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April 13, 2011 TO: FR: RE: Debra Bowen for Congress Diane Feldman Poll Results

The primary election in California’s Congressional District 36 continues to be a two-way race between Secretary of State Debra Bowen and Los Angeles City Council member Janice Hahn. Bowen and Hahn are both strong candidates going into the primary election, with Bowen showing increasing strength in a general election match-up. In an initial match-up between all of the declared candidates, Bowen and Hahn are tied at 20 percent each, with the closest candidate, Mike Gin, at 8 percent. Marcy Winograd, another Democrat in the race, receives only 6 percent support. Twenty-four percent of the electorate remains undecided. Bowen dominates in the Beach Cities and Venice with a double digit lead over both Hahn and Winograd, and leads in all geographic regions except the Harbor area.. In a run-off matchup between Bowen and Hahn, Bowen (40 percent) pulls ahead of Hahn (36 percent) without any messaging. Sixteen (16) percent are currently undecided. While Hahn may have an advantage of name recognition in the district it is not translating into an advantage in votes, perhaps because her unfavorable rating is double that of Bowen. Democrats continue to hold an advantage in this district. Voters in the district are more likely to prefer a Democrat (41 percent), and 29 percent say they would prefer a Republican with another 27 percent say that the candidates party doesn’t really matter. Bowen shows her strength over Hahn among Decline-to-State voters, receiving 47 percent of the vote. Bowen’s lead over Hahn grows even after voters are informed about key endorsers for each candidate (including Feinstein, Lieu, Nakano, Firefighters and others for Hahn) and positive arguments being used by the respective campaigns.

The poll was conducted among 451 registered likely voters in California Congressional District 36 from April 4-7, 2011. The sample consisted of 401 registered likely voters and an oversample of 50 DTS voters. The margin of error for a sample of 401 is ± 4.9%.

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