at by the throat of the tube and it rolls without without any roar at all along among

the feet everybody smiles because it does something to everybody it surprises them all

because it shows up the roar and nice colored men smile and a nice fat man picks it up

and a very nice lady smiles like the translation of a norse saga that the sea has left when

the plug slips through the pipe, the toss and danger of the cold sea is dead in English

keeps them kidded so the emptiness of the continent has been filled, that’s the crowd at

the door jamming and pushing both ways, young hit a ball with a stick stick to it roar out

around the middle its the brush hedge on which the vine leans hell with booze who can’t

invent noise that carries a rock drill in its breeches whoop it up and we’ll ride the bronk

with the hands tied ka plunk ka plunk opens up the old clam under your ribs till the whisky

of it tickles the capillaries around the fissure of Sylvius and the milky way weigh spits out

a drop or two of fire to you? I’m just too lazy like when he got the capsicum vaseline on

the finger of his glove when he was making the regional examination and the result was



Joseph Cornell, Yellow Sand Box, 1960. Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial



Rene´ Magritte, Le Balcon de Manet (Manet’s Balcony), 1950; from Le Peintre de l’imaginaire, no. 137,
Giraudon/Art Resource. ARS.

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