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Rector’s Message

Our Masters of ceremony for today, have already addressed you all as friends, so I have no option but repeat the sacred words and call you friends. As we know, friends are those who reach out to the others with great love, friends share in the joys and sorrows and friends walk side by side being constant support in life’s journey. Our Lord Jesus himself said to his followers, I do not call you servants or enemies but friends. This is what we have learnt from Him to include persons in the inner circle of our loving bond. You have accepted our invitation graciously and have come here. It shows your generosity to allow us to enter into a relationship of love. You are already, very much part and parcel of the lives of our students through your sharing of knowledge, guidance and support. We the staff members envy your bond of love and so earnestly desire to enter into a relationship with you and thus enlarge this circle of love and friendship. That’s why, all of us at Vidya Niketan felt, that there is no other better day than this day, 8th Sept. 2005. It is great day for us for we celebrate triple great events – it is the birthday of Mother Mary, it is the birthday of SVD Society and the birthday our new school, St. Arnold’s central school at Satahalli layout. By coming over here you have enabled us to celebrate yet another birthday – that is the birthday of our relationship. So on behalf of our Fr. Provincial, Fr. Gregory, former Rector, Fr. Scaria, Fr. Mathew and the present staff and students of Vidya Niketan, I, Fr. Richy, extend a warm welcome to Vidya Niketan, to this evening programme and express our deep gratitude for your presence and the service you render in forming our future priests. Hearty welcome to each one of you to this birthday party. Hope our a little effort to ouch your heart merely for a few seconds will touch your souls for a lifetime. Thank you. Have a nice time.