Please fill the needed details in this information sheet. The information that you give will be
held confidential and will only be used for record purposes. Thanks.
Name: ___________________________________
Laboratory Section: ________________________

Please paste a

Student Number: __________________________

recent 1x1 or 2x2

Course: __________________________________

ID picture here.

Birth date and Age: ________________________

(No baby or funny

Contact Nos. : _____________________________
E-mail address: ____________________________
College Address:_____________________________________________________________
Home Address:______________________________________________________________
Name of High School: ________________________________________________________
High School Address: ________________________________________________________
Honors Received During High School: ___________ Current Estimated GWA: __________
College Scholarship/s: ________________________________________________________
Person to Contact in Case of Emergency: _________________________________________
Contact Nos. ____________________________ Relationship to you: __________________
Expected Grade: _________________________
First time to take the course? ___ Yes. ____ No. What Happened? ____________________
Organization/ Frat/ Soro: ______________________________________________________
Hobbies, Skills, and Interests: __________________________________________________
Estimated Average grade in High school Physics: ____ Math: ____ Science, in general:_____
Have you had Calculus during High School? ___ Yes. ___ No.
Trigonometry? ___ Yes. ___ No.
Have you had physics in high school? ___Yes. ___No.
Have you covered Newton’s Laws of Motion? ___Yes. ___No. ___I don’t know.

___I don’t know. ___I don’t know. ___No.Vectors? ___Yes. ___I don’t know. Thermodynamics? ___Yes. ___No. Relativity? ___Yes. Electric and Magnetic Fields? ___Yes. including first impression: ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Class Schedule Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 2 ksrevelar-sy1011-infosheet . ___No. ___I don’t know. Expectations from the course and the instructor. ___No.

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