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The Division of M otor Vehicles will suspend the driver license of any Delaware resident
whenever the Division has reason to believe that such a person:
1. Has committed any offense for which a license revocation is mandatory.
2. Has by reckless or unlawful operation of a motor vehicle contributed to an accident
resulting in injury or death to any person or caused serious property damage.
3. Is incompetent to drive a motor vehicle for serious medical or mental conditions.
4. Has committed a serious violation of motor vehicle laws.
5. Has driven a motor vehicle without the consent of its owner.
6. Has issued a non-collectible payment to the Division.
7. Racing (speed exhibition).
8. Spinning wheels.
9. Turfing (causing destruction to grass, yards, property, etc.).
10. Failing to answer a court summons in any state.
11. Has violated any of the licensing provision of the Delaware Code including:
- Use of fictitious, suspended, revoked or borrowed driver license.
- Loaning a driver license to another person.
- Failure to surrender a suspended or revoked license.
- Giving a fictitious name or address or making a false statement in applying for a


- Unlawful manufacture or possession of a false insurance document.
- Driving an uninsured motor vehicle.
- Passing a stopped school bus.


- Altering a driver license or using a fraudulent license.
- Failure to pay Child Support.

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