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Abducted by Aliens by Chuck Weiss

Abducted by Aliens by Chuck Weiss

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Published by: life2essence on Apr 17, 2011
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I've tried to be open and frank in my descriptions of

what I've witnessed and of what I've done, even when it is sure

to expose me to criticism and ridicule. To be truthful and

forthright, I elected to pull my own "skeletons" from the closet.

To those of my friends and family who are disturbed by

what I've written and think that it somehow reflects upon them

personally, I sincerely apologize. However, now that I’ve

entered the twilight of my life, I feel the need to document what

it has become and to share what I’ve learned, before its

inevitable end. And in the end, all that matters is the truth.

To those same good people, and to especially my

daughter, Katherine, let me also say that I don’t regret anything

that has happened, because all of my experiences collectively

have brought me to where I am today. I’m at peace with myself

as I walk through my life, and every day is as fresh to me as the

day that came before. If it took 14 years of paradigm shifts and

Majestic’s harassment to achieve this state of mind, then it has

all been worth it. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Chuck Weiss




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