It refers to the cognitive activity that results in a novel way of viewing or solving a problem. .Introduction  Creativity is a mental and social process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts.

cognitive science.Introduction  Thus we can say that creativity is simply the act of making something new. business. history. . philosophy. social psychology.  Although intuitively a simple phenomenon. and management among others. economics. It has been studied from the perspectives of psychology. it is in fact quite complex.

. as it is from creativity that major inventions. literature an art emanate. and great works of music. scientific breakthroughs.Why need creativity?  Creativity is highly desirable.


Creative individuals posses at least three categories of attributes:  Background experience  Personal traits  Cognitive abilities .

.  Example.Background Experience  Creative individuals are raised in an environment that nurtures creativity.Pierre and Marie Curie. great scientists raised a daughter Irene who won the noble prize in chemistry.

high levels of self confidence and self belief. high levels of energy. an attraction to complexity. independence and autonomy. .Personal Traits  Traits shared by most creative people are openness.

 Intelligence is a pre.condition for creativity. .Cognitive Abilities  These refer to an individual's power to think intelligently and to analyze situations and data effectively.  Creativity also depends upon one s ability to think divergently and convergently about events.

 Creative people are generally skilled at both divergent and convergent thinking. .Cognitive Abilities  Convergently thinking enables him/her to perceive similarities between situations and events.

 This clearly communicates that creativity and innovation are of great value. Some firms state that some percentage of revenue has to be generated from new products.  Firms enhance creativity by rewarding creative success and avoiding to punish creative failure. .

Creative Fights!! .

Creative Fights!! .

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