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Edward Phillips Oppenheim - The Great Impersonation

Edward Phillips Oppenheim - The Great Impersonation

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Published by Simon Gurovich

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Published by: Simon Gurovich on Apr 16, 2011
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"Look here," Seaman interrupted, "the Princess is a woman of the

world. She knows what she is doing, and there is a definite tie between

you. I tell you frankly that I could not bear to see you playing the idiot

for a moment with Lady Dominey, but with the Princess, scruples don't

enter into the question at all. You should by no means make an enemy of


"Well, I have done it," Dominey acknowledged. "She has gone off to

bed now, and she is leaving early to-morrow morning. She thinks I have

borrowed some West African magic, that I have left her lover's soul out

there and come home in his body."

"Well, if she does," Seaman declared, "you are out of your troubles."

"Am I!" Dominey replied gloomily. "First of all, she may do a lot of

mischief before she goes. And then, supposing by any thousand to one

chance the story of this cousin of Schmidt's should be true, and she

should find Dominey out there, still alive? The Princess is not of German

birth, you know. She cares nothing for Germany's future. As a matter of

fact, I think, like a great many Hungarians, she prefers England. They

say that an Englishman has as many lives as a cat. Supposing that chap

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