Customer Acceptance And Bankers¶ Perception To Online Banking

Research Objectives 

To find benefits that bankers expect for their costumers when using e-banking. To examine bankers perception of the risks associated to e-banking. To explore who is using e-banking more either public or private banks. To find the scope of online banking. To find either e-banking reduce cost of transaction, save time, minimize inconvenience, minimize risk of carrying cash etc or not.

Research Objectives (contd.)   

To facilitate those who are interested in formulating policies regarding e-banking. To explore whether bankers¶ perception are linked with their work experience, their educational qualification or the type of bank they work for. To review the existing literature, discuss results and their implications that provide insights for researchers and banks interested in e-banking distribution channels.


The study will use a survey that will be designed and conducted in Sukkur, where almost twenty per cent of all bank branches in Pakistan are located,15 major commercial banks will be selected, representing more than 70 per cent of the whole banking system in terms of total assets. The selection criteria will be that each bank must have a minimum of 2 branches in Sukkur city.

Methodology (contd.)   

A specifically design questionnaire will be used as a tool, and banks¶ employees will be requested to complete this during office hours In each branch at least 2 branch employees will be requested to fill in the questionnaire, at least one at each of the levels of officer and manager. The questionnaire will be in English.


As a sample we take 16 branches of all banks which are online in Sukkur city These branches are below:

Banks To Be Visited 

State Bank of Pakistan Habib Bank Limited Muslim Commercial Bank United Bank Limited Bank Al-falah Limited Allied Bank Limited Royal Bank of Scotland Faysal Bank Soneri Bank Meezan Bank

Banks To Be Visited (contd.) 

Standard Chartered Bank KASB Askari Bank Limited Atlas Bank Limited NIB Bank Islami

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