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Published by: David Allen Jones on Apr 16, 2011
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. Dustin and Amanda are 4 thrill seekers who live life with some of extreme sport’s wildest adrenaline junkies. firing up the barbeque… or hookin’ up... Out of the spotlight. But they’re no tourists.. They’ll spill the dirt . Our cast will be right there crashing the party.just for the rush of it. Since then. 13 episodes. But the extreme sports subcultre isn’t just for guys. unsanitized and uncontrolled. Matt. But the essence of extreme still exists. Or riding with Loaded Gun. We’ll hang with the Yard Rats. if we’ve even gone to bed…) we’ll be off in search of a new group of extremists. This is the anarchy of extreme sports! 2 GIRLS. where the gang hit the road in their '68 Winnebago to infiltrate a new group of extreme individuals with death-defying tendencies.. or to get laid. Their weekly destination? “The Devil’s Playground”.. 26 parties. the babes. and live the life inside their private. 32 days. XS4Play is your ticket to join the ride. Dustin and Matt turning the camera on themselves. a group of backyard wrestlers who worship barbwire and reckless behaviour. 100 stitches.. “just for the rush of it” still happens. When the alarm clock goes off the next morning (that is. the life . Unscripted and uncontrolled. “Inner Sanctum”.. tearing up Reno for pink slips. a group of hardcore extremists who’ll flip an ATV through a firepit just for the hell of it. and hardcore candy duking it out in the ring. THE XS4PLAY GANG ARE YOUR ALL ACCESS PASS TO EXCESS. the XS4Play gang will experience debaucherous highs and lows. After a kickass day. They’ll try anything once. extreme sports have gone mainstream and become mundane. the after-party gets underway. unsanctioned sports arena.Live life on the BLEEDING EDGE.. A ‘68 WINNEBAGO AND A ONE-WAY TICKET TO THE BLEEDING EDGE. There’ll be hotties ripping up the waves on wakeskates. Day and night. Jamie.what’s on their minds. We’ll wrap it all up with Jamie... wearing nothing more than bikinis in the winner-takeall sport of foxy boxing. devil’s playground inner sanctum “The Life”. 2 GUYS. unsanctioned. where no outsider has been before. what they thought of their latest stop and how they’re getting along in the 18-foot motor home. XS4Play is extreme sports served raw… This is the bleeding edge. This is life on the bleeding edge.. A night of illegal street car racing. and sometimes twice. 8 broken ankles. Extreme sports used to be cutting edge. Amanda. the bragging rights . 156 bikinis. done just for the beer.

wicked bails and major noise at an outdoor rock concert that kicks off one killer party. Two-by-fours. Juddi Lin lives fast and drives hard. Loaded Gun. 2 broken ankles and 46 stitches are the price of admission for a day of fun in this park. from pounding to party . Can the XS4Play gang keep up? Backyard Wrestling Seattle... medieval style.. four-on-one brawls and bloody self-punishment are all part of the fun. wearing nothing more than a bikini. and racing for nothing less than pink slips. It’s XS4Play gone wild .. Well maybe more than the odd trip. When the dust has settled. Why? Just for the rush of it. Bikini Contest Lake Havasu...but they may not all make it out in one piece. Nails. beer bongs and clothing’s optional.this is a way of life.. these renegades are just as extreme in their liquid recreation.The gang ditch the ‘68 Winnebago for a hardcore party on a houseboat. But this isn’t just a sport for these water rats . Illegal Street Car Racing Reno. . AZ Lake Havasu is one of the biggest party spots in North America.. It’s not construction . Often referred to as ghosts of the night. a group of hardcore extremists. WA Barbed wire. The Hardcore Wrestling Union take care of business. Jumping off rooftops. This is how the pros ride when they’re not being the pros. riots. This is the anarchy of extreme sports! Sample Episodes. and made the odd trip to the trauma unit. 50 cc mini bikes hit 30-foot jumps and tricks get out of hand. teaches our cast the latest trends in disturbing behavior at one of their weekly smash-up parties. out of the spotlight and ripping it up with his crew. CA Nudity. Our gang is at the compound to catch big air. Our gang will be there. Bikinis. Babes in bikinis take each other out in foxy boxing. violence. NV 4am in the desert and the asphalt’s still hot. NV Famed moto-x rider Carey Hart.and why Tylenol was invented.Live life on the BLEEDING EDGE.. where anything goes and usually does. The DIP Crew initiate our gang into their ‘slash’ lifestyle and booze-filled mayhem. Foxy Boxing and 50 cc Mini Bikes with ‘Loaded Gun & DIP Crew’ Los Angeles. Wakeskating. tearing up the beaches with a group of renegade wakeskaters. Moto-X with ‘Carey Hart and Friends’ Las Vegas.it’s the ultimate destruction. Juddi Lin and her group have demolished six cars in two years..

This is the anarchy of extreme sports! Character Breakdowns.and may ultimately change her good-girl attitude. an all around shit disturber and with his good looks and ripped six-pack. the cast members have little in common except their love for extreme sports and a rickety ‘68 Winnebago that will bear the brunt of their journey and become the fifth character. Jamie can at times be standoffish or condescending. Jamie New to the world of extreme sports and a little snobby. and just dumb enough to try anything once. she’s always the life of the party. last one out.. First one in. Dustin’s Chris Farley-type personality makes him the life of any party. boisterous. our four characters are our ticket to ride this rollercoaster. Matt An American bad ass all the way. the rush. one hell of a chick magnet.. Dustin Loud... highs and heartbreaks.. XS4Play features four diverse individuals with very contrasting personalities. While XS4Play is all about the jump. the air.Live life on the BLEEDING EDGE. . and his own fun-loving worst enemy. But her need for thrills and taste for bad boys will keep her coming back for more .. the extreme.. Amanda A beach blonde hottie with a hardcore attitude. it is the beloved eyes and ears of the XS4Play experience. He is also an extreme sports fanatic with a love for anything that looks fast and reckless. Or maybe three times. Nothing gets her more revved up than a souped-up crotch rocket. We’ll get front row access to the membersonly underground of the extreme sports subculture through their exploits.... Matt is a serious prankster. ‘68 Winnebago Old and cranky. Or twice. Single and aged between 21 and 25. Amanda will do almost anything anywhere to get noticed. It’s often the center of a spontaneous bash and despite its close-quarters and rustic nature. the Winnebago nevertheless has a charm all its own.

Hook Ups.. and detoxifying and maintaining their living quarters takes on crucial priority for the foursome. Unsupervised. succeed and fail together but most of all. Shot Down And Bummed Out Beer bottles under the tires. Candid And Intimate The raucous crew will be given their own personal handy cam to record the late. late nights or more intimate crazy times. strangers.Live life on the BLEEDING EDGE. get VIP access to the hottest rock concerts and mix it up at high profile events with pro athletes and their rockstar mates. A Place To Crash Casual encounters. Amanda learns to surf. the foursome constantly push their boundaries and bring audiences the reality behind the extreme culture. Whether Dustin splits a 50cc bike in half taking a jump. More serious problems like unforeseen personal struggles.. cast members hook up with not just each other but with people they meet on the road. All Access Pass to Excess Our team will hit exclusive after hours parties. the XS4Play crew manage to find trouble. Unsanitized When traveling between destinations. sudden hospitalizations or run-ins with the law will force the gang to draw strength from each other and come together as a group.. There’s always room in the ‘68 Winnebago for one more. pranks gone wrong and partying hard all lay the ‘68 Winnebago to waste. Break Ups. We’ll follow these relationships from start to sometimes bitter finish. Be it cliff diving. Smash Ups With adrenaline and sex appeal running high. The XS4Play gang will grow together. they’ll have the time of their lives. the posse will have some fun of their own. or terrorizing patrons at a roadside diner with their wild pranks. Matt falls in love with a California hottie or Jamie straps herself into an illegal street rocket. siblings.. Bring on the beer bongs and bikini contests! . ex-flames. going for a midnight swim. This is the anarchy of extreme sports! The Season. like Carey Hart and Pink.

Greg was soon recruited by Mainframe Entertainment. directing/co-producing two of their top-selling video games. GORDIE HOWE: MR. RON LANCASTER: THE LITTLE GENERAL. and a BRYAN ADAMS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT TRIBUTE AWARD which was featured at the 2006 Juno Awards.Live life on the BLEEDING EDGE. His directing credits for Network Entertainment include ANNE MURRAY: SONGS OF MY LIFE. Leos. market. and an Emmy among others. including game action. He directed several award winning series over the next few seasons.S. HOCKEY which was the highest rated Life and Times special. and excellent track record of delivering productions on time and on budget. Greg graduated from the Academy of Art University with a first class standing in 1995. Hasbro and Electronic Arts. Working in both the US and Canadian entertainment industries. a highly successful series which utilized motion capture. including Network Entertainment. which airs on Global Television. a 15 episode reality series featuring the best unsigned hockey players in North America. the highly rated ACTION MAN which raised the bar for CGI animated series. the first all CGI animated TV series. as MADDEN FOOTBALL won several awards and became the highest selling video game that year. a Life and Times special. produced and executed a new look and feel for these two games. The WB and YTV..Creator/Executive Producer/Director Greg is a multi-talented producer/director who has worked on award-winning television projects across North America for such broadcasters as Global. Greg and his team developed. which was one of the highest rated prime time specials in the history of the CBC. Electronic Arts recruited Greg for his broad and creative production background.000 per episode production that set the CGI world abuzz with its award-winning animation. His work has been showcased in an array of projects for high profile companies like Sony. In 2001 Greg moved to Florida to work for Electronic Arts. lighting. the industry leader of CGI animation for television and direct-to-video/DVD as a key member of the team that made animation history with REBOOT. Greg has produced and directed several high quality scripted and unscripted dramas for international television distribution through a variety of production companies.. cameras. The effort showed. and includes such award winning titles as the Emmy-winning animated series BEAST MACHINES “TRANSFORMERS”. from live action to digital animation to gaming. Over the past 5 years. . and HEAVY GEAR. Fox. his team won numerous awards including Geminis. including: BEAST MACHINES an $800. and the Gemini-nominated reality series BELL: MAKING THE CUT. Greg has explored a wide variety of projects. earning a degree in Motion Pictures and Television. Greg is currently part of the directing/story producing team on MAKING THE CUT: LAST MAN STANDING. This is the anarchy of extreme sports! Greg Donis . one of Canada’s premier broadcasters. one of Canada’s leading production companies. SHADOW RAIDERS which was pre sold to 94 percent of the U. voice ups and music. NASCAR and MADDEN FOOTBALL. During Greg’s 5 years with Mainframe Entertainment.

Executive Producing for M3 is PAUL GERTZ. including Chicago. video-on-demand (VOD). A former Senior Executive with Lucasfilm. awarded an Annie for Best Picture of the Year. is a subsidiary of MediaMen. M3 is a Vancouver Canada based production company. Singapore.. and INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. and THROUGH THE MOEBIUS STRIP. a global media group with offices in Vancouver. and Melbourne. and Internet based (IP broadband). Paul went on to produce award-winning animated feature films. licensing. The Emmy nominated series finished the season as the #1 new show in first run syndication. In 2006. consulted and/or exec-ed both live-action and animated film and television projects for Disney.com. BET. a $35 million 20th Century Fox production. Ltd. and the 20th Century Fox $85 million animated science fiction fantasy TITAN A. Warner Bros. Showtime. one of Canada’s premier broadcasters. Paul’s writing credits also include an episode of David E. with representation in key global markets. Paramount. with an operational unit in Bangkok. 20th Century Fox. produced and/or provided music for such companies as. New Line. Kelley’s Emmy award winning legal series THE PRACTICE. Other projects are in development with Asian and North American partners. Tri-Star. Morgan Creek. Universal. the $45 million Warner Bros. release. Paul joined forces with Network Entertainment. and Bangkok.. Warner Brothers. and 20th Century Fox. mobile. LLC. Spelling. M3 principals have produced. New York. Universal Film & TV. including THE PAGEMASTER. a CGI animated film based on the designs of the renowned artist. one of Canada’s leading production companies. In 1996.Live life on the BLEEDING EDGE.E. . www. . distribution and marketing of compelling Cross Platform cable and satellite television. Current projects include the 3D-animated feature films JUNGLE TALES and SWORDSMAN. a 15 episode reality series featuring the best unsigned hockey players in North America. WILLOW. This is the anarchy of extreme sports! M3 Productions. The Company is focused on the creation. Disney.1 million per episode production for five full seasons.mediameninc. He is currently Executive Producing MAKING THE CUT: LAST MAN STANDING. CATS DON’T DANCE. Ltd. M3 principals also have a history and strong presence in the music industry and have music supervised. Tokyo. Paul became the Executive Producer of Gene Roddenbery’s live action television series EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT. London. and Dimension/Miramax. Toronto. writing 18 of the 22 episodes in the first year. and Paul led the $1. Thailand. and pay-per-per (PPV) programming for markets around the globe. that is airing on Global Television. Industrial Light & Magic on such projects as TUCKER. to produce high quality scripted and unscripted drama for international television distribution in addition to playing a major role in Network’s forthcoming feature films. Moebius (STAR WARS and ALIEN). New Delhi.Executive Producers M3 Productions. both co-productions with Imagimax Studios in Thailand. Nu Image. Los Angeles. Paramount. HBO.

. Uncontrolled. a ‘68 Winnebago and a one-way ticket to the bleeding edge. Dustin and Amanda are 4 thrill seekers who venture off the beaten path to live life with some of extreme sport’s wildest adrenaline junkies. 2 Guys. We’ll get front row access to the members-only underground of the extreme sports subculture through our character’s exploits. This is Extreme Sports served Raw.. Jamie. Unscripted.. Matt. Unsanitized. highs and heartbreaks. XS4Play is your all access pass to excess.. one extre me roadtrip 30 busted boards hitting the dirt This is the anarchy of extreme sports! hard .60 d wil 72 kegs hts nig power sports slash lifesty le Matt Amanda Dust y 24/7 part in Jam ie insane lifestyle kinis 456 bi 2 Girls.

com Copyright © 2007 by M3 Productions. Ltd. Ltd. . 310-601-4766 agilbert@mediameninc.Contact: Aaron L. Gilbert / M3 Productions.

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