Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P.


Reg. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance)

1. Explain in Detail “ Communication Process” and write a note on the “Nature of Communication” Communication is exchanging ones ideas, opinion, emotions to one person or more. It is a very essential part of life. It is required in every aspect of our day to day life , be it in your family, friends , in class or in a organization. “Communication is the process of facts, ideas to be transferred from one person to another”. Peter Little says “Communication is the process by which information is transmitted between individuals and or organization so that an understanding response results.” Communication by the above definition clearly indicates that it is a Process, a Continuous Process. It’s always Two ways. Communication requires some information or a message to be passed on. Unless you have something to say communication cannot take place. Message must be transmitted through words, pictures, graphs, voice gestures, actions etc. The person who want to say something is the communicator and to whom he wants to say is the communicate. Transmitted message must be understood by the communicate. He should respond in the given time. The Process cab be shown with the help of a diagram.,

IDEA Encoding




Now , after receiving the message , a communicate interprets and analyses it. It is called decoding a message.The quality of effectiveness of decoding is dependent on the message transmitted by communicate to the original communicator, the process of communication becomes complete.


which are respectful or abrupt. Consider the simple act of managers offering feedback to an employee. mail. defensiveness. It can be through hand. phone. Shankar Reg. fax etc. The message may never get to the receiver.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. the person who transmits the message. Feed back can be written. The senders choose certain words of non-verbal methods to stand an intentional message. It may be hidden inside bundle of papers or message intended for one receiver might be intercepted by another one. It might happen. action and expresses their ideas to others. E. hostility. preoccupation and fear all these constitute psychological noises. they respond to them. but your colleague could interpret the message as an indication that you were annoyed and mistrustful. some behavioral response or sometimes no response will be the feedback. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) Good receivers don’t just absorb messages like sponge. with enough feedback. Decoding may always not be accurate. In the confusing and imperfect world of business their may occur problems. Sometimes psychological noise interferes communication.e. Communication process begins with a sender. This can be hearing disorders. delivered in person or in a memo makes a big difference how the feedback is received. It happens at times when sender has some other intention of saying but the receiver takes it in the other sense. One of the barriers in this is Noise i.: You might remind a co-worker of yours about a deadline with the intention of being helpful. but this doesn’t happen always. Messages are not synonymous with meaning . Receiver attaches some meaning to a message. whether in words.. the mental images of the sender and the receiver will match. 2 . NATURE OF COMMUNICATION: Communication Happens between individuals or groups engaged in some way either through their expressions. Message is any signal that triggers the response of a receiver. Channel is a medium through which you are sending a message.g. egoism. external sound.

Suggestions improves the quality of work. It becomes difficult to pass on the message. (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) (VI) (VII) Information: It always affects business decision. wastage of the valuable time and material are big “NO” to any organization. Persuasion: It means to convince other. Suggestion: Effective communication suggests good suggestions. (c) The Types of Communication in Business Organizations Objective of Effective Communication: “ Communication is an exchange of facts. Improved products are due to the suggestions from plant manager.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. 3 . (VIII) Raising Morale: People with high morale are an asset to an organization and thus every manager should boost the morale of the people working under him. Shankar Reg. Write short Notes on (a) Objectives of Effective Communication. Barriers of Effective Communication: A Communication between two persons or a group of persons may fail due to number of reasons: (i) Physical Barriers: (a) A loud music or traffic noise creates barrier. In a business Organization Information is required from every possible source which can bring change in the Organization. Advice: Major Share of time of a manager devotes for advising the various authorities in the organization.” Communication information and knowledge are transmitted with certain objectives in an Organization. managers persuade his subordinates on their decisions. ideas. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) 2. Education: Means imparting knowledge and skill to perform specific job.These should be curtailed at any cost by sending memos or notices. (b) Barriers to Effective Communication. Motivation: Communication and motivation are two sides of a coin which go side by side. Warning: Carelessness. opinions and emotion by two or more persons.

4 . (d) Apathetic listener: Is psychologically dead to your communication. Due to tension and anxiety communication is not effective. (a) Unjust Assumptions: We assume something and commit things which may not be accurate and doesn’t suite to the occasion (b) Barrier Of Allness: We think that we know everything and not be prepared to accept that the mistakes can be done by us. (f) Defensiveness: Man always tries to justify himself. He is indifferent to the speaker. consumption of drugs. He thinks that admitting the mistake means a loss of face. This attitude of the communicator is a great hindrance in effective communication. (ii) Psychological Barrier: Every individual has its own way of looking at things which becomes a Barrier to communication. That means he is not reachable. E. bad ventilation etc. contribute in distortions in sending and receiving of a message. mental strain.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. Shankar Reg. Mechanical Barrier: Whistiling Microphones and incorrect placement of loud speakers are some of mechanical disturbances. (d) Ignorance of Media: Media a medium through which you try to send information. (e) Sophisticated Role: The receiver is not willing to learn from the communicator. (c) Snap reactions: People Try to criticise or pass remarks before communicator finishes his part. (iii) (iv) Linguistic and Cultural Barriers: Languages used in different culture takes different colour and meaning. humidity.: where a instructor tries to explain the workers through charts and maps. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) (b) Environmental stress: A high temperature. where the interpretations of the communication is hurried. which the workers are not familiar will not be able to understand it. It comes under the influence of accent of the local language. (g) Fear: Fear distracts communication.g. ill health. (c) Subjective stress: Due to lack of sleep.

that should be understood by you. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) Types of Communication: Communication with any is done in two basic ways which are Formal and Informal. Listening means able to distinguish between fact and fancy. Explain in detail “ Listening” and what is the advantage of “Body language” in Communication. Understanding: A listener has to hear it and should be able to grasp the concept. It is an effort to understand and retain the verbal material presented in spoken form. Listening involves employing the body and mind. (I) (II) (III) Downward Communication: A superior to subordinate. Principles of Good Listening: (I) (II) (III) (IV) (V) Psychological process: Listening is a concept. Shankar Reg.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. Listening includes with understanding whatever you listen. Listening requires deliberate effort. The effort is thus both physical and mental. 3. personal or career interests and proximity between workers. Attention: Giving attention or tuning to the wavelength of the one who is communicating. 5 . Formal are the one designed by management and informal patterns of interactions based on friendships. Active Process: Listener has to be alert and visible in posture of expressions. It is not only physical process but also requires psychological involvement of the listener. which includes psychological factors. Any job instructions or feedback to sub-ordinate. Listening is a positive function. In a organization a manager has to be a good listener as he spends more time in communication and of which majority would be listening in the conference meetings. Horizontal Communication: Communication between co-workers with different areas of responsibility. attention and concentration. Upward Communication: A subordinate to superior for suggestions and improvements in the job.

burden. “ go on” etc. Shankar Reg. (3) It competes people to pay attention to each other. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) (VI) (VII) Paying attention to what re-inforces our point of view cannot be termed as good listening. (5) Good listening enables to find the solutions to complex problems. cordial relations and better participation.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. Tiring Process: Listening is an active. physically. (e) Prejudiced Listener: Is one who knows the subject well in advance and doesn’t show interest and treats it as a boring topic. (6) Good listening enhances our knowledge about the subject. Advantages of Good Listening : (1) It improves the quality of communication and makes people receptive to the view point of others. hearing ability. prejudice. The speaker is encouraged with words like “ I see”. (f) Marginal Listener: Surplus time is spent by the listener in judging the quality of the lecture and preparing the reply. and mentally a tyring process. If we are aware of few things the speaker would add up more information to it. (2) Good listening leads to positive attitudes. Their should not be selective listening. He does not accept the view of the speaker. (d) Fake Listeners: Is the one who pretends he is sincerely listening to the speaker. (4) It provides valuable information for the purpose of decision making. snap reactions. In this case his attention is diverted. distracting. (c) Emphatic Listener: Pays attention not only to the surface meaning of the words but tries to probe the feelings and emotions of the speaker. premature evaluation (VIII) Presence of Barriers: There are common barriers to a good listening which is prior There are different Types of Listeners: (a) Projective Listeners: Who projects out to himself in the speaker’s point of view. (b) Sympathetic Listener: Here the listener respects the speaker so that speaker feels flattered and opens out much more. 6 . The other part of which you were unaware. He fools the speaker by keeping an eye contact with him.

A holiday which is declared on some particular day as per organization or companies decision. (b) Body language complements verbal communication specially face to face communication .) Oral and Written Reports 7 . Shankar Reg. E. It’s therefore. Notice will have a caption as notice itself and also a little slating. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) (7) Good Listening leads to clarifying the concepts which are not clear.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. In the absence of any gesture. There are different types of reports presented in a business organization. which describes an opinion.) Factual reports 2. proper eye contact any face to face communication will look blond and insipid. A report is always prepared after a through inquiry has been made. In a report a specific problem is discussed at a length. It will address the particular information with other related information. Reports: A report is a statement or an account. Which is a outcome of the observation. Visualize the Type of written communication used in Business Organization. When the concepts are clear you get more ideas of it.. 4. 1. Advantages of a Body Language: (a) Body language is the most easily visible aspect of communication. Following are the types of written communication used in Business Organization. (c) Body Language adds intensity to the process of communication. You also get to know the things more precisely.g. Notices: In an Organization notices are basically used for an important information to be noticed by the employees of the Organization. (d) Because people care for body language it goes a long way to improve the overall atmosphere. change of posture. helps the receiver of the message in decoding the message. It will also have a contact person name in case of any more queries or details needed. It helps in establishing rapport. situation etc. no message can be completely sent across with out the accompaniment of facial expressions and gestures.

and to turn their promises into action. It helps to promote sales of the organization. Reports are very important for an organization as they provide information for the purpose of planning and control. Minutes should be clear and be objective. It helps in decision making as reliable information is provided. Minutes of the Meeting: In a Business Organization employees attend both formal and informal meetings. The complaints and misunderstandings of the customers can be removed by giving them satisfactory replies. Minutes are kept for several reasons: (a) Provide a proof that members of a group come together and discuss certain issues.) Formal & Informal Reports 4.) Personal & Impersonal Reports Reports have to be made in an organized way. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) 3. It helps in the performance evaluation of departments. It can also be used for further correspondence. In meetings minutes of a meeting are taken up. Minutes are nothing but record of the proceeding and decision of a meeting.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. Basically an information relating to the companies like introducing a new 8 . Business letter acts as a representative of the organization and it creates goodwill in the market. Brochures: Brochures are mainly used by the Organizations or the companies to make their products to the customers / people. who haven’t attended the meeting.) Routine & Specified Reports 5. (c) Helps to hold participants to their promises. He can have a quick glance at the highlights. Letters: A business letter is a permanent record for the business. Shankar Reg. It is possible to increase the business by sending letters to various parties. Business letter can be used as a legal evidence in the court of Law. Status inquiry can be made regarding the goods sent to the customers. Minutes should be written as soon as possible after a meeting. (b) Usable for anyone. while events are fresh.

9 . then HR department going around in the company informs each and every individual in the organization that you are appointed as a Manager in the Marketing Department. The purpose of House journal is nothing but achieving Customer. House Journals: The purpose of house journals is for the private circulation with in the organization. Circulation is with in each department like if you are appointed in a company. Community. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) product in the market showing the customers about the product and its specifications and how good it can be compared to the other brands in the market. Sometimes your achievements like the Targets are made notice to everyone which motivates others to perform like yourself. Shankar Reg.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. Brochures can be said as an advertisement in a printed format. Profits and Public goals of the organization. Circulation is within each departments of the organization.

This review is in response to your dispute regarding the delivery of the products in that shipment.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. Always at your service Thank in you anticipation Regards ABC. Manager Logistics 10 . A full review has been completed of all the information provided to us regarding the shipment mentioned. Kindly provide us the proof of delivery for the same. Shankar Reg.O. Box 101472 Atlanta 30392 – 1472 REF No. XYZ US Operations Channel logistics and fulfillment P. Prepare the layout of Business letter for any consumer products company. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) 5.O. P. Invoice/ Sales/ 9563401 Corporate Express Inc Accounts payable department . Box 9000 Broomfield co 80021-0900 Proof of deliver fro order on 2061368 dated 19 May 2003 Dear reseller.

A vision is something very exciting which binds the whole team together. but if you have vision and you work hard to accomplish it your future is more likely to become a fulfillment of that vision. It adds fun to your work and excitement to work 11 .Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. The single greatest resource that each of us has to increase our productivity is other people. Even the most difficult task can give you a sense of satisfaction. Stress becomes strain when it continuous Meet each person with Positive anticipation. Vision is something like what your future should be. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) The greater the vision. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you have work hard and done and job well. Vision is something which predicts your future. What do you understand by the word – vision ? How it is useful for achievement of goals? Illustrate the vision statements of any company. because you can see a greater purpose being accomplished. Shankar Reg. Franklin field has rightly said “Poor eyes limit your sight. it adds up to our work. has the whole world open to him vision brings great benefits and opens incredible door of opportunity. It increases a person’s potential. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) PART – II 1. Goals provide a valuable means of evaluating your progress. A person without vision sees only what is immediate what he can put his hands on and what is convenient. and expect every encounter to yield positive results. It is not related to predicting the future but is a hope. The winds of change often blow them here and there. Their are basically two things in it firstly it is that the whole team perceive your vision and secondly sharing or communicating it. Some one with vision. Goals are something which we have to achieve or for which we have thought about the future comes in your mind when you have a vision when you think big about. It is a focus for the teams activity which provides sustained long-term motivation and which unites your team. Achievements make life more enjoyable. poor vision limits your deeds”. Vision refers to the ability to visualize the future. 2. but you increase your chances for success tremendously when our vision is clear. the greater the potential it gives. It is true that failure is not guaranteed.

Each task becomes a an important building block in that bigger picture. “GATI” . Without vision there is nothing to shoot for. no target.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. The most strategic plan you have is one that tailors your growth to your vision. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) increases. Vision provides a team to promote enthusiasm in an organization. Vision statements of cargo management company i. Shankar Reg. 12 . When your goals contribute to a vision you value. Positive changes in a person’s life always requite personal growth. The realization of vision requires innovation and we cannot be innovative when we are not open to new ideas. By keeping our focus fixed on our vision. no greater task to give you purpose and hope. Once goals are setted people try to work to achieve it.e. in a cost effective manner fulfilling customers expectations through continual improvement” Part of realizing your vision involves the journey of personal growth that you must take in order to get there. then the work that accomplishes those goals is valuable to you. but have to be flexible about the road which would take to go there. It keeps and organizes our idea we have for our future. Vision leads to achievement of goals setted.“We are committed to provide on time intact value added services. A broad vision provides what all are the areas where a person need to be remained focused. Once the goals are set it helps us to keep our priorities straight on a day to day basis.

(ii) Goals gives us purpose: If we have goals the purpose of our life is fulfilled. The pyramid itself is made up of fine sections. Ask any ten or twenty people. Goal setting must become a way of life. It becomes easy for us to get caught up on activities that do not contribute at all. The whole concept of success depends on goals. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) 3. the most focused. Goals give us the power to live in the present. (v) (vi) Goals channel and maximize our potential: It keep focused in the areas of strength and high return. Define “Goals and explain and pyramid. Goals are measurable milestones along the road to success. Goals can be formed into a pyramid. (iii) Goals add value to work: If people attach a goal to their work. The sop most section is the smallest. Unless you plan a head a person will never get a head. For a athlete to come first in the race. We set goals to achieve success in our life. (i) Goals motivate us: Making goals specific and reachable is very important. every one will be having different goals to be achieved for a father it will be to become a an excellent parent. It contains your like long goals.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. then the work that accomplished those goals is valuable. the work become more interesting to do. Every goals you set. Goals is something which a person has to achieve. their value is tremendous. that is where they have the power to accomplish their goals. (iv) Goals keep our priorities straight: Goals helps us to keep our priorities straight on day to day basis. If the goals cannot be measured it reduces motivation because on reaching the goals is what gives you a boost. but if you have a goal you will achieve success. 13 . Never underestimate the importance of creating measurable goals when planning for you own success. Shankar Reg. There is an overview of each of the fine sections. and all that you do to accomplish those goals must point to your. Statement for purpose. Even if you have difficulties you are surrounded by non-compliances and no from every side. When the goals contribute to a vision you value. For goals to be achieved their must be proper planning.

4. In general these ae things you choose to accomplish in five to ten years. They take from one to five years to accomplish. these are things you hope to accomplish in about two years without long-term goals you are likely to experience short terms frustrations. what you believe to be your purpose in life.These are goals you have set to help you reach each of your intermediate goals. weekly and monthly basis in order to accomplish.These are goals you have set to help you reach each of your long term goals. These are governed by the way you manage your time. your short term goals.These are the approximately two to give goals that you hope to accomplish in your lifetime. What is meant by “STRESS” ? what ate ways to reduce the stress. Shankar Reg.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. (2) Long Term Goals: . 14 . (3) (4) (5) Intermediate Goals: . If you are able to achieve then or come close to achieving them. Short Term Goals:. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) LONG TERM GOALS INTERMEDIATE GOALS SHORT TERM GOALS REGULAR DISCIPLINES (1) Life Long Goals: .These are the goals that you have set to help you reach each of your life long goals in general.These are the tasks you will be completing on a daily. Regular Disciplines: . you will have fulfilled to the best of your ability.

These is done by a release of hormones from the endocrine glands. your body recognize the stressor and prepares for fight or flight. As it prompts a person to find a better.Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. These hormones will cause an increase in heart best and respiration. Some stress can be avoided by some need to learn how to deal with them. the body cannot repair the damage and must remain alert. Below are few strategies to handle stress successfully. they a give their best performance when the pressure is on. smarter way of doing things. In alarm stage. when people important to them are in the audience. In the resistance stage. When talking about stress particularly it is all because of mental attitude. headache etc. (ii) Stop running from risks: Running from facing risks shouldn’t be done instead one should try to understand why at all these is happening and try to found the solutions to tackle them. Shankar Reg. elevation of sugar level and slowed digestion. It is almost as though they then one problem in ten that causes stress is a real concern. you may develop one of the “diseased of stress”. Earle Wilson has said “the ability to see the present moment and immediate events against the background of large reference”. It happens that some stress can prove ass a positive thing for us. If however the stressor does not go away. At times stress becomes harmful and become strains. such as migraine headaches. heart irregularity or even mental illness. Even successful people who seem to have a orderly life are affected by this all. For e. (i) Develop a proper perspective: Proper perspective means how you try to see a tackle the things. Different people react differently to that kind of pressure. May be the word pressure or tension would better describe that kind of positive impetus. The bad news is that the world is filled with things that can cause us stress. (iii) Work in your areas of strength: 15 . In the exhaustion stage. Most of people worry unnecessarily about too many things. Continuous exposure to stress during the exhaustion stage causes the body to run out of energy and may even stop bodily function. your body repairs any damage caused from the stress. You will then choose whether to use this burst of energy to fight or flee. fatigue. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) Today people face problems like stress.g for some actors. Human body reacts to stress in a 3 stages: (1) Alarm (ii) Resistance (iii) Exhaustion. There is no substitute for perspective.

Subject: Bus Comm and Executive Effectiveness Name: P. something funny. Speak out everything whatever their is in your mind because is makes you feel better. (vii) Reprogram your mind: Our mind constantly changes seeing. hearing watching the things around. And so we are person who have to choose as what input has to be given to get a good output. 16 . (viii) If you try to get preoccupied with your own concerns. Shankar Reg. When you are too much stressed go out for a walk. them you are probably working in an area of strength. It mistakes are made and it challenges you instead of causing you to experience stress. Develop strong convictionst: Lack of purpose and direction seems to be epidemic in 20the century. even when they make mismatches and mistakes. or pick something that you really enjoy doing. if you try helping others. (iv) (v) Get off the road of overload: Sometimes you have to give up what is merely good in order to do what is best. it will help you to release stress. (vi) Give up your right: fighting for rights with a attempt to get everything causes great amount of stress and emotional fatigue. Number: 200313028 Course: PGDBA (Finance) People who work in their areas of strength are less likely to become victims of stress. Convictions enable a person to face nearly any situation in life with courage and dignity. So it is sometimes good that you give up the rights as giving brings great joy and it can reduce stress.

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