an unforgettable experience. Well, this is all the news for now. I hope to hear from you soon. Yours sincerely, Writer’s address } Date Greeting } Introducti on Nyinyot
TRY THIS! (B) During your recent school holidays, you spent your holiday at the Mabul Island. Write a letter to your best friend, telling her about the holiday. In your letter you may include the following point. Write your letter not less than 120 words.

Informal letter are also known as friendly letter We usually write to our friends, family members and relatives

(A) Study the model below to familiarise with the parts of friendly letter

Lot 86, Kpg Hilir, 9470 0, Seria n, Sarawak 28 th February 2011 Dear Yati, How are you? I’m in a good health. I hope you are well too. During the previous school holidays, my family and I spent a night at Satubong beach resort. My father drove us there. The ride was enjoyable. We checked into the Santubong beach resort. The resort was beautiful than I thought. Then we quickly changed and rushed out to the beach. We had fun the sea shore. My siblings enjoy swimming. My younger sister was busy collecting the sea shells. While my parents took care of us and provided us some meal. We spent a whole day there. We spent our night at the restaurant near to our resort. At here, we enjoyed the band performance and ate some delicious sea food. We had an enjoyable time, and we slept late in the night. The next morning, it is time for us to leave. However we manage to buy some souvenirs for our family and friends at the souvenirs shop. Here, I sent you a key chain where I got from there. Then we checked out and were on our way home. It was


The Mabul Island
The body

Getting there

} The conclusion } } Subcriptio n Signature

My Holiday at the Mabul Island Spend my day: Spend my night:


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