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“Comparative analysis of packaged drinking water of Kingfisher with other market players”

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Mr. Mangesh Arnalkar (Regional Sales Manager)
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7th June 2010 to 30th July 2010


The study was made to improve the Kingfisher’s market potential in the Pune market in retail segment, and for this I had undertaken the above mentioned project. During my summer training at Kingfisher IBF LTD., I completed the project in corporate sale and market share of packaged drinking water product of Kingfisher IBF LTD. And the focusing areas of my study were as follows:-

 A detailed study, consisting of product variety, corporate sale etc. of packaged drinking water of KINGFISHER IBF LTD.

An observational study packaged drinking water industry and market share of KINGFISHER IBF’s products.

 A detail understanding of all the competitive brands of KINGFISHER IBF’s packaged drinking water.  Assessing the brand awareness of Kingfisher in Packaged Drinking Water segment.

Finding out the basis on which, dealers and customers, prefer buying Packaged Drinking Water. My project was to support sales promotion for ICEBERG FOODS LIMITED. It was carried

out in PUNE city. The place is heavily industrialized, but most of the people were not aware of our product. Main work of the project was to cover all the retailers and approaching them personally. It was done because of unawareness of the product’s characteristics. Going to retailers and asking them to keep our product in front. So that people can try that. Different markets were covered and firstly, survey was done that where our product is in less demand. My work was to emphasize on those work which can spread information very fast. So it was only retailer who works as bottle neck in whole distribution channel. My work was to handle them and convincing them going personally. According to survey I gave time to those places where penetration was more.


Although this study is conducted at small level (only some part of Pune) yet the findings and suggestions of it will help the management of the organization i. In my first part. in large part about the way it is advertised. Kingfisher Packaged Drinking Water. hotels. more or less. when he wants it. a report is made on a detailed study. Ultimately.As we see it. Research methodologies. the aspects of corporate sale of packaged drinking water. it can be said that the most important task of advertising/marketing research is to increase the sales of the product. analyzed and result extracted. and how he wants it. 4 . restaurants corporate offices located at Pune and nearby. and most of all an effective and rational research methodology. a good know-how of the prospective consumer. The study is then tabulated. This requires a well developed marketing plan. speculating on. where the strategy falls short. It is like a homework task that a good advertising/marketing/sales person would always carry out before (and after) implementing the said product's advertising/marketing strategy. in better way to understand the detail study of areas covering all the aspects of retail as well as corporate sale of Kingfisher PDW and it will also consist the detail understanding of the competitive brands of PDW. research in advertising and marketing is very crucial in understanding. The study will also help the organization in making decision regarding promotional schemes and also identified the hidden opportunity in the certain other area other than retail sale. aim to reveal consumers’ different perceptions of the product. the researcher can manage to understand the consumer. the retail consumer may find the product more attractive. So that. The product variety of the water is necessarily to be understood before moving into the market so that one could discuss the plus points of the drinking water over the competitors’ drinking water. and where it can improve. and ultimately determining the position of the product in the consumer's mind. comprising the product variety of the packaged drinking water. The researcher wants to know how effective the advertisement is on his listeners. what he wants.e. The study is done by surveying the different retail outlets. By collecting data with the help of research methods.

5 .In the second part. method adopted for competitors analysis involved surveying and observational study of all the competitive brands of KINGFISHER IBF’s packaged drinking water such as Aquafina. an observational study is conducted in respect of market share of corporate sale of KINGFISHER IBS’s products. restaurants. a large data has been collected while visiting the various outlets. Bisleri. The data collected has further been enhanced with sub categories such as. analyzed and the result extracted. The data obtained. are tabulated. The study is then tabulated. In the third part. followed by the comparison of same. It also includes the visits of the places where others competitor’s similar products were installed to get their performance feedback and identified the hidden opportunities to sell KINGFISHER IBF’s products. To conducting the observational study. Kinley etc. analyzed and result and recommendation are worked out. corporate offices by way of discussions. Oxyrich. This will reflect my views and measures. consumption-wise requirement.

Their packaged drinking water is manufactured under perfect hygienic conditions as per ISI Standards and they have been consistent in supplying Quality product to all the customers. is a twelve years old company in the industry and they are one of the leading company having all India rights for manufacturing & marketing packaged Drinking water with a brand name “Kingfisher” trademark owned by famous “UB”group & “RC Cola” trademark owned by “Royal Crown Cola” which third largest selling soft drink brand in the world with a presence in almost all the countries of the world. They are one of those few brands that have got ISI certification and are committed to supply pure and hygienic water.COMPANY PROFILE ICEBERG FOODS LIMITED Iceberg Foods Ltd. 6 .

We have one of the best distribution infrastructures in the business to provide timely services to all our vendors. ensuring that what we drink is what nature intended. 2 ltr.5 liters Soda. 7 . They process water with the most modern. 5 liters. high tech equipment sodium filtration resulting in not only healthy but also sweeter packaged drinking water. 500 ml. 250ml. Their packaged drinking water is bottled in fully automatic plant with reverse osmosis. Along with latest pesticides removal system through activated carbon filtration process as per EU norms. 1ltr. Their packaged drinking water is manufactured under a very strict in house quality control system. Their product comes in a wide range of packages like 200ml. organization & ultra filtration process. 20 liters & 600ml & 1.

50 People US$1 Million . Products/Services We Offer: Business Type: Industry Type: Geographic Markets: No. Foods & Beverages Worldwide 11 ..1 – Iceberg foods Ltd profile 8 . Legal Representative/CEO: Kingfisher packages. Kishore Agrawal Table 1. drinking water. of Employees: Annual Sales Range (USD): Year Established: M.Company Name: Country/Territory: Iceberg Foods Pvt. Goregaon (E) Mumbai – 400 063. Corporate Avenue. Sonawala Lane.D.5 Million 1998 Mr. soda and rc colas Manufacturer / Supplier FMCG.2. India 117. Address: Ph :40030271/72/73 E-mail : ibflmum@rediffmail. Umesh mallaya Mr.US$2.

600ml & 2ltrs Soda Table 1.Fig 1.2. 500ml.2. 500ml.1 – Packed drinking water Product Natural Spring Water Packaged Drinking Water Soda R C Cola Quantity available 200ml. 5ltrs. 20ltrs 300ml.1ltr. 600ml & 2ltrs 300ml.2 Product Range 9 . 2ltrs. 1ltr 200ml.

thanks to its recent takeover of the rival Shaw-Wallace company.PARENT COMPANY UNITED BREWERIES GROUP (UB GROUP) Fig 1. Vijay Mallya who is also a member of the Indian Parliament. in India. United Breweries now has a near-monopoly over the Indian brewing market. based in Bangalore.2. The group owns the Mendocino Brewing Company in the United States and the group now is eying to show its mere presence in packaged Drinking Water as well. The group is headed by Dr. is the world's 2nd largest brewer and the largest in India.2 – UB group logo United Breweries Group. The company markets most of its beer under the Kingfisher brand and has also launched Kingfisher Premium Packaged Drinking Water & soda. Mission 10 .

booking counter agent. • Make recommendation about marketing efforts for promoting sales “Kingfisher” Packaged drinking water & soda in retail & bulk segment in Pune city. Achievements 11 . • To list competitors operating in the market. • To be the preferred employer wherever we operate • To recognize the value of our human assets.The group Mission Statement embodies these objectives: • To assess the company’s image in view of retails. and consumer. • To greater information about competing company’s performance and marketing Efforts in Pune city. • To be the partner of choice for customers. suppliers.

Available in 52 countries across the globe. have always been recognized for their international quality. and from Mumbai to Delhi. Commands a 29% market share in the country. But although the brand commands up to 29% of its domestic market." Marketing Board. you may not have recognized Kingfisher’s qualities as the perfect accompaniment to a chicken Vindaloo. 6 bottles of Kingfisher are sold every second in India. Gold Medal at the World Beer Championship held in Chicago in 1997. Packaged Beer Section for the year 2000. That's Beer at its best for the discerning consumer! 12 . the locals guzzle through millions of bottles annually. World's Best Lite Lager Award at the Stockholm Beer Festival in 1995. The Beer brands manufactured and marketed by United Breweries Ltd. ABOUT KINGFISHER LTD “The King of Good Times” is India’s best-selling beer.• • • • • • • • • • The largest selling Beer in India. unless you’ve visited India or are a part-time connoisseur of curries. Won the Bronze Award at the 'Australian International Beer Awards' in the "International First Prize in the International Beer Awards organised by the New Zealand Hop First Prize for the label work category at the Asian Grand Prix Cyrel 2000 Label award. Won the World's best Lite Lager Award at the Stockholm Beer Festival in 1994-95.

Advertising.under this decisions taken are : • • • Setting Prices Discounts Credit rules PLACE .1. quality. PRODUCT.under this decisions taken are : • • The best way to sell the products to the customers (Channels of Distribution) The transport system 13 . Consumer awareness.e.under this decision taken are: • • The product itself (design. packaging etc) The diversification of the existing Product PRICE .2 FUNCTIONAL AREA OF THE PROJECT Industry type – FMCG / Food & Beverages Functional area of working – Sales & Marketing There are many areas of marketing to work in like Design. Product awareness etc. and these all area are originated through the MARKETING MIX which consists of 4 P’s i. Promotions.

PROMOTION . my focus was to know the market share of kingfisher’s packaged drinking water in various regions of Pune city along with the market share of other leading brands like Oxyrich. doing a market research for the company. we can say that my area of function and study was a part of Company’s Market research Department. 14 . This area of work was more or less similar to.under this decisions taken are: • • • Advertising Sales Promotion Public Relations My Functional area consisted of analysis of all the above areas of Kingfisher’s Packaged Drinking Water in respect to the other market players. In other words. Thus. Kinley etc.


skin diseases.2. Even in western countries the practice of bottled drinking water started only in 1950s. arthritis. in the United States. The FDA of US has also set standards for bottled water. Depending on the temperature of the water. in most countries. and the climate at the spring. the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) regulates public water systems. the location.1 LITERATURE REVIEW 2. for bathing due to its supposed therapeutic value for rheumatism. the altitude.1. This started the trend of using mineral water for drinking purposes in order to exploit its therapeutic value. 16 . The concept of bottled water is relatively successful in western countries due to greater health consciousness. Since ancient time people have used water from mineral springs. For example. especially hot springs. and various other ailments. multiple levels of approvals are required.1 INTRODUCTION: WATER INDUSTRY The tradition of bottled water and mineral water is not very old. The international standards regarding bottled water are so stringent that for a particular brand of water to be certified as bottled water. Since mid1970s large quantities of bottled water from mineral springs in France and other European countries began to be exported. it could be used to cure different ailments.

where extraction will be done. water harvesting techniques. 17 .1. 2) The processed water should be recycled through.World Bottled Water Market    Annually consumption Estimated sales Consumption growth 189billion liter $ 200 billion 7 % per year Fig 2.1 – Growth of Bottled Water industry in the world Government Parameters for Water Industry The government has laid certain parameters for the water industry. 1) There should be a good water table in the plant area. 3) The processes are reviewed by government agencies from time to time and issued certification thereafter. They are as follows.

it can be used to cure different ailments. especially hot springs. Since ancient time people have used water from mineral springs. Depending on the temperature of the water. and various other ailments. Even in western countries the practice of bottled drinking water started in 1950s.1.Growth in Demand in India 2. This started the trend of using mineral water for drinking purpose to exploit the therapeutic value of the water. and the climate at the spring. This trend started gaining momentum in mid 1970s and since then large quantities of bottled water from mineral springs in France and other European countries are exported every year. for bathing due to its supposed therapeutic value for rheumatism.2. the altitude. arthritis.1. The trend of having mineral water gained grounds in the market. the location. skin diseases.2 HISTORY OF MINERAL WATER POPULARITY OF MINERAL WATER: The tradition of bottled water and mineral water is not very old. 18 .Fig: 2.

 Tap water uses Chlorine as disinfectant bottled water uses Ozone as a disinfectant. not bottled water. extracts and essences -. FDA regulates bottled water that crosses state lines. industry association. extracts or essences) and must be calorie-free and sugar-free. Food and Drug Administration as a food product).S. but these additions must comprise less than one percent by weight of the final product. if it meets all applicable federal and state standards. 19 .derived from spice or fruit -.  Beverages containing more than the one-percent-by-weight flavour limit are classified as soft drinks. trade association and individual company levels.The concept of bottled has been quite prevalent in western countries due to greater health consciousness and higher awareness about health and hygiene. state. In United States.  Bottled water should not contain chlorine. and individual company. EPA (Environment Protection Agency) regulates public water systems.  Bottled water may be sodium-free or contain "very low" amounts of sodium. the bottled water industry is regulated on four levels: federal (by the U. state.  Bottled water cannot contain sweeteners or chemical additives (other than flavours. is sealed in a sanitary container and is sold for human consumption. SOME OF THE STANDARDS GOVERNING THE BOTTLED WATER INDUSTRY ARE:  Water is classified as bottled water or drinking water. The international standards regarding bottled water are so stringent that for a particular brand of water to be certified as bottled water it has to get approvals on four levels: federal.can be added to bottled water.  Flavours.

and does not have to state on its label that it is from a community water system or from a municipal source. deionization or reverse osmosis. 20 . it can be categorized that way. According to regulations in the US. While bottled water originates from protected sources . Another factor to consider is the distance tap water must travel and what it goes through before it reaches the tap. if the water is subject to distillation.3 HOW IS BOTTLED WATER DIFFERENT FROM TAP WATER? Consistent quality and taste are two of the principal differences between bottled water and tap water.1. when bottled water is source from a community water system the product label must state so clearly. it can be recalled. Processing methods such as reverse osmosis remove most chemical and microbiological contaminants.2.tap water comes mostly from rivers and lakes. If a bottled water product is found to be substandard. In compliance with international regulations. However.largely from underground aquifers and springs . This can't happen in case of tap water. bottled water is sealed and packaged in sanitary containers.

2.4 TYPES OF BOTTLE DRINKING WATER 1.2. de-ionization. so when the water finds a hole.1. Porous stone is crushed between impermeable rocks or clay. Mineral Water: Bottled water containing not less than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids may be labeled as mineral water. like limestone or sandstone that absorbs water from an inlet path. Spring water: Bottled water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth. 3. 21 . Mineral water is distinguished from other types of bottled water by its constant level and relative proportions of mineral and trace elements at the point of emergence from the source. Spring water must be collected only at the spring or through a borehole tapping the underground formation finding the spring. 4. An aquifer is a layer of soft rock. Artesian Water/ Artesian Well Water An artesian aquifer is a confined aquifer containing groundwater that will flow upwards out of a well without the need for pumping. reverse osmosis or other suitable processes. This keeps the pressure high. No minerals can be added to this product. Purified water Water that has been produced by distillation. An aquifer provides the water for an artesian well. it overcomes gravity and goes up instead of down.

In recent decades. it could be drawn up using containers. Distilled Water Purified water is water from any source that is physically processed to remove impurities. iron and manganese. 22 . Sparkling Water A sparkling water is plain water into which carbon dioxide gas has been dissolved. or electro dialysis. or drilling for the purposes of withdrawing water from underground aquifers Well water may be drawn via an electric submersible pump or a mechanical pump. so the pump does not need to operate constantly. carbon filtration. including in science and engineering laboratories and industries. and is produced in a range of purities. Purified water has many uses. 6. 7. Well Water Water well is an artificial excavation or structure put down by any method such as digging. Distilled water and deionized water have been the most common forms of purified water. water volume and water quality. usually a storage tank with a pressure of 40-60 psi is also added to the system. micro porous filtration. The process of dissolving carbon dioxide gas is called carbonation. Although not essential. or by hand. Wells can vary greatly in depth. Alternatively. such as buckets that are raised mechanically.5. ultraviolet oxidation. a combination of the above processes have come into use to produce water of such high purity that its trace contaminants are measured in parts per billion or parts per trillion. and is the major and defining component of most "soft drinks". from a source below the surface of the earth. ultra filtration. boring. It results in the formation of carbonic acid (which has the chemical formula H2CO3). Well water typically contains more minerals in solution than surface water and may require treatment to soften the water by removing minerals such as arsenic. driving. but water can also be purified by other processes including reverse osmosis.

as it disintegrates into oxygen within couple of hours. Ultra filtration gives water reduction in turbidity and adds sparkle activated carbon purifier to remove color and odour in water Reverse osmosis membrane has porosity of less than 0. Underground spring is carefully selected based on its portability and pathogen free water. Only water below 25 meters is tapped. Great care goes in tapping this source. Area surrounding the water collection tube at the surface is protected and kept clean. a very powerful bactericide with no side effect.2.01 micron the process renders water free o microorganisms and also reduces dissolved solids To ensure Kingfisher packaged drinking water is held safe free from contaminations. thereby ensuring safety of Kingfisher up to its final packing.3 MANUFACTURING PROCESS Purification Process Purity and safety are two major factors taken care in sourcing and processing of Kingfisher water. components like caps and bottles are manufactured in-house from resins of quality suppliers. 23 . Processing and Quality Assurance The casing tube itself is protected with stainless steel mesh to give a preliminary filtration to the water. Sterilization effect of ozonised water continues even after water is packaged. ultraviolet treatment and ozonisation process is carried out. To ensure high quality of packing materials.1. This is to avoid any surface contamination to percolate and mix with underground water source. Ozone is unstable trivalent oxygen.

The company has tied up with Kothari Beverages.1. Production: 70. Coca-Cola is 24 . for manufacturing Kinley bottled water at Yes' facilities.Good Manufacturing Practices are stringently followed at all times. forms an integral part of quality and safety assurance plan. COCA COLA The company had entered the business in May 2000 through its extending its soda water brand. The water purifier industry (primarily the Aqua Guard brand of the Eureka Forbes) is credited to have done the spadework for creating the safety and health consciousness in water consumption. The brand is available in pack sizes of 500 ml. of Yes brand of mineral water. whereas the soft drinks industry is a strong competitor in the retail consumption market. Quality checking: Quality is checked by sampling method as a batched test at every stage of beer manufacturing even quality of bottle is also checked before actually using.5-litre. 1.000 bottles per day. processing parameters. 2-litre.000 to 80. shelf life studies. 5-litre. Kinley. packaging material integrity and finally. Processing is religiously monitored at every stage.4 COMPETITORS OF KINGFISHER IN INDIA The bottled water industry effectively competes with both the water-purifiers as well as the soft drinks industry. 1-litre. 20-litre and 25-litre. microbial quality. 2. and is a serious competitor in the household and institutional consumption market. Testing source water. With the growing market.

the company that launched Frooti (mango drink in tetra packs). Though the company is present only in selected market as of now. up from the 15 existing plants. franchisee operations and contract packers. The brand has the strong backing of a distribution channel of 60. which stock its cold drinks. Sources say PepsiCo India has been investing in additional capacity at its plants in Bangalore and Chennai for the bulk water foray. BAILLEY The brand is a product of Parle Agro. Bailley is credited with creating a new segment of 330ml SKU (the right quantity to quench the thirst of an adult!) in the market. PEPSI CO.000 outlet and the refrigerators at Pepsi’s retail Outlets. The company entered the bottled water business in September 1999 under the Aquafina brand. It now retails in conventional retail pack sizes of 500-ml and 1-litre bottles.planning to scale up its bottling capacity. it has plans of increasing share in the market by expanding its SKUs portfolio as well as its distribution reach. 25 . The company began by targeting its product towards the youth with a 750-ml pack. Coca Cola has identified 10 to 15 sites for additional plants for setting up a combination of company-owned plants.

smooth. The labels and cartons are also made in the group companies to ensure total control on quality and processes. pure water with a refreshing boost of extra Oxygen. with brands like Perrier and San Pellegrino in its stable. The facilities are fully integrated with in house facilities for manufacturing of Performs. OXYRICH Dhariwal Industries Ltd . to service the markets in these regions.NESTLE Multinational Nestle has already started making forays into the bottled water industry with its brand Pure Life. Nestle has set-up two bottling plants in Mumbai and New Delhi. It plans initially to tap only the huge market for bottled water in large cities and towns.Food & Beverages division has one of the most modern and comprehensive packaged drinking water facilities spread across India. Nestle is a big player in the mineral water market internationally. 26 . Closures/Caps and Bottle Blowing. Oxyrich (300% more oxygen) is clear.

a company of Italian origin. In 1969 & started bottling Mineral water in glass bottles under the brand name 'Bisleri'. Parle bought over Bisleri (India) Ltd.. This company was started by Signor Felice Bisleri who first brought the idea of selling bottled water in India. Later Parle switched over to PVC non-returnable bottles & finally advanced to PET containers.BISLERI Mineral Water under the name 'Bisleri' was first introduced in Mumbai in glass bottles in two varieties .bubbly & still in 1965 by Bisleri Ltd. LOCAL PLAYERS IN MARKET  Kate aqua  Sumeru  Saiganga  Real aqua  Kelvino  Oxygen  Oxyblue  Aviva  Sagar 27 .

3 .1 .0 .0.Cost of producing 1 liter branded bottled drinking water 28 .Rs 0.50 Rs 2.4.25 Rs 0.Rs 0.25 Rs 1. marketing & tax) Selling cost Rs 0.5 .Rs 2.1 .Cost of producing 1 liter branded bottled drinking water Fig 2.25 Rs 10 – 12 Table 2.85 .1.25 Rs 1.5 .50 Rs 1.25 Rs 0.5 Rs 0.1.Cap cost Bottle cost Treatment cost Label cost Carton cost Transportation cost Others Total cost (excluding labour.

2. prefer buying Packaged Drinking Water. dealers and customers.1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Primary – • To do a comparative analysis of Kingfisher’s Packaged Drinking Water with other market players in Pune region. To know all competitive brands of Kingfisher’s Packaged Drinking Water. 29 . To find out on which basis. Secondary –     To study market share of Packaged Drinking Water of Kingfisher. To assess the brand awareness of Kingfisher in Packaged Drinking Water segment.

3 METHODOLOGY ADOPTED The success of any event heavily depends upon the way chosen for its execution. Thus when they talk of methodology they not only talk of methodology they not talk of methods but also consider the logic behind the methods they use in the context of their study objective and explain way use are using them so that study results are capable of being evaluated logically. • Data source > Primary data .Personal interview (structured/unstructured) 30 . people’s / consumers’ perception so that it serves as a foundation to prepare the questionnaire for collecting primary data and that it helps in deciding other methods to be adopted which may be useful in gathering the necessary information. In other words they can call the methodology as the backbone of any research. a general survey to gain knowledge about the market. • Research Design – Descriptive The Descriptive research is used as the study includes surveys and fact finding enquiries related to packaged drinking water industry.Questionnaire . This includes ensures of some basic question to the specific focus on constraints as well. commonly known as the pilot survey was and undertaken where particularly information was gathered with respect to the brands.2. The major purpose of Descriptive research is description of the state of affairs as it exists at present. • Research Approach – General Survey In this case. • Research Problem for the present study – Analyzing the market of Kingfisher’s package drinking water and soda in Pune city. It also includes research or study method.

packaging. Hotels/Restaurants & MNCs Respondents – Owners of the shops. quality & price in Kingfisher Packaged Drinking water and others 31 .Files/document . Hypothesis Set: Null Hypothesis (H0): There is no significant difference between the attributes . salesmen.Probability Sample Area – Pune region Sample unit – Retailers.Brand.Books & Project reports • • • • • • Data representation technique .Manual of the organization . purchase or food & beverages managers of different hotels/restaurants/MNCs • Data Analyzing Instrument – All the data has been analyzed by applying Hypothesis testing method using ANOVA test. availability. availability. packaging.Brand.Internet .Bar graphs & Pie charts Total sample size – 50 Type of sampling – Non. quality & price in Kingfisher Packaged Drinking water and others Alternate Hypothesis (H1): There is a significant difference between the attributes .> Secondary data .


1 – ANOVA TABLE 33 .518 Price 50.000 4.860 1.3.000 50.000 50.000 168.360 0.327 0.531 0.000 Average 3.725 Table 3.000 50.000 209.000 82.000 3.970 0.180 Variance 2.640 2.1.000 100.000 Sum 193.1 TABULATION ANOVA: Single factor Groups Brand Availability Packaging Quality Count 50.

1 – Market Share at MG road 34 .3.1 MARKET ANALYSIS M.2 DATA ANALYSIS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brand Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Other TOTAL No of respondent 09 12 10 08 07 06 01 07 60 Percentage 16 20 16 14 12 10 2 11 100 Table 3.2.G Road Sr.

11% 2% 10% 15% Aquafine Oxyrich Bisleri 20% Kinley Kingfisher Kate Aqua Sumeru Others 12% 14% 16% Fig 3. After that Bisleri with 16% and Aquafina and Kinley with 15% and 14% respectively.1 – MG Road market share M G Road is the situated in the heart of the city.2 . Market Summary Total Out-Let Visited Kingfisher Presence Good Presence of Kingfisher Not Present 60 7 5 53 Table 1 2 3 Brand Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri No of respondent 05 14 06 Percentage 10 25 12 35 . Here oxyrich is the market leader with 20% market share.MG Road market Summary Pune Railway Station Road Sr.2. In this area kingfisher is on fifth position with 12% market share and the local players occupy the remaining market share.2.

2. 15% & 12 % respectively and other local player together occupy 22 % market share. and oxyrich is market leader with 25% followed by Kinley. kingfisher & Bislery with 16%.2. Here kingfisher is at third position. Market Summary Total Out-Let Visited Kingfisher Presence Good Presence of Kingfisher 54 8 7 36 .2 – Pune Railway station market share It is one of the busiest place of Pune.3 – Market Share at Station road 9% 5% 8% 10% Aquafine Oxyrich Bisleri 25% Kinley Kingfisher Kate Aqua Sumeru Others 15% 16% 12% Fig 3.4 5 6 7 8 Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Other TOTAL 09 08 04 03 05 54 16 15 8 5 9 100 Table 3.

Not Present 46 Table 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brand Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Other TOTAL No of respondent 13 10 07 12 07 03 02 04 58 Percentage 22 17 12 20 12 5 4 8 100 Table 3.4 – Pune Railway station market Summary Satara Road Sr.5 – Market Share at Satara road 37 .2.

Kinley with 20% and 0xyrich is with 17% market presence.2.6 – satara road market summary Kothrud Sr. Market Summary Total Out-Let Visited Kingfisher Presence Good Presence of kingfisher Not Present 58 7 5 51 Table 3. In this area Bislery and kingfisher captures equal market share with 12% where as other players occupied 17% market share.3 – satara road market share According to the survey Aquafina is the market leader with 22% market 1 2 3 Brand Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri No of respondent 10 11 09 Percentage 16 20 15 38 .2.8% 4% 5% 22% Aquafine Oxyrich Bisleri 12% 17% Kinley Kingfisher Kate Aqua Sumeru 20% 12% Others Fig 3.

7 – Market Share at Kothrud 3% 4% 7% 16% Aquafine Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley 20% Kingfisher Kate Aqua Sumeru Others 15% 14% 21% Fig 3.2. Bisleri and kingfisher covers 15% and 14% market share where as other player’s occupies 14% market share. Market Summary 39 .4 – kothrud market share In this area Kinley is the market leader with 21% market share. oxyrich with 20% and Aquafina is with 16% market presence.4 5 6 7 8 Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Other TOTAL 12 09 03 02 04 60 21 14 4 3 7 100 Table 3.2.

Total Out-Let Visited Kingfisher Presence Good Presence of kingfisher Not Present 60 9 8 51 Table 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brand Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Other TOTAL No of respondent 10 11 07 12 08 02 03 05 58 Percentage 18 19 13 21 14 4 5 6 100 Table 3.8 – kothrud market share F C Road & J M Road Sr.2.9 – Market Share at FC & JM road 40 .

5% 4% 6% 18% Aquafine Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley 19% Kingfisher Kate Aqua Sumeru Others 13% 14% 21% Fig 3. Market Summary Total Out-Let Visited Kingfisher Presence Good Presence of kingfisher Not Present 58 8 7 50 Table 3. Bisleri and kingfisher covers 14% and 13% market share where as other player’s occupies 15% market share.2.5 – F C road & J M Road market share Kinley holds the market with 21%.2. oxyrich with 19% and Aquafina is with 18% market share.10 – F C road & J M Road market summary Peth Area Brand No of respondent Percentage 41 .

12%. oxyrich and Aquafina holds a bit market share with 13%.2.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Other TOTAL 06 05 06 07 10 07 05 10 56 10 9 12 13 17 13 8 18 100 Table 3.2. 9% and 10% respectively.6 – Peth Area market share In this area local players are the market leader with 39% market share. Bisleri. 42 . Later the major players like Kinley.11 – Market Share at Peth Area 18% 10% 9% Aquafine Oxyrich Bisleri 12% Kinley Kingfisher Kate Aqua Sumeru 13% 17% Others 8% 13% Fig 3. kingfisher holds second position with 17%.

2.Market Summary Total Out-Let Visited Kingfisher Presence Good Presence of kingfisher Not Present 56 10 9 46 Table 3.2.13 – Market Share at Airport area 43 .12 – Peth Area market summary Pune Airport Area 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brand Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Other TOTAL No of respondent 02 15 04 03 07 01 01 02 25 Percentage 11 17 15 14 23 7 5 8 100 Table 3.

Aquafina holds 11% market presence with followed by 20% market share by local players.2. After kingfisher.14 – Pune Airport Area market summary Pimpri Chinchwad Area Sr.2. For third place the fight is between Bisleri and Kinley as they occupy 15% and 14% share. oxyrich holds second position with 17 % market share.7 – Pune Airport Area market share Kingfisher is the market leader in this area with 23% market share because the company has corporate tie up with all airlines for packaged drinking 1 2 Brand Aquafina Oxyrich No of respondent 08 10 Percentage 14 17 44 . Market Summary Total Out-Let Visited Kingfisher Presence Good Presence of kingfisher Not Present 7 6 18 25 Tab 3.8% 5% 7% 11% Aquafine Oxyrich 17% Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate Aqua 15% 14% Sumeru Others 23% Fig 3.

second position is occupied with Kinley with 16% for third position there is a fight between a cold player kate aqua and Aquafina they both have equal share with 14%.2.3 4 5 6 7 8 Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Other TOTAL 07 09 05 08 04 06 56 12 16 9 14 7 11 100 Table 3.2. Kingfisher’s market share is 9% in this area followed by other players.15 – Market Share at Pimpri chinchwad area 11% 7% 14% Aquafine Oxyrich Bisleri 17% Kinley Kingfisher Kate Aqua Sumeru 14% 9% 16% 12% Others Fig 3. Market Summary 45 .8 – Pimpri Chinchwad Area market share In this area oxyrich is the market leader with 17% market share.

Awareness of kingfisher mineral water is lesser in comparison of other famous brands like kinley.2.16 – Pimpri Chinchwad Area market Summary Fig 3. bisleri in the retail market 46 .2.9 – Awareness of Brands of Mineral Water Interpretation . oxyrich.Total Out-Let Visited Kingfisher Presence Good Presence of Kingfisher Not Present 56 5 4 50 Table 3.

Most of retailers think that the product packaging can attract more customers and in this oxyrich is the leader and kingfisher have to more concentrate on this part promotion.11 – Packaging of Mineral water Interpretation .Due to distribution channel Kinley is very easily available in market whereas kingfisher is little bit difficult to find Fig 3. 47 .Fig – Availability of Mineral water Interpretation .

48 .13 – Price Comparison of Mineral water Interpretation . oxyrich is leader in this sector so instead of higher price customers don’t hesitate to buy the product Fig 3.Fig 3.2.Instead of highest price oxyrich is the most selling product because retailers get maximum margin.12 – Quality of Mineral water Interpretation .As per Quality concern.2.

Brand. packaging. HYPOTHESIS TESTING Hypothesis Set: Null Hypothesis (H0): There is no significant difference between the attributes . quality & price in Kingfisher Packaged Drinking water and others Alternate Hypothesis (H1): There is a significant difference between the attributes .ANOVAs test has been applied on the following data with the help of Ms Excel. availability. quality & price in Kingfisher Packaged Drinking water and others ANOVA TABLE ANOVA:Single factor 49 .Brand. packaging. availability.

360 Variance 2.860 1.000 50.000 Average 3.886 1.000 Sum 193.000 63.000 168.SUMMARY Groups Brand Availability Packaging Quality Price Count 50.408 Total 503.014 63.725 ANOVA Source of Variation SS Df MS F-Cal F Table Between Groups Within Groups 255.327 0.000 209.000 4.000 245.408 50 .001 2.2.000 82.000 50.001  Table value .440 4.2.970 0.180 3.000 50.984 249.640 2.531 0.000 100.000 50.63.544 248.518 0.17 – Single factor ANOVA test  Calculated Value .000 Table 3.

51 .408 Thus. Quality and then Brand are the most preferred attributes for buying the packaged drinking water. i.3 RESULT Therefore there is significant difference in the attributes. 63.001 > 2. the Alternative Hypothesis is Accepted 3. the Null Hypothesis is Incorrect and.DECISION: As calculated value is greater than table value.e.

Fig 3.3.1 – Selection of mineral water CHAPTER – 4 FINDINGS 52 .

Kinley and Aquafina. Kingfisher is fifth largest selling brand in Pune city after Oxyrich. Bisleri. Most of Mineral Water’s consumers use Oxyrich. Consumers use Kingfisher’s Mineral Water because of its brand name of UB group and its rational price. Kinley and Aquafina because these are branded ones and are trustworthy.OBSERVATIONS & FINDINGS 1. 3. 53 . Bisleri. 2.

4. The market share of kingfisher Mineral Water is very less but growing. 5. There is around 60% of positive market potential for Kingfisher Mineral Water due to low price and good brand image. 6. Kingfisher’s Mineral water is lacking behind because of its quality and packaging.
7. Very less number of distributers is there in Pune region for kingfisher’s Mineral water. 8. 84% of the retailers say due to the bad service provided by Kingfisher they get

demotivated to continue it.
9. The company does not provide as many schemes as provided by its competitors to the

dealer and retailers.
10. It was found that among all the areas covered, there were some areas in which the

schemes were not regular.





Since Kingfisher’s Mineral water is new in Pune market so it will take some time to capture the market. There is a huge competition in the market in this field. Need to spend money on sales promotion to attract more and more customers and retailers. It has modified its packaging of bottles so now retailers as well as consumers are giving more response than it was earlier. Kingfisher has good supply chain and availability of staff and team. Profit margin of the retailers by selling of Kingfisher product is more than the other brand of the Packaged Drinking Water Company in the market. Kingfisher should give new offers to retailer as well as dealers so that they would ready to keep stock of Kingfisher Packaged Drinking Water. Since Kingfisher is popular by name of KING OF BEER in the market so most of the high class families are not responding to the product.


Sales promotion tools such as key chains. racks. 57 . • Intense Marketing and promotions activities are required to Pune region for Customer awareness to show its mere presence in the market in the Mineral Water & Soda Segment.5. • • • • Regular visit should be maintained for proper supply. More schemes should be launched by the company and organization. the following suggestions have been made to make the Future Option more effective: - • • • Quality of Plastic for Packaging must be improved.1 RECOMMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS On the basis of this study. pens. stickers should be given to the retailers. • After sale services should be improved. Packaging should be standardized & made attractive. banners. The Hollow Cavity at the base should be more to provide extra support for the bottle to withstand. One week credit facility or one bill due system should be introduced. note pads.

Regular meetings should be arranged with the company staff in order to know the practical problems faced by them and should be resolved suitably. which ultimately helps in Brand Management. Salesman should wish the retailers as they visit the outlets for supply in order to maintain good customer relation. properly and on time to the retailers. The retailers which purchase same quantity should be given same schemes in order to remove biasness. • • • • • Regular checks should be made to see that the salesman introduces the schemes regularly. with some new offers and schemes to increase the market share. • • • The company should invest in promoting the brand name Kingfisher to make it a WORD OF MOUTH. 58 . The company representative like the area sales manager should visit once in 2 months to the present retail customers for the overall satisfaction of the retailer and to check performance of the product. doesn’t provide proper service and supply. The Salesman should at least visit once in a weak to those retailers which doesn’t stock Kingfisher. Should not depend much on distributors as they doesn’t introduce schemes. which are introduced by the company.• Counters outside hospitals. at bus stands & at the tourists areas should be given special consideration. cinema halls.

Availability of documents as sources of secondary information. genuine. preference. 4. The perception level of the respondents. Sometimes the required persons were not available at their place. 5. and fulfilling the objectives of the reports. cannot be assessed correctly.5. though as mention earlier the reliance on the sources cannot be minimized to zero in context of precision. 3. Some of the respondents refuse to give the important information best known to them. Sometimes respondents were not willing to fill the questionnaire. 7. Reliability of information collected from various public information sources such as magazines and website. These limitations are poised by the environment some external and some inherent.2 LIMITATIONS Any research or study always has some limitations under which this has to be undertaken. practice. The limitation can be enlisted as here under:- 1. 2. in such case their habit. Very often the respondents do not express their true feelings. This study has been conducted with utmost consideration to the adequacy of data and quality of information. However in spite of these limitations all efforts have been put to make the report correct. 6. This one too was not an exception. 59 .

Bibliography BIBLIOGRAPHY 60 .

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Appendices 62 .

No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brands Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Others(Name It) Tick Mark 2. Nature of business…………………………………. Out of those brands which brand you sell more? 63 . Which Brands of mineral water you keep in your store? Sr. 1..ICEBERG FOODS LIMITED QUESTIONARIES Name……………………………………………… Add………………………………………………..

How many boxes of Packaged Drinking water you sell per week? a. 20 Ltr 5. On which basis that brand sells more? Brand Availability Packaging Quality Price 4. 200ml 1 Ltr 5 Ltr B. C. 15. 500ml D.25 boxes d.Sr. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brands Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Others Response 3. 5-15 boxes c. Which package size’s sells is more? A. 35.Above 64 . E. 25-35 boxes b. 2 Ltr F.

6. If Yes then What is the response of Kingfisher Mineral water in the market? a. Are you satisfied with the margin given by the company? Yes - No - 7. Which brand gives you more margin? Sr. No 9. Yes b. Do you get the order on time from your dealer? a. Yes 11. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brands Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Others Response 8. Fair b. What kind of service you get from company? b. Very good e. Good d. No 65 . Do you keep Kingfisher Mineral Water in your store? a. Excellent 10. Average c.

Packing 14. Which Brand do you think is the Competitor of the Kingfisher Mineral Water? Sr. On Time Delivery c. Credit period d. Credit period d. All of the above 12. Service c. Margin b. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brands Aquafina Oxyrich Bisleri Kinley Kingfisher Kate aqua Sumeru Others Response 13. What changes would you like to see in our Brand? More Margin Good Packing Increase MRP Increase Credit period Service 66 . On which ground they compete with Kingfisher Mineral Water? a. Regular visit of Sales Executive b.a.

Thanks for your Co-operation Date:Place: Signature 67 .

16. water 48 (bottles) 20 12 09 01 (bottles) (bottles) (bottles) jar 01 jar 190 120 85 120 38 05 10 15 22 50 500ml. RC COLA 600 ML. 9. 300 ML APPLE JUCE 600 ML APPLE JUCE 24 (bottles) 24 (bottles) Free 1 bottle ………………. 320 520 15 25 ►► Power Soda 15. 7. 300ml 600ml 2ltr soda Soda Soda 24 (bottles) 24 (bottles) 09 (bottles) 165 220 200 10 12 30 68 . 2. 14. 8. 5. 200ml water 500 ml water 1Ltr. water 48 (bottles) 24 (bottles) 12 (bottles) 280 185 185 10 15 25 ► ►Packaged Drinking water 4. Selling price Rs MRP ►►Natural spring water 1. Water 1ltr.. Per Bottle Quantity. Cola ( Apple Juice) 13.QUOTATION PROVIDED BY THE COMPANY Sr. 3. COLA RC 24 (bottles) 24 (bottles) 24 (bottles) Free 2 bottle Free 1 bottle Free 1 bottle 260 380 360 12 20 50 ►► R. Carton containing. Water 20 ltr Water 70 ►► Royal Crown Cola 10 11. Water 5ltr. RC COLA 2 LTR. 300ML. 35 200ml. 12. C. Water 2ltr. 6. 17.

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