Objectives Of The Study
‡ What is the situation of farmer in India- an agriculture country

‡ To know the reason behind the Farmer Suicide

INDIAN FARMERS ‡ The typical Indian farmer is poor. No school facilities is available for their children. They are unable to provide more than the very basic needs for their families ‡ The Indian farmer lives in a small village where life proceeds at a much slower pace than it does in the towns and cities ‡ There is hardly any medical aid available. Mode of transport still the old one .

that some resort to the selling of their children to others-. rice mills.SITUATION OF FARMERS IN INDIA ‡ Income of most farmers is so less.often in involuntary servitude (slavery) to brick kilns. They are still dependent on the rain god for water ‡ The prices at which crops and fruits are bought from the farmers is very less when compared to the price at which they are sold . and embroidery factories ‡ The condition of the farmers in India has not changed much even after independence.



Farmer Suicide Tolls Continued To Rise«« .

specially on bought inputs ‡ Natural hazards caused by drought ‡ Accumulated burden of debt .Why Farmers Suicide In An Agriculture Country? Reason Behind Farmer Suicide:Economic Causes: ‡ Over dependence on the monsoons ‡ Lack of proper irrigation ‡ Expensive technologies ‡ Growing expenditures.

Contd« ‡ Neutral seeds ‡ Unsatisfactory agriculture income ‡ Some times they doesn¶t have enough money to sustain him self when there is no crop .

. ‡ Bad health and illness and inability to meet the necessary expenditure on medicine and health service.Social Causes ‡ The drinking habit which atrophies the productivity of the farmer. ‡ Extravagant expenditures on marriages.

Statistical Analysis of Farmer Suicide .

computers.000. or other modern equipment. Most don't even own a tractor .00 a year His wife and children work with him in field Few have telephones.INDIAN FAMERS vs US FARMERS A Comparison ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ INDIAN FARMER The average Indian farm family works 80 hours per week Earns about $3.


) The average American farm family earns $60.000. harvesting.Contd ‡ AMERICAN FARMER A farmer in the US works very hard (80+ hours per week) during certain key periods (planting. ‡ ‡ ‡ .00 a year He has a very comfortable lifestyle Farming methods are very modern which make farming for him easier and more convenient. etc.


RECOMMENDATION ‡ Quality Seeds should be provide to the farmers ‡ Supplementary irrigation ‡ Reduce use of pesticide ‡ Organic farming ‡ Pricing Policies .

Contd« ‡ What is done by ITC in their project EChoupal should by allowed and promoted by government to other companies ‡ Financial Assistance should be provided by the government and money should reach in hands of farmers not in the hands of corrupt people .

This sector is very underdeveloped ‡ The farmer that feeds the nation is hungry himself ‡ Farmers are asset of a country like India and must be protected and guaranteed for their investment in the uncertain field of agriculture .CONCLUSION ‡ Even though India is known for agriculture.



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