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Edward Phillips Oppenheim - The Great Impersonation

Edward Phillips Oppenheim - The Great Impersonation

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Published by Simon Gurovich

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Published by: Simon Gurovich on Apr 16, 2011
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most threw himself upon Dominey's out-flung fist. Schmidt came steal-

ing across the room, and from underneath his cuff something gleamed.

"You are two to one!" the Princess cried passionately, as both assailants

hesitated. "I would to God that I had a weapon, or that I were a man!"

"My dear Princess," a good-humoured voice remarked from the win-

dow, "four to two the other way, I think, what?"

Eddy Pelham, his hands in his pockets, but a very alert gleam in his

usually vacuous face, stood in the windowed doorway. From behind

him, two exceedingly formidable-looking men slipped into the room.

There was no fight, not even a struggle. Seaman, who had never re-

covered from the shock of his surprise, and was now completely un-

nerved, was handcuffed in a moment, and Schmidt disarmed. The latter

was the first to break the curious silence.

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