100 things

100 things 1. my eyes 2. my crooked smile 3. I am determined 4. I have sticktuitiveness 5. I work out pretty much everyday 6.

I try to eat healthy 7. I take care of my friends and family 8. I am a nice person 9. I am generous 10. I am emotional 11. I have empathy 12. I am intelligent 13. I am smart not the same as intelligent 14. I have good taste 15. I am a great teacher 16. I am a NBCT 17. I am loyal 18. I have technology skills 19. I know and understand the students I teach 20. I am a good friend 21. I swim 22. I like music all kinds 23. I am nice to animals 24. I take time for my appearance 25. I spoil those I love 26. I am a great baker 27.

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