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Abducted by Aliens by Chuck Weiss

Abducted by Aliens by Chuck Weiss

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Published by: life2essence on Apr 17, 2011
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I had another “dream” that wasn’t a dream where I was

lying on my back on a table, with my hands at my side. I

opened my eyes to see that insects of some kind were swarming

around my groin and I watched them quietly without moving.

One of them turned and flew up to my face. I brought my

hands up from my side and put them in front of me, in an effort

to protect myself from the flying insect.

A man for whom I felt great deference came out of the

shadows and told me that I must keep my hands down and

proceeded to “tuck me in” so that my arms were at my side and

I couldn’t move them. I tried to explain to the man, whom I

still couldn’t see very well because he was standing just behind

the periphery of my vision, that I had only been trying to

protect my face from a swarm of flying insects. I thought to

myself that I hoped he understood that I wasn’t at fault, but I

knew that whatever was happening was important and I

endeavored to comply with his wishes and kept my hands down

at my side. I remembered thinking to myself, as the dream

ended, that I hoped I was strong enough not to panic if that

flying bug were to buzz my face again.


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