Monitoring CO in Ambient Air

Direct Reading NDIR Method

CO Methods of analysis
Methods available to monitor CO in ambient air
• IR Absorption

• IR Absorption GFC
• Open path spectrometry, ( IR DOAS)

EC9830 GFC CO Analyzer
• Gas Filter Correlation Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzer • NDIR Gas Filter correlation technique The EC9830 analyzer operates by
• • • measuring CO absorption of IR radiation at highly specific wavelengths near 4.7 microns. The Analyzer uses an Optical Bench with a 5-meter folded path-length. The gas filter correlation wheel facilitates rejection of interference and the narrow band -pass filter ensures measuring only the CO-sensitive IR wavelengths. The CO content of the sample is continuously measured from a user-supplied air stream of which the instrument extracts 1 SLPM (standard liter per minute) of sample.

EC9830 GFC CO Analyzer
• Operation

While the instrument is operating, the filter wheel is continuously rotating. First, consider the difference in the detector signals between the CO and the N2 cells. signal passes CO cell,which is the reference signal. And the signal that passes the N2 cell which is the measurement signal this is composed of all wavelengths not absorbed by CO. The third signal is the dark current signal which is the signal without IR. The rotation of GFW creates the “reference” and “measure” phases. The reference and measure phase signal share the same source, detector, optical path; only the amount of CO in the sample cell can effect the difference in intensity between the two phases.

EC9830 Principle of Operation
Microprocessor CO Output Particulate Filter

Sample Inlet

IR Detector IR source Gas Filter Wheel Absorption (Measurement Cell) exhaust

EC9830 GFC CO Analyzer Optical Bench with Multiple Path

EC9830 GFC CO Analyzer
Analyzer Specifications
• • • • • • • • Range: Resolution: Precision: Lower detectable reading: Noise: Sample Flow Rate Rise/Fall time, 95% of scale: Temperature range 0 - 50 ppm to 200 ppm 0.01 ppm 0.1 ppm 0.05 ppm 0.025 ppm 1.0 slpm Less than 40 seconds 5º to 40 º C

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