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Sikh Religion and Science

Sikh Religion and Science


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Published by: bounteous on Aug 30, 2008
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This theory states that about 10 million years ago energy
somehow materialized into matter with a rest mass. It was from
this matter that our earth took shape. The heavy elements sank to
the planet’s core but the comparatively lighter elements- like
hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon- remained closer to the surface.
Micro organisms developed from these lighter elements through
very improbable events and evolved into intelligent life.

The spontaneous generation theory came into prominence
towards the end of the 18th

Century. An example was given that
maggots emerge from meat without any eggs being laid on it by
any insect.

French zoologist, Jean Baptiste Lamarck extended the
theory by saying that once life came into existence, the
characteristics acquired by one generation of living organisms
were passed on to its offspring and thus life spread on the earth.

The theory was disproved by Italian physician, Francesco
Redi (1688) and Lazzaro Spallanzani (1780)


Anthropologists are not sure as to the time when this happened or when mankind became


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