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Dong Kyun Exhibition Reflection

Dong Kyun Exhibition Reflection

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Published by Dong-kyun Chippi

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Published by: Dong-kyun Chippi on Apr 18, 2011
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DK¶s Exhibition Reflection

March 8th 2011 I have been working with Tara and Rena in last few days and we are interested in a topic about child labor in Thailand .Our group has been working on getting the main questions and researching them. We learned that Thailand had one of the worst forms of child labor in 2001. We also learned that the child labor is improving because of the economical increase. We have to interview more people and we have to get different perspectives from the people. We also have to find a spot with people who are forced to work. I was being an inquirer because I was researching and I was making questions for the interview. My perspective changed looking at child labor because first I saw them but I didn¶t see many so I didn¶t think that it was a problem but when I was looking well I saw a lot of children working and I think I took this problem more seriously and I feel kind of sad for them. So your awareness and thinking about child labour is already changing. Excellent. March 15th I had been working with Rena and Tara on Child labor and recently interviewed 2 people out on the street working and then got their perspective. I think my perspective is starting to change because when I went out to interview children outside, since we were focusing on the µChild Workers¶ we saw a lot of them and it felt more serious. I gained knowledge that under 15 child labor is illegal. I found it challenging to find people on the street who can speak Thai fluently because 60%of child labor in Thailand is Burmese. Interesting. Do you know why? Also we couldn¶t find a lot of people to interview outside so that was kind of frustrating. We will go to interview Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jane and we now have to think how we will present the exhibition like music or drama. My responsibility was to research and help think of a presentation way recently. We made a decision that we need to have a presentation style chosen this week. My goals were to get all those researching and interviewing done. There were some problems finding who to interview so we needed to ask the teachers for some contacts. I think I was an inquirer because I was researching and thinking of questions I was interested and curious about. It sounds like your group is learning a lot and making progress. Keep up the good work.

24 March 2011 This is DK and my group works on child labor and they are Rena and Tara. We are mainly focusing on presentation this week. Our group has been making one boy and one girl which is made out card board. The girl is going to have news articles about child labor on it. The boy right now has blue shirt at the front and green shirt at the back and we put some countries which have child labour. We are also going to put some messages on the boy sculpture about how they feel. We also made a wheel to spin which I painted and for the presentation about the wheel there is 8 main questions and if a person gets it right they get a candy for the prize. I think our group should be ready to finish the sculptures soon like next week Monday so that we can have time to think about what we are going to say out on Wednesday. 1 April 2011 My name is DK and my group works on child labour. I would say that our display and presentation in last 2 days were successful because we had a lot of customers and people were interested in our work. We made a cardboard girl and a boy which had most of our information in it but we remembered what we needed to say and were quite confident. We used no technology and we had a lot of audience. We sold some t-shirts which was also successful because we sold all of them and we earned money we can donate to the I am child organization. You guys accomplished a lot! By doing this exhibition I learned that interviewing primary resources are the best to get information. The internet has some fake information and it might not be true but most of the interviews people tell what they really think. But in some case they don t tell the truth like we interviewed two girls out on the street and they said they work until 5pm but actually they work until 9pm. Also I learned that the way you present is really important. If we got all the good information and our presentation is not good then people will not be interested. Very true! Good point. A good presentation has a person s enthusiasm and it has to be clear simple and to the point. Our way was quite unique with no computers so people were interested and it is actually really hard without technology to get them interested. In our station another way I learned is that we need to have a person in the booth. If we don t people might be interested but they won t go to our station because we might have no person in a booth. And another way is try to get the people to change their perspective and we changed other people s perspective because they actually donated some money that we can help more children get out of labour. The last way is that you have to be organized because when you are not organized you will not be able to present well and you will be mumbling. Yes. In this exhibition I got more confident and now I speak more clear and simple. I did it because from year 5 I wasn t confident in presentation like the one in In plain English only Michael spoke. I learned that presenting can be fun and when you are excited the audience is excited too because you become enthusiastic when you are happy. Way to go!!! I also learned that primary resource is better than secondary resource because I only used internet and websites to get my information but actually interviewing an interviewee is better than internet because they are more accurate and probably we will get information we can t get from internet. Also sometimes in internet you can t find the one you actually want and you need to waste time trying to find the same information for one question. Yes, if you can interview experts in the field you can learn so much from them. You should remember that for future projects.

I liked this exhibition because it gave me a lot of lessons and it was actually normal to work with girls and boys and girls have different point of view so we got more information and more perspectives. Excellent! The process of the exhibition is to find what you re interested in and don t try to be with your best friend because you might not act serious and it is a serious thing you have to do. Then it was the inquiring part where you have to interview and research a lot. Then it was the presenting part which was also important because if we have all the good information and then we present it in a really boring and a bad way then people will not think that you did a good job and that you were acting silly but when you do it clear, simple and to the point it will be interesting for the audience and also better for you because when the audience is happy with your presentation then you will be happy too because they are thinking that you did a great job. We were successful and our group did a great job so I am satisfied with myself that I learned a lot and I was successful in the yr6 exhibition.

I m glad you learned so much from the Exhibition process, DK. You stayed focused and were helpful to your group. Nice work!!

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