In Case of Malfunction…



If th e u n it d o e s n o t o p e rate p ro p erly, p lea se re fer to th e ch ec klist
b e low .

Vehicle Specific Wiring Diagrams
T h a n k yo u fo r p u rc h a sin g th is u n it. P lea se u se th is
m a n u a l a s a re fe re n ce w h e n in sta llin g th e A u to T im e r.
B e su re to re a d th is m a n u a l th o ro u g h ly. B e su re to p ro v id e th is m a n u a l to th e n e xt u se r in ca se o f o w n e rsh ip
ch a n g e.


No Power
(Display will not illuminat e)




Su dden loss of Power to unit
The engine shuts OFF when
the Ign ition key is turned OFF



T h e d ia g ra m s listed h ere do n o t d en o te A L L v eh icles
th a t a re a p p lica b le to th e A u to T im er.It is m erely fo r
yo u r re feren ce p u rp o se s. T h e re m a y b e v eh icles
listed h ere th a t ca n n ot u se a llo f th e fu n c tio n s o f th e
A u to T im er.
N o.

P rin t D ate

P ro d u ct N u m b er

V er.



7407-0180-0 0


N o tes

The engine will not shut OFF
du ring countdown wh en the
parking brake is released
The k ey cann ot be removed
from the IGN ITION on AT cars
during coun tdown

The displayed A/F is inacc urate








The coupler between the
relay and harn ess i s not
The g round is not properly
The h arness is for another
The ground wire
secu rely connected

i s not

The POWER is turned OFF
The idle tim e is set to 0 sec.
The parking brake i s r eleased
The gray wire is n ot conn ected properly
The gray wire h as a fault y
The AT lever is i n a g ear
other than P
The key lock is engaged

“- - - ”means the O 2
sensor is not warm yet
O 2 sensor signal is no t









Contact In format ion
Th e O 2 sensor volt age readin g
is inaccurate

Ap ex In teg ration Inc.
330 W Taft Ave



Orange CA, 92865
7 14-685 -5700, fax 7 14 -6 85-5701

O 2 Sen sor signal is not proper ly connected
O 2 sensor signal wire has a
fault y connection



Secure harn ess connection
Reconnect all ground wir es
Pur ch ase a harn ess specif ically made for your vehicle

Reconnect ground wires
Turn th e unit ON
I ncrease th e idle t im e
Engage the parking brake

Be s ure that the gray w ire
has been properly connect ed
Double check the electro t ap
Set the gear to P
P urchase an appropriate
ignition key UNLOCKING
Drive until the O 2 sen sor
has warmed u p. The proper
display will illum inate
Connect the O
nal wire


sen sor sig-

Connect th e O 2 sen sor signa l
Double c heck electro t ap o n
sen sor wire

w ww.apex


Safety Precautions

Vehicle Specific Wiring Diagrams


¦ EC U Location
For safe use of thi s
p roduct, be sure to read
the Safety Pr ecautions.
Keep the manual in a
safe place after use fo r
futur e reference . We
have inc luded these
warnings to protect the
user a nd dealer fr om
These points have been
marke d throughout thi s
manual by SIGNAL
WORDS. Please r efer to
the table on the left fo r
a glo ssary o f term









a.P a ss. S id e D a sh L o w e r
b .G lo ve B o x Le ft
c. P a ss. S id e F o o t R est
d .B eh in d G lov e B o x
e. B eh in d C en te r C o n sole


f. U n d e r D rive r S id e
g.U n d e r P a ss. S id e
h .N e a r S tee rin g C o lu m n
i. R ig h t o f M e te r P a n e l
j. D riv e r S id e D a sh L o w e r

k. R ig h t o f C e n te r C o n so le
l. E n gin e R o om
m .In F ro n t o f R e a r T ru n k
n .B eh in d D rive r S id e

? ?

This produ ct shou ld O NLY
be in st alled by a professional
Installation r equires past
experience to prevent dam age to th e unit and vehicle.

Discontinue use of this
product immediately if any
unu su al odor or smok e
comes from the unit.
F ailure to do so m ay result
in electrical short s an d
potential engine fire.

Never disassemble or tam per with this unit.

Do not use t his product for
an y other purpose than the
one listed in this man ual.

Never operate
while drivin g.

We are not r esponsible for
any dam ages or injuries
incurred from
im proper
usage of this product.

F ailure to do so may lead t o

Be sure to have th e gear set
to P on AT cars using th e
T he Unlock adapter will
allow k ey rem oval regardless of gear a nd could lead
to accidents.

this unit

¦ H ow to view EC U

T his could lead to serious

All ECU Diagr ams are from the angle denoted by the arr ow
Many ECU’s have different angles and pin configurations . Be sure to reconfir m wire configuration before installation.

9 '98.9~ ? M/T H7-a c '93.5 a '92.12 N3-a '97.8~ '98.10~ '95.1~ '97.11 w/ TRC w/o TRC H3-a H2-a '97.6~ '96.12~ ? H22A F18B F20B F22B H22A F22B F22A H6-a c '91.NISSAN Vehicle Name President Infiniti Q45 Cima III Cima II Cima I Vehicle Name Type G50 G50 Engine Type VH45DE VH45DE FGY33 FHY33 FGY32 FPY32 VH41DE VQ30DET VH41DE VG30DET VG30DET VG30DE VG30DET VG30DE VG30DETT VG30DE VG30DET VG30DE RB20DET VQ30DET VQ30DE VG30DET VG30DE VG20DET VH41DE VG30DE VQ30DET VQ30DE VG30DET VG30DE VG20DET VG20E VQ30DE VQ25DE FPY31 Z32 Fairlady Z Z31 Y33 Leopard Leopard J Farie UF31 GF31 JGBY32 JPY32 Y33 Cedric/ Gloria Y32 Y31 A32 Cefiro A31 Cefiro Wagon W#A32 C35 Laurel C34 C33 R34 Skyline R33 R32 Skyline R31 Stagia W#C34 Stagia Autech Ver.12 N4-a '99.8~ '98.7 '92.8~ '88.2 B18C H2-a c a '93.5 '98.8 c a '91.9 '92.2 '92.2~ ? '90.9~ ? '97.12~ '96.1~ ? e N3-a '98.1~ '93.9 '90.1~ ? e N4-a Inspire N6-a Prelude '97.2 '97.8 '94.5 '89.9~ '95.8 '92.9~ ? N4-a CR-X '96.6~ '98.9~ ? DC2 DB8 Notes n '89.5 '93.9~ '96.12 '96.9~ ? e N3-a '98.2~ ? '95.12 '97.12 N4-a N6-a HONDA Vehicle Name NSX Legend N4-a '88.6~ '91.2~ '98.3~ '95.9~ ? Notes e N3-a '92.9~ '94.7 '88.10~ '91.10~ '91.6~ '95.9 H1-a H2-a H1-a H7-a H3-a H7-a c F22B VTEC VTEC H6-a H3-a H2-a H3-a H1-a H7-a H6-a H7-a H6-a H7-a H6-a H2-a c a b c '97.9~ '95.8~ '96.12 N4-a N6-a N4-a a '93.3~ '90.10~ '98.9~ '89.6~ ? N6-a a N4-a '93.5~ ? '95.1 ECU Loc.12 '91.7 N6-a N5-a N4-a N4-a a a N4-a a N1-a '96.1~ '95.12 '91.6~ '96.8 '89.8~ '93.6 '91.8 '98.1~ '88.8~ '94.8 '87.8 S-MX N3-a N4-a '96.7 '91.7~ ? VQ20DE VQ30DE VQ25DE VQ20DE RB20DET RB25DE RB20DE VQ30DE VQ25DE VQ20DE RB25DET RB25DE RB20DE RB20DET RB25DE RB20DE RB20DET RB20DE RB26DETT RB25DET RB26DETT RB25DET RB25DE RB26DETT RB25DE RB20DET RB20DE RB20ET RB20E RB25DET RB25DE ECU Loc.9~ ? '95.1~ '98.1~ '93.1~ ? '98.7 Year '98.8~ ? e N3-a '95.9 e M/T A/T '94.7 N4-a Accord Wagon Accord Wagon Integra N4-a a '87.8~ '89.1~ '98.7 '89.1~ '98.4~ ? g a H4-a H5-a .9~ '98.10~ ? e H7-b c H3-a e ECU Diagram N3-a N5-a a N6-a SR20VE SR20DE SR18DE SR20DET SR20DE SR18DE SR20DET SR20DE CA18DET CA18DE SR20DET SR20DE ECU Loc.1~ '92.9~ '91.3~ ? a N5-a '88.10~ ? '95.5~ '91.10~ ? SR20DE SR20DET SR20DE CA18DET CA18DE SR20DET SR20DE SR20DET CA18DET SR16VE SR18DE GA16DE SR20DET SR18DE SR20VE SR20DE SR18DE SR20DE SR18DE SR20VE SR20DE SR18DE SR20DET SR20DE SR20DET SR20DE SR18DE ECU Diagram N4-a N4-a c RB26DETT SR20DET Notes '89.1~ ? N4-a a '96.1 '90.9 '96.11~ '97. N2-a N4-a N4-a '89.10~ ? '89.7 '90.5 NX Coupe Type B15 B14 B13 B13 Sunny a N4-a '97.5~ '93.9~ '95.5 '96.1~ '97.7 a '97.5 '89.8~ '89.12 '93.3~ '94.5~ '98.1~ '98.8 DA6 B16A EK9 B16B EK4 B16A EK3 D15B EG6 EG4 EF9 EG2 EG1 EF8 RD2 RD1 RA3 RA4 RA5 RA1 RA2 RH1 RF1 RF2 JA4 GA4 B16A D15B B16A B16A D15B B16A B20B F23A ECU Diagram H3-a c '95.9 a '88.10 '89.4 N4-a '89.1~ '93.1 '89.9~ '97. N3-a e '90.12 '91.4~ ? '98.1~ ? Step Wagon N3-a N4-a N3-a N3-a N3-a Life Capa N3-a a N3-a N4-a Excludes N1 ver.12 N4-a '95.1~ '96.11~ ? e H3-a B20B '96.3~ '97.9~ '98.5~ '94.1~ '98.8~ '98.10~ ? '94.260RS WGNC34 U14 Blue Bird U13 U12 S15 S14 Silvia PS13 S13 180SX RPS13 RS13 N15 Pulsar N14 P11 Primera P10 Primera Wagon W#P11 W11 Avenier W10 Year '90.9~ '89.7 '89.6~ '96.5 N1-a '96.12 '90.1 '95.4~ '93.9~ '94.9~ '92.1~ ? CR-V '91.6~ '98.8~ '94.10~ '89.10~ '96.10~ ? J30A H2-a M/T A/T M/T A/T H6-a H2-a B20B '96. '98.9~ ? N3-a e '90.9 '99.10~ '97.5~ '95.10~ '96.7 e N3-a C32A J32A J25A G25A G20A G25A G20A H3-a H3-a H3-a '95.5~ ? c H3-a E07A P15A '97.2~ '95.7 '93.2 a a March K11 Cube Terrano Z10 YD21 SR18DE SR18DE SR18DE CG13DE CG10DE CG13DE VG30E Type NA2 Engine Type C32B NA1 C30A KA9 KA8 KA7 UA5 UA4 UA2 UA1 CC2 CB5 BB6 BB8 BB1 BB4 CF3 CF4 CD5 CD6 CE1 CB9 C35A N4-a N4-a '97.5 '91.6~ ? '94.9~ '95.8 c f N3-a N3-a Year '97.9~ ? '95.2~ ? '89.6~ '91.5 Engine Type SR16VE N2-a '86.9 '96.3~ ? '90.8~ ? N6-a Civic a '97.9~ ? '95. a a N3-a '97.2 '96.12 N3-a e Odessey '89.8 '98.10 '91.10~ ? a '94.8~ '93.8~ '92.8 '92.7 '89.

5 '89.8 1MZ-FE T5-b T4-a T5-b T4-a T5-b T5-b T2-a T4-a T1-a T1-a T4-a T5-b T4-a T5-b T4-a T5-b T4-a T5-b T4-a T1-a T4-a T3-a T3-a T4-a T3-a T1-a 3S-FE Mark ? Quaris M/T A/T M/T A/T M/T A/T M/T A/T '89.5~ ? T4-a 5A-FE Corolla Sprinter 4A-GE AE101 '91.4 '96.10~ '95.8~ '89. Notes ECU Diagram T5-b M/T A/T M/T A/T T4-a T5-b T4-a T5-b T4-a T1-a T5-b '95.12 '89.4 T4-a e 4A-FE AE92 4A-GEU '89.5~ '95.10~ '95.9~ '90.5~ '87.4~ '97.12 '97.5 e M/T A/T M/T A/T '93.1 4S-FE T6-a T5-b T6-a T5-b T6-a T4-a T5-c T4-a T5-b d 3S-FE T6-a T4-a T5-c T4-a '97.4 '87.7 '86.6~ '98.10~ '97.2~ '88.4 '91.1~ '97.8~ ? MCV20W '97.8~ '96.10~ '92.TOYOTA Vehicle Name Vehicle Name Type Engine Type Year '94.5~ ? '90.5~ '83.2~ '88.12 '97.8 c '94.4 '86.4 '86.1~ '88.4 ST202 ST203 3S-FE '95.9 Carina ED Corona EXIV T2-a T1-a T5-b T9-a T6-a T4-a T5-c T4-a '89.11 '92.8~ '? JZZ30 Notes 4E-FTE 4E-FE 2E-TE 2E-E SXA1#G 3S-FE SXA11W SXA10W 3S-GE SXA11G e '95.5~ '92.12~ '95.1~ '88.5 3S-GE '93.4 Carina T5-b '85.6~ '95.7 c T7-a '91.5~ '97.5~ '93.12~ ? '93.2~ '97.7 ST195G ST190G M/T A/T M/T with A/T· TRC w/o A/T· TRC with TRC w/o TRC '93.5~ '97.9 '98.8 '88.11 '89.4 '95.10~ ? '97.4~ ? M/T A/T T4-a T5-c M/T A/T M/T A/T T4-a T5-b T4-a T5-b T8-a T5-b e '94.1~ '95.8 SXA10G M/T A/T M/T A/T e .4 a '92.8~ '97.8~ '93.5~ ? '91.9 '94.7 '94.9~ ? 1JZ-GTE Mark T8-a T5-a T8-b T8-a T6-a T8-a T8-a T7-a d 1JZ-GTE JZZ31 UZZ31 ECU Diagram T8-a d '96.4 e 4A-GE AE101 4A-FE 4A-GE AE101 Corolla FX Starlet RAV4 '92.8~ '92.1~ '88.7 '93.6~ '98.10~ '96.8~ '96.7 '91.12~ ? '93.6~ '95.5~ '89.11~ '96.10~ '97.9~ ? '95.10~ '98.1~ '91.7 ST185 ST182 ST165 ST162 3S-GTE 3S-GE 3S-GTE 3S-GE 3S-GE ST206 ST207 T5-b T2-a '94.4 '86.8 '92.2~ '88.10~ '97.8~ '96.4 '95.6 ECU Loc.7 3S-FE '95.8 '95.5~ '96.7 '97.8~ '89.8~ '92.9~ '93.8 '92.1~ '96.12 '92. 1UZ-FE '92.2~ ? '97.8 M/T Only c Includes Turbo A d M/T A/T e '90.8~ ? I T10-a '91.10~ '95.6~ '98.1~ '91.1~ '89.9 d '88.4 '88.9~ ? '96.5~ '89.12 '89.8~ ? Caldina ST190 M/T A/T M/T with A/T· TRC w/o A/T· TRC with TRC w/o TRC 3S-FE '96.7 3S-GE ED Co rona EXIV ST202 ST203 3S-FE '95.5~ '87.10~ '95.10~ '97.7 Curren T8-b T8-b T8-a T8-a T8-a T7-a T5-b T2-b T5-b T2-b T5-b T2-b T10-a T7-a T7-a T6-a T5-b T2-b T5-b T2-b T5-b T2-b T8-b T8-b T8-c T8-a T6-a T6-a T6-a '92.7 '95.4 e '96.5 '87.5~ '89.8~ '97.11~ '97.8~ ? '93.1~ '91.12~ '95.10~ ? '93.9 '84.9~ '93.9 '96.9 l m M/T Only ? ~ ? ? ? · ? T9-b T5-b T9-a T6-a ? · ? T5-b '86.7 M/T 2WD· A/T 4WD· A/T with FF· TRC w/o FF· TRC 4WD· M/T 4WD· A/T FF· A/T 4WD· M/T 4WD· A/T M/T A/T T6-a T4-a T5-c T5-c T6-a T5-b T4-a T5-b T6-a T4-a T5-b T4-a T5-b Type AE111 Engine Type 4A-GE 4A-FE Year ECU Loc.9~ '94.2~ '95.4 '86.8 '91.10~ '95.1~ '95.10~ '93.11 e M/T A/T '86.1~ '98.10~ '98.9 '94.12~ ? d '89.5~ '91.5 e '93.4 e 4A-FE AE92 AE111 Corolla Levin Sprinter Trueno AE101 4A-GE 4A-GE 4A-FE 5A-FE 4A-GZE 4A-GE 4A-GZE 4A-GE AE86 Corolla Celes Sprin ter Marino '89.5 e '93.11~ '94.8 '88.6~ '89.6 d UCF2# Celsior UCF1# Crown Crown Majesta Aristo JZS155 2JZ-GE JZS15# 1JZ-GE JZS143 UZS15# UZS141 JZS161 JZS160 2JZ-GE JZS147 1UZ-FE 2JZ-GTE 2JZ-GE 2JZ-GTE 2JZ-GE '96.11 '95.6 '91.12 '89.10~ '94.6~ ? 3S-FE M/T A/T M/T A/T d '96.4 4A-FE AE92 4A-GE EP91 4E-FTE 4E-FE EP82 EP71 T5-b '96.9~ '96.7 Soarer 2JZ-GE 1UZ-FE MZ20 7M-GTE 1G-GTE GZ20 1G-GE JZA80 Supra 2JZ-GTE JZA70 2JZ-GE 1JZ-GTE MA70 7M-GTE 1G-GTE GA70 1G-GE JZX100 JZX90 ? Cresta Chaser JZX81 GX81 Altezza SXE10 SW20 SW20 SW20 MR2 SW20 AW11 ST205 1JZ-GE 1JZ-GTE 1JZ-GE 1G-GTE 1G-GE 3S-GTE 3S-GTE 3S-GE 3S-GTE 3S-GE 4A-GZE 4A-GE 3S-GTE 3S-GE ST202 ST203 Celica '94.5~ '95.5~ '91.5 '89.4 '87.11 '89.4 '86.7 ST215W ST215G ST215G ST210G 3S-GTE 3S-GE ST195G 3S-GE M/T A/T M/T with A/T· TRC w/o A/T· TRC with TRC w/o TRC T6-a T5-b T6-a T5-b T6-a T4-a T5-c T4-a T6-a T5-b T6-a T5-b T9-a '95.10~ '93.9 '89.10~ '96.

3 M/T A/T S5-a b '95.10 '96.2~ '93.12 '91.9 '99.8 '90.8~ '97.8 '95.8 '98.KK4 EN07Z EN07X Notes M/T A/T BP-ZE Type HA22S HA12S Engine Type K6A T/C F6A T/C HA21S HB21S K6A T/C HA11S HB11S F6A T/C EA21R EA11R MC21S MC11S K6A F6A K6A T/C F6A T/C '95.11 '88.9~ '91.8 '96.5~ '98.2~ '95.10~ ? l S6-a CT51S CV51S K6A T/C '97.10~ ? '91.10~ '96.3 '99.11~ '97.5~ '98.5~ ? DOHC ECU Diagram M3-a M5-a M2-a M2-a MA61S MB61S HN21S HN11S JB23W JA22W JA12W F6A T/C Year ECU Loc.10~ '93. '94.8~ ? '96.9 '92.4~ '98.12 c '93.9~ ? KK3.2~ '98.8 '97.10 F1-b F3-a Kei Gimini F2-a F1-a F3-a F1-a '93.10~ ? l Z7-a M2-a M3-a M3-a M2-a M2-a M1-a M4-a M3-a M5-a CT21S CV21S ECU Diagram '96.12~ '95.10 '96.1 e F17A Z16A 6G72 6G72 '90.10~ '96.11~ '98.11~ '98.11~ '98.12~ '98.5 '94.7~ ? '91.3~ '94.8~ '95.9 '93.1 '96.10~ ? K6A F6A K6A K6A F6A T/C T/C T/C T/C T/C S5-a F2-b h F4-a F1-b c DOHC SC A/T SC M/T SOHC SC A/T F2-b F1-b F2-b F4-a F1-b F1-c F1-c F1-c SOHC SC F1-c c h DAIHATSU Vehicle Name Mira Move Type L700S L710S L502S L512S L500S L510S L902S L910S L602S JB-EL ECU Diagram D2-a d '94.10~ ? a e 6A12 '94.8 '92. '96.19~ '88.10~ '96.10~ '97.12 '90.9 '98.5~ '94.6 '91.5 EJ207 EJ205 SF5 Z3-a Z2-a Z1-a Z6-a Z5-a Z5-a BP-ZET K6A T/C F6A T/C F4-a c GC8 GF8 EJ20G ECU Loc.8~ ? '92.8 '90.Wagon '98. '98.8~ '97.7 '89.12 '96.2~ ? DE3A EC5W EC5A E84A E39A D32A D27A CK4A CM5A CD5A Minicar Dangan 4G63 4G92 4G93 CP9A CN9A CE9A CD9A CD5W CM5A CJ4A CA4A V25W V23W H57A N74W N73W RVR 4G93 6A13 6A13 6A12 4G63 N71W N61W N23W H36A 4G63 4G93 4G93 4G92 6G74 6G72 4A31 Notes MIVEC DOHC DOHC MIVEC b '94.6~ '98.11 c '85.5~ '96.11~ '96.9~ '98.1~ ? a '95.11~ ? MIVEC b Eunos Cosmo M3-a M2-a M3-a M3-a M3-a M2-a M1-a M3-a M1-a M3-a M3-a M2-a Legacy Impreza BD5 BG5 b MIVEC MIVEC a j b M/T A/T Forester j '89.4 b S3-a '95.6~ ? BC5 BF5 EJ20K 13B ECU Diagram M3-a '92.10~ ? '95.10 K10A Notes ECU Diagram Excludes VVT S6-a M/T A/T M/T Only S2-a S4-a S1-a '97.10~ '95.3~ '95.11~ '97.3~ '96.10~ ? '91.1~ '98.10~ '95.4 '95.9 EJ205 EJ20G Z4-a BG8Z MD21S MD11S Wagon R Wide EJ20G EN07 Vivao Year EJ25D GF8 Z3-a M2-a M4-a '98.9~ '98.1~ '96.6~ ? '89.6~ '98.9 d D2-a D1-a .5 '96.9~ '98.3~ '94.10~ '96.10 '92.9~ ? '97.6 e e b '95.10~ ? l S6-a '98.7 '92.3 c '94.3 e Familia Cappucino BH5 FD3S 20B-REW Roadster Alto Works Type Engine Type RX-7 SUZUKI Vehicle Name SUBARU Vehicle Name Type JC3S JC3SE JCES JCESE M2-a 4G93 4G63 4A30 MAZDA Vehicle Name M3-a b 4G63 '97.8~ '94.9 '93.11~ '95.8~ '98.10~ ? l '94.9 D1-a EF-JL JB-DET EF-DET JB-JL '98.2~ ? b '98.8 '93. Notes EF-DET '98.10~ '92. Type Engine Type Year ECU Loc.10~ '96.10 k b S2-a S4-a S5-a S1-a '98.9 AZ.9 b M/T Only S6-a S3-a S2-a Engine Type Year ECU Loc.10~ ? DOHC DOHC e '95.7 '87. F36A 6G72 '95.10~ ? l '95.3~ '95.1~ ? '95.10~ ? '96.12 '93.1~ ? '98.MITSUBISHI Vehicle Name Diamante GTO FTO Legnum Galant Eclipse Lancer Rivero Mirage Pajero Pajero Jr.9~ '98.9 BD9 BG9 GC8 GF8 GC8 FC3S Notes NA8C Wagon R Engine Type EJ208 EJ206 EJ20R EJ20H EJ20D EJ20H EJ20D EJ20H EJ20D 13B-REW 13B-REW Year ECU Loc.11~ '95.

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