3)Management Informations Systems.CATEGORIES OF INFORMATIONS SYSTEMS: Systems analysis develop several types of information Systems to meet a variety of business needs. . 2)Decision Support Systems. Types: 1)Transaction Processing Systems.

billing customers . hiring employees and depositing checks.DEFINITION: TPS are aimed at improving the routine business activities on which all organisations depend. Common transactions includes placing orders . EX:ATM . Transaction vary from organisation to organisation. It is an OPERATION ORIENTED.

Storage &retrieval.Summarization.Sorting.Classification. 3. 5. 2.Transaction Processing activities are as follows. . 4. 1.Calculation.

Characteristics: 1)Substitutes Computer based Processing for manual procedures. 2)It deals with wellstructured routine process. . 3)It includes record keeping applications.

etc) and requires a certain set of information to make the decision.quarterly.DEFINITION: Management Information Systems(MIS) assist managers in decision making and problem solving. monthly. They draw on data stored as a result of transaction processing.decisions must be made on many issues that recur regularly (weekly . . In any organistion.but they may also use other information.

.Characteristics: 1)It Provides input to be used in the management decision process. 3)Typical information systems can be anticipated. 2)It deals with supporting well structured decision situations.

Decision is Unstructured means no clear procedures for making decision and if not all the factors to be considered in the decision can be readily identified in advance. . often called unstructured or semi structured decisions.DEFINITION: It assist mangers who must make decisions that are not highly structured.

.Characteristics: 1) DSS Provides information to managers who must make judgements about the particular situations. 2) It supports decision makers in situations that are not well structured.

manager judgement.The decision support system supports.Manager Judgements plays a vital role in decision making where the problem is not structured.but does not replace. .


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