Conceptual Framework The system approach ( Input- Process- Output system ) was used in describing the conceptual framework

of the study. As shown in Figure 2, the input consist the health programs offered by the college clinic in terms of medical and dental services. And services availed by the students and their level of satisfaction on the medical and dental services rendered by the college clinic.

1. Health Program offered I. Medical Services a. Consultation & treatment of their medical cases & emergencies. b. Medical/Health exam c. Issuance of Medical certificate. d. Health education &counseling e. Referral II. Dental Services a. Dental consultation & treatment. b. Oral prophylaxis c. Tooth extraction d. Oral Health education 2. Medical & Dental Services availed by the students. 3. Level of satisfaction on the Health Services rendered by the college student.

1. Collection of the data through questionnaires and interview. 2. Analysis & interpretation of data. 3. Test for significant differences in the perception of the respondents 4. Formulation of proposed plan to improve the level of satisfaction.

Action plan to improve & maintain the level of satisfactio n on the Health Services rendered by Medical and Dental Services of college clinic.


And the formulation of an action plan is also included in the process. A feedback loop provided a data which of course serves as a guide in making same revision on the input.The PROCESS of system approach focused on presentation. . process and outputs for the enhancement of the research. The OUTPUT of the research process consisted of the action plan to improve or maintain the level of satisfaction of the students on the Health service rendered by the college clinic. analysis and Interpretation of data and test for the significant difference in the perception of the respondents.

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