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Online Placements FinalDoc

Online Placements FinalDoc

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Technology: Java 2 Standard Edition, JDBC and AJAX
Web Server: Tomcat 5.5
Server Side Technologies: Servlets, JSP
Database Server: MS Access
Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac any version


Online Placements




The Online Placement System will enable the placement committee to monitor
the placement process, and communicate easily with students and companies.
Students will be able to apply to companies online, and view their status in the
recruitment process. The use of the online system will prevent wasteful exercises
like the repetitive filling up of application forms by students. Information about
participating companies will be available online to students, along with links to
the websites of the companies.
Companies will be able to search and view student profiles, job applications, and
schedule placement activity, prior to their campus visit. Campus visits by
companies is an important part of the recruitment process. The Online Campus
Placement System has information pertaining to travel and stay at the campus, the
placement schedule and facilities and amenities available to recruiting companies.

1.2 Scope

A high level and comprehensive service recruiting key information sector professionals at
all levels." Services are offered for all types of jobs, and for all types of positions.
Jobseekers may apply for placement services online. Online Placements is a Job
placement site for Jobs, Staff Requirements, Man Power, Security Services, job seekers
where they can place their resumes and search for job vacancies that suit there
requirements the best. They have the facility of updating, deleting and de-activating their
resumes online. The employers can post vacancies as well search for resumes.


Online Placements


The Job Seekers and the Job Providers have to register in the website to use this
website. The Job Seekers log in and Search for jobs by giving search options. Job
Seekers can view the details of job and can apply for particular job. This website
provides communication between Job Seekers and Job Providers to full fill their
Job Seekers, Job Providers can participate from anywhere that has Internet access
with No geographical constraints increasing the number of listed Providers and
the number of Seekers.


This project acts as an interface between Job Providers and Job Seekers.

•Job Providers can post his job according his requirements.

•Providers can process the applications which are applied by the job seekers.

•Job seekers can search for job according his own criteria.

•Job seekers can apply for a particular job.

•Job seekers can view status of his application.

If any of the above-specified functions fail the corresponding error message will be
displayed which makes the project friendlier to the user. The application software is
developed with MS Access database and GUI based front- end tool J2EE. The
information about the users is stored in the database in the related tables. All designing of
pages are done with JSP’s and Java. Using Java Technologies makes our project more
robust and importantly portability over different systems. Java Server Pages have both
HTML and Java Code Technologies included and can use both of it.


Online Placements

Chapter -2

System Analysis


2.1 Existing System

The first step of preliminary study in the system analysis process involves the
identification of needs for computerization. The motivation behind this project is to
overcome all the defects in the existing system.

Some defects in existing system are:

•Lack of communication between job providers and job seekers
•Delay in recruitment process.
•Fail in Tracking of Job seekers Applications.


Online Placements

2.2 Proposed System

Features of proposed system:

This project acts as an interface between the Job Seeker (who search for job) and
Job Providers (who wants to recruits the employs).

•Job Seekers can Search for any Job.

•Communication between the Job Seeker and Job Providers becomes easier.

•Speed up the Recruiting process.

2.3 User Classes and Characteristics

The Job Seeker has to be very familiar with accessing the Internet and how to use
the basic controls displayed in the browser. The Job Seeker need to Search for
jobs, which are posted by Job Providers. The Job Seekers also has to view the
status of application and providing feedback.
The Job Providers also has to be very familiar with Internet and how to use the
basic controls displayed in the browser. The Job providers give their vacancy
(job) details and can view the applications, which are applied by Job Seekers. The
Job providers can give the status to applications and can view the feedback, which
provided by Job Seekers.

2.4 Operating Environment:

Software Requirements are Windows as Operating System. HTML, Cascading
Style Sheets and JavaScript as Front-End designing tools. MS Access is used as Database
Server. Tomcat 6.0 server is the Web server. Java, JSP and Servlets are used as server
side languages.

Hardware Requirements are P2 above processor, 128MB+ of main memory
(RAM) and 100MB hard disk and data base memory.


Online Placements

2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints

This project will be developed using the technologies like Java, JSP, Servlets,
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and Web for all which I need to fetch knowledge on all of
them in order to code for the project. Also I’ll be learning clearly about Software
Development Life Cycle.

2.6 User Documentation

This document also includes a user manual which assists the new user to go about the
project, he can even get the online help which caters the needs of a new user and makes
this project more user friendly, a step by step approach online makes it easy to use
software for a naïve user.

2.7 Module Description

In this we have five modules

• Security Module

• Jobs and Resume process Module

• Search Module

• Feedback and Message Module

Security Module

This module provides the authentication for Job Seekers and Job
Providers. All Job Seekers and Job Providers must login into the web site to view
Jobs and Resume information, feedback, message information. All user names
and passwords must be protected by using this module, which means that for each
person, there must be a unique username and password. We can place various
constraints to secure usernames and passwords like encryption and uniqueness


Online Placements

Jobs and Resume Process Module

In this module,

Job Providers can post new job with the following data,
•Job Name.




Job Seekers can apply for a particular job with the following data.
•Seeker Name.

•Apply for.

•Attaching Resume.


Job Seeker can provide feedback to Job Providers. Job Providers can
Download Seeker’s Resumes, process them and send a message to Job Seekers.
Providers can view the feedback, which send by the Seekers.

Feedback and Message Process Module

In this module Seekers can provide feedback to Providers. and
Providers can view those feedbacks Job Providers can Download Seeker’s
Resumes, process them and send a message to Job Seekers. Job Seekers can check
their application status in the form of message.

Search Module

In this module Job Seekers can search for Jobs information. The Search
Process is working based up on the search string, which is related to experience.


Online Placements

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