An English language magazine has asked readers to submit reviews of books by writers from their respective countries.

The reviews should briefly summarize the plot of the book ,provide a description of the main characters and how you feel about them, and explain why the book is important for you. Write your review.

It definitely is a “must read” book. Ion chooses the fortune but after he gets married with Ana he realizes that he wants to be with Florica. . Not only that it gives you a very interesting and beautiful live story. I think that he should be more realistic and try not to use other people just to get on his purpose. I can add that Ion is a book which really deserves to be read. This decision is wrong because it brings the man’s end. written by Liviu Rebreanu. He wrote the first Romanian objective psychological novel . Nevertheless. reflecting an often case in our community. This book is very important to me because it represents the debut of Romanian psychological books. Ion is a poor teenager thirsty of fortune. strong characters and beautiful landscapes describes. he does only what his consciousness tells him. He doesn’t think with the heart. being in the situation to choose between love and property. who is killed by Florica’s husband. To summarize. the title representing the name of the main character. The novel is called Ion. It has a special plot. but also drives you to the Romania from the 9th century.The book I would like to talk about is called Ion. the girl he loves. it opens us a door to see how Romania looked like in the old times and how the simple people lived. Also because it gives the readers a good lesson of live.

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