Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Voice

Sentence Structure

Subject + Verb + Object e.g. Rama + Killed + Ravana. Kamala + likes + mangoes. Object + Verb(be-form)+Subject e.g. Ravana +was killed by + Rama. Our MLA + has been Murdered by +someone. (Someone has killed our MLA.)


Voice The verb form that shows whether the grammatical subject performs the action or is acted upon. ‡Active Voice(Normal voice) ‡Passive Voice .

.Active Voice Active subject verb object > Cats eat fish.

Passive Voice .

e. ‡ To be clear and more direct. e.g. World Health Organization is conducting Awareness Programs on Child Labour. . You can use the computer.Choosing Active Voice ‡ When importance should be given to the actor/subject.g.

g.«. This answer has been given by Krishna. e. ‡ To be more concise( to use less words). . Krishna has given this answer.continued.

(AV) .g. ‡ When the agent performing the action(Subject) is ² obvious e. This computer can be used.Choosing Passive Voice ‡ When Object (which is acted upon) needs to be given prominence. e. Surgeons performed an experimental livertransplant operation yesterday.g.

The Informer notified the police that three prisoners have escaped.«.(PV) .(AV) The Police are notified that three prisoners have escaped.(PV) unimportant e.g.continued An experimental liver-transplant operation was performed yesterday.

(AV) The man was sent a package.g.(PV) . e. He has been murder brutally.«.g. They sent the man a package.(PV) ‡ When a writer wishes to ² postpone/avoid mentioning the agent.continued unknown e.

. Everybody drinks passive Water is drunk by everybody.Changing active to passive subject active verb object water.

«. Those four apples have been eaten by Ramu. Sita is singing a song in this movie. (be-form) (past-participle) Ramu has eaten those four apples.g. . A song in this movie is being sung by Sita.continued ‡ Change the verb to a form of be + past participle. e.

All my friends love my mother. ..«. e.´.g. I was inspired by his speech. the object of a "by. My mother is loved by all my friends..continued. His speech inspired me. ‡ Make the agent who is performing the action.

Who has done the presentation? .g: 1.continued e.Suresh has damaged my bicycle.«.He has given this address to me. 2. My bicycle has been damaged by Suresh. 3.

Some more Examples« AV: Ramesh painted 'Red Rose'. . PV: 'Red Rose' was painted by Ramesh. PV: The new product design has been finished by our team. PV: The refreshments are going to be prepared by Karen. AV: Karen is going to prepare the refreshments. AV: Our Team has finished the new product design.

Changing passive to active ‡ find the agent in a "by the.." phrase ‡ consider carefully who or what is performing the action ‡ Make that agent the subject of the sentence ‡ change the verb accordingly ..

.Conversion. .

was. were. are." phrase after the verb e. the verb phrase will always include a form of be.g.g.Recognizing Passive Voice ‡ In Passive-voice expressions.. .. He is dismissed from his duties by the Chairman. e. such as am. or been. We are given instruction not to use mobiles during office hours. is. ‡ may include a "by the.


‡The arrangements have been made for us.Simple present Active The company ships the computers to many foreign countries. . Present Perfect ‡Someone has made the arrangements for us. Present Progressive ‡The chef is preparing the food. ‡The food is being prepared. Passive Computers are shipped to many foreign countries.

Past Progressive ‡The producer was making an announcement. Past Perfect ‡They had given us visas for three Simple Past passive: ‡The package was delivered yesterday. ‡We had been given visas for three months. ‡An announcement was being made. . ‡The delivery man delivered the package yesterday.

. ‡Your computer will be picked up.Future active: passive: ‡Our representative will pick up your computer.

Contexts for usage of PV ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Scientific Academic Journalism Legal Writings Novelistic Presentation(to be more effective) .

Scientific Report ‡ The test system is used in clinical laboratories to screen for more than 40 diseases and conditions. ‡ When oxygen is reduced. fire can be controlled. .

Observed increases are what would be expected as a result of warming caused by greenhouse gases trapping heat from the sun in the atmosphere.continued. . ‡ While surface warming has been reported in parts of Antarctica. this is the first report of broad-scale climate change across the whole continent.«.

.Academic Reports ‡ Certain issues are raised by the Standardizing Committee. ‡ It also contains reports on products which would be affected by the REC standards. in its provisions.

internet and worldwide web are being adopted as media for disseminating research results. .Those presentations can be produced by either researchers or media or else talkshow personnel. ‡ At increasing pace.In addition.«.continued. reports of research projects recorded are broadcast over radio and TV.

000 sq ft church was acquired and is being modified to make the temple. As US didn¶t give permission. .a 60.The land had already been acquired at a cost of Rs 37 crore. is expected to be shipped very soon. made of 'Panchaloha' (five metals) and meant for the biggest Lord Siva temple to come up in parkway in Georgia in the US.Journalistic Report ‡ A granite idol of Lord Siva and 108 'Utsava moorthies' (idols for worship).

The reports suggested victims of terrorism for selling children regular 'mandis' (markets) were held in residential areas of Jammu.«. ‡ Reports about trading of children in Jammu and Kashmir. directed that a copy of the same be sent to the state chief secretary for a "factual" report within two weeks.continued. which received a CD as well as transcript of a news story by a news channel. the Commission. .

Legal Reports ‡ The public is entitled to freely use some portions of copyrighted materials. ‡ A search warrant is an order signed by a judge that authorizes police officers to search for specific objects .

The suspect.continued. ‡Police officers obtain search warrants by convincing a judge or magistrate that they have ´Probable cause" to believe that criminal activity is occurring at the place to be searched or that evidence of a crime may be found there. is not present when the warrant issues and therefore cannot contest the issue of probable cause at . who may be connected with the place to be searched.«.

.Novels/Stories ‡ The King was murdered. that have mirror script(that can be read only by holding the manuscript up to a mirror) were found. beside the dead body. ‡ Letters.

General Mistakes and Suggestions 1. but they still ordered it frequently. but it was still ordered frequently. Unnecessary shift in voice Ex1: Many customers in the restaurant found the coffee too bitter to drink. . Many customers in the restaurant found the coffee too bitter to drink.

Ex: He tried to act cool when he slipped in the puddle. but other students still laughed . He tried to act cool when he slipped in the puddle.continued. but he was still laughed at by the other students.«.

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