Cisco has announced that it is working on a complicated security architecture ca lled SecureX that will apparently provide a â context

-awareâ way of safeguarding network that are under security pressure from virtualisation, Smartphones and tablets. The plan is that Cisco ASA firewalls and in time Cisco switches, routers and oth er network hardware will have the ability to scan and tag data according to the device application and the user, in order to manage security on a real-time basi s. This is in line with Ciscoâ s Borderless Networks strategy which will support distrib uted and virtualised applications, processes and services included in cloud comp uting and software-as-a-service (SaaS) environments. It would be used to enforce granular security policies such as access to applica tions on Facebook and may also analyse global threat information to manage conte xt-aware security. Cisco promises that it will deliver SecureX into its ASA appliances, but at this time could not confirm whether it would be a software upgrade or a new hardware requirement.

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