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TWINA BAMRA SHIV COMPLEX D-102 HISSA NO A-2 GAT NO 195 VICHUMBE PANVEL NR GRAMPANCHAYAT OFFICE PANVEL - 410206 MAHARASHTRA CIOU Code : MURI10032 Your Reliance No. 9320426946 Relationship No. Bill Period Bill Date Bill No. Tariff Plan Name Credit Limit

: 2398707780 : 11-09-2010 to 10-10-2010 : 11-Oct-10 : 323373327560 : HSD_DATA : 1900
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Summary of Current Charges 1. Monthly Rental 2. Value Added Services (VAS) Subtotal 3. Taxes Total Current Charges

Amount (Rs) 499.00 10.50 509.50 52.48 561.98

This Statement has been issued by Reliance Communications Services-a Division of Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd ; For its dues and services provided to you by Reliance Communications Ltd; Thane Belapur Road, KoparKhairane, Navi Mumbai -400710.(ServiceTax Registration No. AACCR7832CST001) and Reliance Communications Infrastructure Ltd; Thane Belapur Road, KoparKhairane, Navi Mumbai - 400710. (Service- Tax Registration No. AACCS2157HST002.) Service Tax Category - Telecommunication Service.

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Relationship No.:2398707780 TWINA BAMRA Cash [_] Drawn On Crossed Cheque/DD should be drawn locally in favour of RCIL A/c RIS2398707780 *Outstation cheque are not accepted. Checque [_] Demand Draft [_] Bill No.:323373327560 Total Amount Due:562.00 Cheque/D.D No: Due Date:29-Oct-10 Amount Payable After Due Date:612.00 Date: Amount:

Regd. Off. : Reliance Communications Limited, H Block, 1st Floor, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, Navi Mumbai 400710, Maharashtra, India.

7th Floor. b)No increase in any item of the tariff for a period of 6 months from the date of enrolment under any tariff plan c)No Charges will be levied for any services without your explicit consent. Narindra Raheja.00 Terms and Conditions.To change your billing address. 3. Fax : 022-30364905.You can highlight any matter related to our services to Nodal Officer: Mr. Reliance Communications Ltd.Mumbai@relianceada.Bandra (East). 6.Please make the payment by due-date to avoid charging of late fee. g)Reliance GSM does not include calls made to Reliance GSM services in the following states :. Arunachal Pradesh. Reliance Voice Plan RWorld Plan Reliance Netconnect Plan : 9320426946 : HSD_DATA : L0 : BrdbndNgt10G4991MFREE Payments Cash Payment Total Date 01/10/2010 Amount Call *222 (toll free) from your reliance mobile or to access Customer Care from any other phone .Late Fee :-Payment of bills on time would ensure a good credit rating and continuous services .Email : Rcomappellateauthority.broadband@relianceada. Email at : Netconnect. failing which you shall be paid an interest @ 10% per annum. you can highlight the matter to our Appellate Authority Mr. in NDNC Registry. G Block. Bill Date Bill 2.Important Information:a)No migration fee is chargeable for migration to any Bill Plan. / datacard. Fortune 2000.For redressal of complaints contact us:-email at: serviceassurancecell@relianceada. Tilak Chatterjee.TWINA BAMRA Your Reliance No. Phone : 022-30364702.Assam. Jharkhand. Pls visit your nearest Reliance Communication store to submit request and proof of your new billing address. Late Payment Charges will be levied @ 2.5% per month or Rs. North East (Manipur. Fortune : Rcomnodalofficer.Mumbai 400051. Nagaland.Bandra Kurla Complex. 9320426946 Page Relationship No. 50.Mumbai 400051. e)Incase of permanent disconnection your security deposit will be refunded within 60 days of disconnection.00 575. Madhya Pradesh. .Bandra Kurla Complex. : : : : 2 of 3 2398707780 11-Oct-10 323373327560 Your Reliance No. Mizoram.Incase you do not get satisfactory response. C-3.For Reliance Netconnect Call on *355/1800-3000-5555. Reliance Communications Ltd. f)RCOM has full rights to change the terms and conditions applicable to tariff plan from time to time. Meghalaya. Chattisgarh. Fax : 022-30364905. 5. Himachal d)To avoid unwanted telemarketing calls Pls register your phone no. dial 3033 3333 and JK customers can dial 9018090180 . 1. C-3.Bandra (East). G 1909 or SMS “START DND” on 1909. whichever is higher. Tripura). Orissa and West Bengal (including Kolkata). Phone : 022-30322222.Mumbai@relianceada.

00 499.50 Amount . Bill Date Bill No. : : : : 3 of 3 2398707780 11-Oct-10 323373327560 Free Usage Summary Free Usage Description Netconnect Night Usage Mins Allowed Units 16666667 min Open Balance 0 Consumed Units 4255 min Carry Forward 0 Monthly Rental *Reliance Netconnect Rental Total Charges for period 11-09-2010 to 10-10-2010 499.98 *Netconnect Usage Mins Duration (hh:mm) Additional Usage Day Usage Free Usage included in Rental Netconnect Night Usage Mins Total 70:55 71:16 0.00 The Charges marked with '*' are the Services provided by RCIL Value Added Services (VAS) Units *Netconnect Day Usage Mins Total 21 Amount 10. 9320426946 Page Relationship No.50 10.00 10.TWINA BAMRA Your Reliance No.95 1.50 Taxes Amount Service Tax @10% Edu Cess @2%(On Service Tax) SHE Cess @1%(On Service Tax) Total 50.02 0.51 52.50 0:21 10.48 Current Charges Total Amount Amount 561.

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