Press down... down more... Ok more... YES ahh ohh yes... almost there... yeah oh shit harder...

SO GOOD...! mmmmm... That's how I sex on text!

A woman is like a kentuckey friedchicken, it has legs ,breasts and a greasy box to stick your bone in. Wat's the diff between pulling a curtain and a panty? ANS: When U pull a curtain, it means tat the show is over. But pulling down a panty means IT'S SHOWTIME!

Advantages of breast milk A. No need to boli B. Cat cannot steal C.available in attractive containers D.Liked by all age groups E.Ek Par Ek FREE

a mans ocupation is to stick hiscockulation up a wommens ventulation to increase the population of the younger generation if u want a demonstation plz lie down!

A girl looks at a mans tatoo: NIKE on his arms, REEBOK on his legs, she screamed when she saw AIDS on his ====. "Relax" he said, if it erects, it reads ADIDAS

Paper Sex Time 15 Mint (Note Sab Swal Hal Karna lazmi hai) 1:Underwear Pehnna Boys ki majburi hai girls Q Pehnti hain?? 2: Agr LoRA Phudi Mein Phans Jae To kia karna chaihia??? 3:Girls ki Gand marne mein Zyada maza hai ya Phuddi Mein?? 4:Plastic K lun ki kia Khsoosiyat Hai Nez Aurte ise Q khushi se use karti hain??

ladki ki vidai k waqt ladki ka baap dulhe se bolta hai "ab hamari izzat tumhare haath mein hai" dulha bolta hai "don't worry jate hi loot lunga "

Aurat ko chut ki gehrai pe naaz hay to humain bhi apne land ki lambai pe naaz hay.Ager uski chut shabnam ka shabab hay to hamara land bhi LUCKNOW KA NAWAB hay

Why men walk more and women talk more? bCoz men have three legs and women hav 4 lips

Life is black and white but why? ek teacher ne students ko pucha. toh rahul ans diya ki girl ki chut white aur boy ka lora black hota hai.

harder the fuck the louder the van me jo dwar hai wahi haridwar hE To avoid condom related accidents use 2 condoms with chilli powder in between them. Girls ke hotho me jo ras hai wahi somras hai.If outer breaks She will know and if inner breaks you will know. The sky is blue.Ladki injecton Lgvate huy: zara ahista dard ho rha h DISPENCER: jab chudwati ho to dard nai hota? Ldki: abay gandu us wakt hosh me nhi JOSH me hoti hun.grass is green.give me a ring u might be in luck .louder the scream the better the fuck.niche jo van hai wahi vrindavan hai. Boy : how much calcium is there in women's BREAST ? Girl : Enough 2 help a Man's boneless thing stand up.sine pe jo aam hai wahi char dham hai.

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