Tan Wei Jun Tan Sing Chai Tiong Kwong Hieng Tee Lee Kheng Zhao Yan Wong Yuk Ting

Let s think about it Work is important? Family is crucial? Family? Work? .

What is the purpose of working? Why working is so important? ..Let s think about it .

Let s reveal the answer! Work MONEY Money ? I need $$$ .

Why are you working? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Responsible on something else Earn money Self satisfaction Complete task .

Examples: Debts Insurance House/car loan Money $$$ .

you need do nothing for money. But. This means you are work-free . you belong to someone or somewhere. Which means you still have your family. .Let s think about it ‡ If you are rich enough.

Both are imperative. but FAMILY plays a more crucial role compared to WORK. 60% 40% Family Work .

Family is More Important F A M I L Y Father and Mother I Love You .

The Point of View Assumed that: you are already married and have your own children Why your parents work hard? .

Responsible Family Work .

FAMILY Love Care Home Shelter Share .

Example: Parents would leave all the jobs.  Sickness of their child  Accidents. etc . he/she is handling when something happened to their children.

‡ Without family. siblings. so to provide a better living for themselves. parents. family members and so on.FAMILY ‡ People work to earn money. who you are? ‡ And where you are? ‡ What you are going to be? . children.

Any Questions? .

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