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Warning signs are black and yellow. These signs are used to warn you of dangerous conditions ahead where
you are required to drive with great caution. Warning signs are usually diamond shaped. However, the
"railroad crossing ahead" sign is round. It is the only round warning traffic sign. There are many different
warning signs, not all of which are shown here:


A four-way intersection is
ahead. Be alert for cross
traffic entering the

Winding Road

The road ahead is
winding with a series of
turns or curves.

T Intersection

You cannot go straight
ahead. Road turns to
both right and left.

Side Road (angled)

There is a side road
ahead that enters the
highway at an angle.

Side Road

There is a side road
ahead that enters the
highway ahead from the

Sharp Right Turn

There is a sharp turn to
the right in the road

Sharp Left and Right

The road ahead turns
sharply to the left, then

Right and Left

The road ahead curves
to the right and then the

Railroad Crossing

There is a railroad
crossing ahead.

Narrow Bridge

The bridge ahead is
narrower than the road
you are on. However,
there is room to meet
and pass.

School Ahead

There is a school ahead.
Slow down and watch for
children at all times.

Loose Gravel

The highway ahead is
covered with loose

One Lane Bridge

There is not room on the
bridge to meet or pass
another car or truck.

Range Cattle

Where there are no
fences, cattle and horses
may be on the highway.

Road Narrows

The road ahead is not as
wide as the road you are
on; however, there is
room to meet and pass.

Stop Ahead

There is a stop sign ahead. Begin slowing now.

Icy Road

This sign is used
whenever the road is icy
and dangerous.

Narrow Bridge

The bridge ahead may
be too narrow to meet or
pass a truck. You must
be careful.

School Bus Stop

This sign warns you that
there is a school bus
stop ahead. Begin
slowing now.

Right Curve (with
safe speed

There is a curve ahead
to the right. A suggested
safe speed for the curve
may appear just below
the sign.

2010-2012 Driver License Manual

Section 4 – Language of the Road

Page 35

School Crossing

You are approaching
a school crossing.
Slow down and watch
for children at all

School Crossing

School children cross
the roadway at this
point. You must stop if
pedestrians are
waiting to cross.

Pedestrian Crossing

Be alert for people
crossing your path.
Slow down and be
prepared to stop.

Low Clearance

The overpass has a
low clearance. Do not
proceed if your vehicle
is too tall to pass


A steep grade is
ahead. Check your
brakes. You may need
to shift into a lower

Divided Highway

A median or divider
ahead splits the
highway into two
separate roadways,
and each roadway is
one-way. Keep to the

Divided Highway

The highway ahead
becomes a single
roadway with traffic
going in both
directions. Keep to the

Deer Crossing

Deer often cross the
highway in this area.
Be alert. Slow down if
you see a deer.

Cattle Crossing

A highway quite often
splits a farm. This sign
indicates a point
where the stock is
driven from one area
to another.

Slippery When Wet

The pavement is
unusually slick when
wet. Reduce your
speed; do not brake
hard or change
directions suddenly.
Increase the distance
between your vehicle
and the vehicle in
front of you.

2010-2012 Driver License Manual

Section 4 – Language of the Road

Page 36

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