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Company Orientation

Company Orientation

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Published by: Sangeeta Khandelwal on Apr 16, 2011
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Saumya Khandelwal BBA Amity University

‡ Britannia Industries Ltd is an HACCP ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000 and ISO 14000/14001 certified company.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ Britannia Industries Ltd is the manufacturer of Britannia Bourbon Chocolate Biscuit since it was launched in 1955. .

chilling with friends. with lots of gossip and gupshup .BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ Britannia Bourbon Chocolate Biscuit is a thick. ‡ These chocolate couplets can be enjoyed inside with sips of coffee. . topped with sugar crystals. rich and delicious chocolate packed between two crunchy chocolate biscuits. while reading a book or having a great hangout at a party.

Hang out Pack. . Gift Pack and Pocket Pack.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ This biscuit is available in different packing such as Nano Pack. Party Pack.

‡ The brand claims to command a 72 per cent share of the bourbon category. ‡ According to industry observers. .BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ Bourbon is a Rs 120 crore brand. the chocolate biscuit market forms 4 per cent of the total biscuit category. ‡ Bourbon grew by 29 per cent last year.

. Degan of Britannia explains. ‡ One of the strongest reasons for this. is that not many chocolate biscuit brands existed back then.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ Bourbon carved a place for itself in homes. ‡ So. very little competition and Bourbon's distribution strategy paved the way for what the brand attained. ‡ Bourbon was among the first biscuit brands to talk chocolate. without much advertising since its launch 55 years ago a feat which few brands have been able to accomplish. most importantly.

‡ Now.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ For a biscuit brand that has abstained from advertising in the 55 years of its presence in India. the brand makes its first concerted foray on television. Bourbon has done a good job of making inroads into Indian homes. it probably found no reason good enough to advertise so far. ‡ Betting on its affinity with consumers built by a product story. .

and this segment of the target audience forms a major portion of the brand's pie.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ Research conducted by Britannia reveals that Bourbon is highly consumed by the youth." . ‡ Quoting an expert. it's about bringing out what's inside the youth. which probably does not reflect on the outside. "When the brand talks about 'Andar se kuchch aur'.

.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception THE CREATIVE BITE The first ever advertisement that bourbon has come up with. portrays a young girl who after having had the first bite of bourbon biscuits conveniently stimulates her boyfriend to force all his friends to leave so that the two could spend some time together.

BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception BEHIND THE COMMERCIAL ‡ CREATIVE AGENCY: McCann Erikson ‡ CREATIVE HEAD: Anil Thomas ‡ PRODUCTION COMPANY: Red Ice Productions ‡ EXPOSURE: Television .

‡N Padmakumar. understands that the TV Commercial addresses just a sliver of the audience. It leads him to think that they must have thought about this long and hard. the feedback has not been very favorable.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ On an expert review of the advertisement. national creative director. aged 22-30 years. Everest Brand Solutions. . young adults.

.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception COMPETITORS ‡ The bourbon biscuits market has other players such as ITC. Parle and even local players who have their brand names 'inspired' by the names of other established players.

which includes bourbon brands. Good Day Chocolate and Pure Magic which are the brands that Bourbon competes with in the overall chocolate biscuit category. Hide 'n' Seek Milano. has players such as Hide 'n' Seek.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception The overall chocolate biscuits market. .

performance (in terms of being treated as a snack) and innovative features (the first brand to talk chocolate). They focused on developing superior products and improving them over time.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception COMPANY S ORIENTATION TOWARDS THE MARKETPLACE ‡ FIRST 55 YEARS Britannia designed a product that offered quality. .

distributed. which the company adopted in the first 55 years of its market presence. the company realized that a new or improved product will not necessarily be successful unless the product is prices. . ‡ But with a change in time.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ This proved there emphasis on the PRODUCT CONCEPT. and sold properly. advertised.

make-and-sell philosophy. Britannia is building up on the fact that instead of finding the right customers for its product. Britannia shifted to a sense-and-respond customer-centered philosophy. finding the right products for its customers shall prove to be more rewarding in the long run.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception ‡ CURRENT SITUATION Instead of product-centered. .

and it is still struggling to overcome them. the company faced three hurdles: organized resistance. . Britannia now holds that the key to achieving organizational goals consists of the company being more effective than competitors in creating.BOURBON: The sweet taste of deception Sticking to the MARKETING CONCEPT. In course of converting to a marketing orientation. and communicating superior customer value to its chosen target markets. delivering. slow learning. and fast forgetting.

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