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1. Do you live in Matamoros? Rewrite these sentences for he Which word is different from the others?
Example: I like playing football
A. Yes, I live He likes playing football 26 ___Shop assistant ___bus driver cousin ___fireman
B. Yes, I do 7. I don't like playing baseball
C. Yes, I am 27 ___sister ___mother ___wife ___husband
D. Yes, I does 8. I often go to the cinema
27 ___live ___like ___have ___those
2. How old are you? 9. I sometimes go to the theatre
28 ___three ___eight ___twenty-five ___umbrella
A. I have 21 years old 10. I don't go to work on Saturday
B. I am 21 years old 29 ___clock ___station clock ___watch ___time
C. No, I'm not
D. I have 21 years
Change these sentences to negative
3. Do you have a sister? Example: We live in Madrid
We don't live in Madrid
A. No, I haven't 11. I like cheese
B. No, I don't
C. No, I doesn't 12. We are married
D. No, I don't have
13. She has an old house

4 14. I am from France

A. Where are they of?
B. Where is they from? 15. He plays tennis on Saturdays
C. Where are they from?
D. Where are you from?
They are from Brazil
16 - 25. Complete these sentences with the
correct preposition in, at , from, to, on
A. What's her job? Jorge and Mary are _____ England. They live
B. What's she job?
C. What's his job? ____ London, _____ an old house. They go _______
D. What do she job?
She's a teacher work by bus, They work _____9:00 a.m. ______

2:00 p.m. They don"t work _______ the afternoons and

A. Do you live in a house or a department? often stay ______ home then. _________ Saturdays
B. Does you live in a house or a department? Nombre del Alumno
C. Are you live in a house or a department? they visit friends or play tennis ______ a local club.
D. Live you in a house or a department? Fecha
In a house