English 3 - Grammar - The Simple Sentence - Subjects and Verbs

The Simple Sentence: Subjects and Verbs

The Subject:
• • The unit about which something is being said. Always contains a noun or a pronoun

The Predicate:
• • The unit that says something about the subject. Always contains a verb

The Noun:
• Names something, such as a person, place, thing, quality, or idea. o Common noun – names a member of a group or class and is not capitalized.  man, relative, city, school, object, animal, o Proper noun – refers to a named individual in a group or class.  Mr.Dien, Uncle Baha, Penang, Permatang Tok Jaya High School, BMW, Mickey Mouse, Nemo, etc.

The Pronoun:
• A word that substitutes for a noun. o Personal pronouns substitute for definite persons or things:  I, you, he, she, it, we, they. o Demonstrative pronouns substitute for things being pointed out:  this, that, these, those. o Indefinite pronouns substitute for unknown or unspecified things:  each, either, neither, one, anyone, somebody, everything, all, few, many, and so on. o Possessive pronouns substitute for things that are possessed:  mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, theirs.

or occurrence by combining with a subject to make a statement. were. or explode. She listened quietly.    My truck rattles noisily. or to give a command. throw. o Can be an action verb like rattle. and become. The long chapter seemed difficult. seem. to ask a question.       Your house is very big. The bomb exploded loudly. smash. She was my friend. They are very quiet today. I became lazy during the trip. was. existence. are. .The Verb: • a word that expresses action. We were tired for days. o Can be a describing or linking verb like is.

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