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Joomla user manual v1 0 1_10 21 06

Joomla user manual v1 0 1_10 21 06

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Published by Catalin Ilina

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Published by: Catalin Ilina on Apr 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Type: mod_templatechooser

The Template Chooser Module allows the user (visitor) to change the template on the fly from the
front-end via a drop down selection list.


Max. Name Length:

This is the maximum length of the template name to be displayed, default is 20.

Show Preview:

Select Show or Hide to display the Template preview (the
template_thumbnail.png file in the specific template folder) or not.


The width of the preview image (default is 140 pixels).


The height of the template image (default is 90 pixels).

Module Class Suffix:

Enter the suffix for the CSS class of this Module, e.g. moduletable_online. In this
example, _online is the suffix. This suffix class must currently be in the template
CSS Style file. This allows individual CSS classes to be applied to certain
Modules independent of the site’s default Template CSS classes.

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