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Easyrider® Automatic Compressor Model 108

Click on image to see enlarged picture (122 kb). The Model 108 is a two channel auto compressor incorporating the exclusive Easyrider technology for the best sounding, most transparent compression available. Unlike conventional compressors, the Easyrider thinks with you and for you, continuously monitoring the complexity of the program material and instantly adjusting the compression ratio and time constants accordingly. This unit really is a set and leave alone unit! Think of it more as having an extra set of hands while you play... Always getting the perfect settings without having to have intervention! You'll find the Model 108 easy to use, simple and quick to set up. It sounds completely transparent on individual voices, instruments and submixes as well as full program material. So if you're looking for an extra hand in the studio, this may be just what you're looking for. You don't even have to feed 'em! (You may have to feed your players, though...) FEATURES
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Two Aphex Easyrider Compressor channels in one rack space Wave Dependent Compressor (WDC) circuitry automatically adjusts time constants No-Knee compression curve varies ratio automatically Rotary Speed control varies the range of the WDC release time Dial in the desired amount of compression, up to 20dB available Gain Reduction meter with 10 LED steps Channels linkable for stereo operation Switchable -10dBV / +4dBu operation

Aphex's Easyrider Technology is combination of three exclusive Aphex circuits: the Wave Dependent Compressor, a patented circuit which automatically adjusts compressor time constants according to program complexity: our No-Knee compression curve circuitry which automatically adjusts compression ratio: and our own proprietary Aphex 1001 Class A VCA. This is the identical VCA that we use as the heart of the Aphex Compellor leveler/compressor and the Aphex Dominator peak limiter, well known by recording and mastering professionals. One of the most annoying aspects of conventional compressors is the audible "pumping" or "breathing" side effects heard when the signal exceeds the compressor threshold and the compression "kicks-in". No-Knee compression curve means there is no abrupt transition to a high compression ratio. The Aphex Easyrider' delivers ultrasmooth compression, even under heavy gain reduction that makes most other compressors unlistenable. Under any condition, the Aphex Easyrider Model 108 sounds great and delivers studio quality performance. APPLICATIONS
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Recording - Obtain the "layered" sound necessary for a clean mix Sound Reinforcement - Control dynamics and peaks to prevent overload Stage Monitors - Keep the audio "up front", without running out of headroom Musicians Rigs - Get a consistent sound without loosing the edge Broadcast Production - Works as an invisible gain rider for consistent sounding spots Nightclubs and Discos - Increase perceived average level without increasing gain Karaoke - Helps keep singers audible and "even" in the mix Tape Duplication - Maximize signal to noise ratio



99 . same differential servo balanced 20K-ohms 6. the channel that has the most compression forces the same amount of gain reduction in the other channel.108 l Seite 2 von 4 Video . The DRIVE CONTROL adjusts input gain. 4. In this mode. the Easyrider circuit is engaged. The GAIN REDUCTION meter is a 10 segment LED bar indicating 2dB of gain reduction per segment for a maximum of 20dB. 7. it also drives the amount of compression action as it is adjusted clockwise.5K-ohms +4dBu +29dBu 13K-ohms 6. Process OUT is a hardwire bypass.8dBu) +14dBV (+16.aphex. 2.12.2dBu) Impedance: Balanced Impedance: Unbalanced Nominal Level: Maximum Level: http://www.com/products/108.htm 05. The OUTPUT CONTROL sets the output level after the desired amount of compression is set by the Drive control. Specifications: NOMINAL OPERATING LEVEL (user selectable on back) +4dBu -10dBu Input Connector: Type: TRS 1/4 phone jack same Transformerless. 3. 5.5K-ohms -10dBV (7.Get consistent audio every time for a more professional result 1. When the PROCESS IN/OUT SWITCH is IN. Since the 108 has a fixed threshold. 6. Engage the STEREO LINK switch to link the VCA's in channels one and two. DRIVE not only sets the input sensitivity. The POWER INDICATOR LED confirms power is connected to the unit. The SPEED CONTROL adjusts the range of release times.

2dBu) Audio Frequency Response: ±0.aphex.1:1 and ends at 5:1 Complex-Program (Waveform) Dependent Complex-Program (Waveform) Dependent 40dB 30dB Controls.8dBu) +8dBV (+10.5-% .htm 05. Function Switches and Metering (See panel illustration above) Other Specifications http://www.12.Traditional threshold point is not definable due to No-Knee Compression curve The Easyrider No-Knee Compression Curve starts at 1.26-% .99 .03-% .108 CMRR (typical): 52dB same Seite 3 von 4 Output Connector: TRS 1/4 phone jack Single-ended.05-% same -83dB same same same same same Dynamic Range: Hum and Noise: (unweighted 10Hz-22kHz) Crosstalk (10Hz-22kHz @ max output) THD with 10dB GR (Fastest Setting) THD with 20dB GR (Fastest Setting) THD with 10dB GR (Slowest Setting) THD with 20dB GR (Slowest Setting) Compression Parameters Threshold: Ratio: Attack Time: Release Time: Input DRIVE Control Range: OUTPUT Control Range: Fixed .com/products/108.5dB 10Hzsame 30kHz (-3dB points: 3Hz and 54kHz) 94dB -72dB -80dB . impedance balanced* (may be used unbalanced) 120-ohms 56-ohms +4dBu +22dBu same Type: same Impedance: Balanced (SEIB*) Impedance: Unbalanced Nominal Level: Maximum Level: 120-ohms 56-ohms -10dBV (7.

75 " H x 5.5" Unit mounts in standard 19" rack. Rack. 2. depth behind front panel: 4.3 oz.12.aphex. Power Connector: Power Consumption (maximum): 13watts Dimensions: 19" W x 1. Net Weights: Shipping Weight: Aphex Systems.com/products/108. external transformer -13.108 Power Requirements: Seite 4 von 4 Unit is powered by an external 24-volt.com techsup@aphex. connectorization and agency listings of transformers supplied with units are appropriate for local power at points of destination. 600mA transformer (supplied with unit).mount chassis -3 lbs. 11068 Randall Street. Sun Valley.99 . fits mating connector on transformer (see above). located on rear panel. Ltd. using 1 RU of vertical space. (USA model) 5 lbs.com http://www. Primary voltage.75" overall depth. CA 91352 (818)767-2929 .htm 05.Fax (818)767-2641 E-mail: sales@aphex.5 mm "barrel" connector.

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