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For individuals:

1. Go to Driver History Records Service (https://app.mt.gov/dojdrs/) and click on the "Public User" button.

2. To continue, you must accept the Intended Use Statement, certifying that you will use the information
only for allowed purposes.

3. You also need a valid credit card to pay the $7.25 fee for each record requested.

4. When you use the online service, the record is provided in an electronic format as soon as you
complete the transaction, not through the mail. It can be printed or copied for your records.

For businesses such as insurance agencies and trucking companies that request large numbers of driving

1. Become a registered user of mt.gov (https://app.mt.gov/registered/; requires an annual registration
fee) and sign a Restricted Use Agreement for Driving Record Information
(https://app.mt.gov/registered/Restricted_Use_Agreement.pdf) stating that you will use this information
only for allowed purposes.

2. Access Driver History Records Service (https://app.mt.gov/dojdrs/) on mt.gov, enter your username
and password, and conduct your search.

3. You will then be billed $7.25 fee for each record.

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