The Angel

Dedicated to Angela, “The Angel”, hoping that wherever you are, you fare well.

Her every movement followed By every male in the hall And I thought surely She must know how beautiful She was, but she always denied it When I met her, she was crazy girl …. Slipping into a British accent …. Telling me tales of incest, death And alternate dimensions …. Unable to get the story Out quick enough Words coming in crazy Word salad spurts Each recitation followed by A click of the tongue and a Wink (leaving me to wonder if she was all an act) Just when I thought that I Had figured her out She would show me new depth (Surely her depth must be infinite)
© B.W. Reed (August 26,2008)

She says that she loves dancing (In gentleman clubs) And, maybe she doesn’t Realize that to live is to dance and in My dreams she will Be forever dancing …. genius She is an angel among the Stars (and has wings but Does not see them yet) Sometimes life turns On you without a plan Knowing her and watching The fearless way in which she Has approached the bad times Tells me that she Has the courage To make all her Dreams come true I love her for not anything Else than what she is Though parting with her Will be painful I will not push Her from my mind To disown the pain

© B.W. Reed (August 26,2008)

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